All DMDU Chapters are up

At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sentContinue reading “All DMDU Chapters are up”

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition – Chapter One

Chapter One Days after Cameron and a few of the other Raaka clan—her clan, she was disgusted to admit—nearly killed Julian, Kat was stunned to find Julian cooking breakfast for her in the morning. Well, what was their morning hour. Because close to a week prior, he nearly died. Humans made breakfast in the morningContinue reading “Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition – Chapter One”

Dark Illusions: the Beginning – Extended Edition – Chapter One

HER FOOT SLAMMED INTO a puddle and water splashed her jeans, making them cling to her legs. From the brief rain earlier in the evening, many were scattered along the pavement, which made it hard not to land in one. None of that concerned her as she barreled her way through the murky streets. {read more}

Well this just gets more interesting

I love sunflowers (featured image). Since it’s beautiful and sunny out, I thought I would look something up that resonated with that. I absolutely love when the weather is warm and sunny. The sun itself can get too bright and hot for me, but with proper care (I’m Irish and natural redhead, can’t blame me, lol) IContinue reading “Well this just gets more interesting”

What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?

I didn’t write for the past two days so that’s why I haven’t had any blog post to share. Two days ago I woke up in an emotional state and then when I sat down to write, nothing came. Those are the days I get other things done. A cover made, an advertisement finished. AContinue reading “What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?”

Fascinating how the brain works

Something which fascinates me. When I first wrote DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING, that book was it. I had zero plans to do another after, let alone a series, or a dang world of 12 books that it’d be a part of. BUT, this is in the novel (circled sentence) and I wrote it with again,Continue reading “Fascinating how the brain works”

Sean – character study

Being deeply inside of Sean’s head this week, is a tantalizing experience. I modeled him after one actor, but then later he merged into Liev Schreiber. Having been watching Ray Donovan all week has also been helping, but needless to say … it’s an experience. I didn’t realize Liev was 50 as of last year.Continue reading “Sean – character study”

What’s going to be revealed to Kat?

Kat is fixing to learn something dangerous me thinks. She’s having problems discovering things (using her visions) and she asked Kober to help her out. Julian and Kat I should say. They want to know if something is blocking her from the person she’s tapping into. I’m not sure if she’s entirely prepared for what’s toContinue reading “What’s going to be revealed to Kat?”

So many notes to go through

I underestimate how many notes I take until I try to go through them. I was perusing the notes for my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world and it takes a good while to get through them. Even just for the final series that I’m trying to work out now.

Anora paperback got held up

The Anora paperback got held up in review by CreateSpace. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me post about that on Friday. Not a big deal. CreateSpace needed me to verify that I was the author behind the book. So on Friday, I spent the afternoon getting screenshots of the files inContinue reading “Anora paperback got held up”

Anora paperback

Has been formatted and sent off. Awaiting the proof to double-check it all and determine if it’s ready for sale. I don’t think there should be issues. Usually it’s only the covers that I have to alter a bit. Simple things that don’t hold it up long for sale. Here is a preview of theContinue reading “Anora paperback”

Cage – Elukkar clan

Was trying to find some sort of image to represent the character I’m writing right now – Cage in Birth of a Princess. This is best I could do. This guy resembles him a lot, down to the bike he’s on. Cage has his own custom one he’s always piddling with.   Cage is theContinue reading “Cage – Elukkar clan”

Let’s see if I remember everything

Over the weekend, I played a lot with my site. If you’ve popped over here for the past week, you’ve noticed the color changes, the font changes, and watched me play. I’ve done it with my newsletter too. I have to actually “wear” a change for a few days before I decide if it’s aContinue reading “Let’s see if I remember everything”

Dark Illusions the name was born in 2012 – after it was published

I’m sure you’ve seen the “memories” that Facebook pops up in your face to share. This one just came up on my Timeline. Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 5:23pm – Which Title grabs your attention? Dark Dangers Night Awaits Soul Dangers Unwilling Destiny Shadows Calling Secret’s Bound Dark Illusions Arisen That is too funny. IContinue reading “Dark Illusions the name was born in 2012 – after it was published”

Blood By Night may release in March, instead of April

My editor tells me she may finish with Blood By Night tonight, if not tomorrow. If I don’t have too much to fix (so far it doesn’t seem like too much), I may be able to get through her notes quickly. Which would mean I could move my publish date from April, to March. AndContinue reading “Blood By Night may release in March, instead of April”

Blood By Night sent off

BY THE WAY: Sent Blood By Night to Creech Enterprises last night. Supremely happy about that. Today my anxiety level is up there. smh I don’t THINK it’s related because my anxiety has been up there in general lately. Either way it annoys me. Doing more yoga lately to calm the nerves. That’s what I hateContinue reading “Blood By Night sent off”

Vincent – one of the most hated

Vincent. Vincent is one of the most hated characters from my DARK ILLUSIONS series. Being that Vincent is a Raaka, he epitomizes the brute playboy nature of their clan. Not as lovely a playboy as Sean or one of the others because of his vicious ways, still,  the man can entice women with his charm.Continue reading “Vincent – one of the most hated”

What is the secret already!

I’ve been hinting at a few secrets regarding this latest book that I’m editing Blood By Night. One of the secrets that I have been keeping will be a long time coming, but I thought I’d go ahead and divulge the first and biggest secret that I’ve kept regarding the novel.