Lycaen Claiming

Lycaen Claiming REFERENCE BLOOD BY NIGHT – PAGE 75 | REFERENCE THE ROOT OF MAGIC - A BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE ON THE HISTORY OF MAGICAL BEINGS AND MANKIND | INFORMATION COMPILED FROM VARIOUS SOURCES AND INTERVIEWS. The Claiming of a mate happened when they shared each other’s blood and they both bit one another. Not …

Blood By Night may release in March, instead of April

My editor tells me she may finish with Blood By Night tonight, if not tomorrow. If I don't have too much to fix (so far it doesn't seem like too much), I may be able to get through her notes quickly. Which would mean I could move my publish date from April, to March. And …

What is the secret already!

I've been hinting at a few secrets regarding this latest book that I'm editing Blood By Night. One of the secrets that I have been keeping will be a long time coming, but I thought I'd go ahead and divulge the first and biggest secret that I've kept regarding the novel.

Blood by Night update

Think I'm going to go ahead and spill some of the secrets about what's extra special regarding Blood By Night in the next few days. Edits are going well. I'm about halfway through the major overhauling. Faster than I thought it'd go, but then in some parts slower. What's going so slow is that I'm working …

Could use your help

Could use your help. Tell me which of these covers grabs your attention and you'd be likely to grab the book. If you're already a fan of the series, just tell me which you think fits most.