What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?

I didn’t write for the past two days so that’s why I haven’t had any blog post to share. Two days ago I woke up in an emotional state and then when I sat down to write, nothing came. Those are the days I get other things done. A cover made, an advertisement finished. A page updated.

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Fascinating how the brain works

Something which fascinates me. When I first wrote DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING, that book was it. I had zero plans to do another after, let alone a series, or a dang world of 12 books that it’d be a part of. BUT, this is in the novel (circled sentence) and I wrote it with again, NO plan for more books. But right here is a preview that Kat is no ordinary human, let alone vampire. So I prewrote her entire existence in one sentence really, without forethought. No planning, no nothing. And from this one sentence which I didn’t even remember writing, I created an extraordinary vampire. It was a dangling preview of her life to come.

Best part? I have SO many things like that come up in my work that Jeanie may point out, and them I’m all, I have zero idea that it would connect that way. I’m rarely (read: really never) a planner with my books. But these connections come from a deep place within me that I’m not even aware of.


What’s going to be revealed to Kat?

Kat is fixing to learn something dangerous me thinks. She’s having problems discovering things (using her visions) and she asked Kober to help her out. Julian and Kat I should say. They want to know if something is blocking her from the person she’s tapping into. I’m not sure if she’s entirely prepared for what’s to come. I have a feeling it’s going to be something major she learns.

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Anora paperback got held up

The Anora paperback got held up in review by CreateSpace. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me post about that on Friday. Not a big deal. CreateSpace needed me to verify that I was the author behind the book. So on Friday, I spent the afternoon getting screenshots of the files in progress, linked them to this site on posts showing that I was writing it. They approved it, then a day later (last night) I got another of those verification emails. So I’m not sure if that one was a glitch, but I’m awaiting word on it.

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Anora paperback

Has been formatted and sent off. Awaiting the proof to double-check it all and determine if it’s ready for sale. I don’t think there should be issues. Usually it’s only the covers that I have to alter a bit. Simple things that don’t hold it up long for sale. Here is a preview of the final book –

Anora Paperback 3D

I have to say, I really like it. The colors and the structure of the pictures used. Something about the pairing of it all against the background just looks nice. Obviously it won’t be as blurry. This is just an image taken from the 3D sample proof.

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Cage – Elukkar clan

Was trying to find some sort of image to represent the character I’m writing right now – Cage in Birth of a Princess. This is best I could do. This guy resembles him a lot, down to the bike he’s on. Cage has his own custom one he’s always piddling with.

Original link – https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/97/7e/6c/977e6c3d9690d6b97312dc2ad42f5844.jpg


Cage is the leader of the Elukkar clan. The vampires who most resemble and encompass the characteristics of their wolf they can change into. Near werewolf like in many ways, but still very much a vampire. Cage is a quiet loner type who says very little, isn’t the most expressive, and tends to always look like he’s fixing to tear your throat out with his constant sneer. But it’s just the way his mouth sits. His loyalty binds him to whomever he gives it to. If he gives you his word, he’ll die to keep it.

Let’s see if I remember everything

Over the weekend, I played a lot with my site. If you’ve popped over here for the past week, you’ve noticed the color changes, the font changes, and watched me play. I’ve done it with my newsletter too. I have to actually “wear” a change for a few days before I decide if it’s a keeper or not and it’s difficult to do changes because I’m constantly back and forth. Before I settled on the gold, white, black theme that I had in the past, I went through a lot of changes then too.

So right now, I’m trying out a burgundy, black, and white atmosphere. I’ve removed the black background from the main site and switched up the widgets on my homepage. I’m trying to bring focus to my books, but also this blog at once. I know, every website designer and marketer would say, don’t do that, choose one focus. Welllllllllll, sorry. I am not that person. I’m different and I need to show my difference. My difference is just that too. I don’t do things like anyone else. I can’t follow in the footsteps of other people and decide that it’s a fit for me. I am original, I’m complicated, and I’m constantly back and forth on what I like and don’t like. It’s just me. So focusing on both my blog and my novels on the homepage is what I’m finding a balance with. My readers of both are both important to me, not marketing to a perfect person. I write my books for me, I write my blog for us both. So as far as I’m concerned, they are both important.

The comments I’m back and forth on. I like the disqus system, but I know some don’t. I think I’ll wait until I get a lot of traffic before implementing the disqus system, but I’ll see.

I uploaded some videos over the weekend on my YouTube channel of the pets. More are coming, but you’re welcome to check them out.

Today I received the flea treatment I was talking about last week. It’s not Avecta, but Advecta. I kept calling it Avecta. So later tonight I’ll be trying out this one. I am crossing my fingers that it does well for the pup pups.

I decided that I’m going to update the DI (Dark Illusions) series covers. Those plain ones I am currently using were the ones I used when I changed to Kim Iverson. I just needed new covers to put something up with my name, I didn’t do much with them. I’m not making anything new per se, I already have but those are being reserved now for the revised books. If you weren’t reading back then, I plan to go through the three in the series, read and revise. The story won’t change dramatically. I wouldn’t change the soul of it, but I do plan to see if there are more details to include. I will have the chance for all the people who currently own the book to get a coupon and download the new edition for free provided you are on my newsletter. I won’t send that coupon out to anyone else.

What I will do with the covers is take the ones I had up back when I used Ariana Browning, and revamp them, update, then add my name. I have them mostly finished right now. Everything is the same but for the font I used for the name and titles. Same with the font color, but I really did enjoy the graphics, so I won’t change those. 🙂 I think the last two covers were the first covers the books had. I don’t think I actually changed those. I’m just gonna give the old ones a face lift and use them for a bit. I’ve always gone after the thriller angle, so I’m gonna try adding a bit of romance into them.

As I work on Anora, I’m discovering new ideas forming. This is where things get interesting. Before I was writing with an idea in mind, now I’m discovering as I go. Lemme think here . . . yeah, no, I can’t think of anything that I have focused on for where I want the book to go from here on in. Blazing a trail now. :p




Word count I started the day with: 22,152

Word count I ended the day with: 23,114

Total for the day: 962 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin



Cage is an interesting character for me. Most characters are larger than life. They can be difficult, yet they chatter. Cage . . . he is different. He is as quiet to me, as he is in the Dark Illusions series. It’s his nature to watch, study, listen. He’s just one of those characters. I am interested to note if he makes an entrance again.

Will we hear from him later?

Will I?

Cage is part of the Elukkar clan. The Elukkar vampires maintain most of the traits of the wolf they can shift into. They are fierce, they are beasts, they are used as bodyguards because of it. They are not a vampire you want to anger. Once looked down upon by the Raaka for their behavior (why would they disgrace their kind by acting like such animals?), the Raaka still harbor those feelings, but have since learned to quell them. The Elukkar’s leader Cage works as bodyguard at times for the Runsasi, which lends them respect. More than that, Cage is like a son to Julian after he took him in. You do not dare harass anything which Julian treasures. Cage rebels, but like the wolf, it is his nature. Will he ever calm that? Find out in the Dark Illusions series.