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  • Daily Word Count – Claiming the Enchantress

    Daily Word Count – Claiming the Enchantress

    Day-to-day breakdown of the novel Claiming The Enchantress. When I write, and the word count of the day. This way I can look back at the numbers as a whole. Started this book – September 7, 2016. Ended this book – October 19, 2016 – 67,436             Date 9/8/2016 9/9/2016…

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  • Where Creation Strikes

    Where Creation Strikes

    Watching World War Z the other day really has my mind working. After I watched it, I had the thought hit me that creates books. The thought was: I want to write a book like that. I’ve been thinking about the type of books I write, and the ones I’m drawn to write. I find…

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  • Editing Cessation

    Editing Cessation

     Editing of Cessation is going well. Slow, but all right. Worst part of editing for me I think is this one. Inputting the edits from the paper file to the digital. Lots of work. Slow going. I tend to get bored and want to wander during this phase. Here is a snippet of the area…

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  • Began again

    Began again

     Okay! Finally back to it. Blogging, that is. I’ve had to take two weeks or whatever it was off because of something that came up. I was beyond tired and didn’t want to deal with blogging my word count, or discussing the book while I was incredibly tired. Below is still Under Empty Stars for now. I…

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  • Where will it end

    Where will it end

     I’m at 61 thousand + words and I feel like there is much more to tell. I’m very curious if I’ll be able to complete this book, or it’ll keep going. I think I can, but it may end up being a lot longer than normal. I could well go to the 100K mark, just…

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  • Just words

      Late so just word count Word count I started Friday with: 57,681 Word count I ended Monday with: 59,509 Total for the day: 1,828 words     Question of the Day: Describe your perfect house. Use images if you like.   *the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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  • Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    I’m so wiped. Had a tummy ache today this morning, which is always exhausting. On top of that, I’ve been trying to build a tall arbor for a climbing rose, not a wide one, so I’ve been digging posts a lot. Well, it’s one post, but I’ve had to dig multiple holes for it, haha.…

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  • So much going on today

    So much going on today

    Too much going on. Just word count.   Word count I started Friday with: 53,266 Word count I ended Monday with: 55,761 Total for the day: 2,495 words     Question of the Day: What are your favorite toppings for a sandwich?   *the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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  • Over halfway with AS

    Over halfway with AS

    I am now over halfway through editing Ancient Scars. I worked in the yard this morning so I already feel wiped out and it’s only 1:30 pm. I’ve been cleaning up a corner where old lumber had gathered. The wood made a cave that the rats enjoyed bedding up in.

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  • Love it

    Love it

    Got a full hour of writing in for a change, so my word count is incredibly nice. I’m liking it. Only just now got the dark wifi back on, so I’m only making this a word count, and the Question of the Day.   Word count I started Friday with: 48,882 Word count I ended Monday with: 51,189 Total…

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  • Good amount of words

    Good amount of words

    New planet, new things to explore. Well the planet isn’t new to us, since it’s Earth as we know it (though in the future), but my character Ellie has never been to Earth. She was born on Eli’ane, which is much like Mars to us in many ways.

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  • Gush fest

    Gush fest

    Didn’t post this on Friday. I was tired, and had been printing out Under Empty Stars (166 pages!) as well as getting my newsletter ready, so I was a bit tired. Today was an emotional day of writing. Had to keep taking a deep breath so I could focus and not start crying along with Ellie, haha. I’ll…

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  • Halfway through UES so thoughts are on next to write

    Halfway through UES so thoughts are on next to write

    Hard to get writing in this morning. The dogs kept barking because my mother got up. Lucy sleeps with her and my mom has trained Lucy that when they get up, Lucy should bark down the hall to get Kona up to play with. I have to be the bad guy and correct the behavior. The Dark Moon…

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  • Puttering when new horizons are explored

    Puttering when new horizons are explored

    Today was one of those days when things get stuttery. It’s not that I have a problem

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  • When you force yourself to quit

    When you force yourself to quit

    Had to pull myself away today. The story was going so well, and things were just working out perfectly. The story was flowing well, the characters were feeding me . . . and I didn’t want to stop! Love those days.   In other news, Daughter of the Red Planet released today, I just released the paperback…

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  • Close to release

    Close to release

    My characters as usual, decided that they would go a different route in the story. I was thinking

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  • Busting butt today

    Busting butt today

    Released chapter one of Daughter of the Red Planet to read for free. Got a lot of things to do so I’m just making a word count post.

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  • Burnout & Working Hard

    Burnout & Working Hard

    Back to normal with my words. This is why I don’t get down on myself if I have a low word count. The next day I will go right back up there.

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