Today’s Free Friday Snippet from Cessation

Taking a break from editing Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood. Moving right along. Less than a hundred pages left in the book before going over it for a final perusal (quick read) and sending to Jeanie. Forgot to post this yesterday on Friday, but still, it’s my Free Friday Snippet! Today’s snippet comes from the first bookContinue reading “Today’s Free Friday Snippet from Cessation”

Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist

Today I started in on Cody again. That would be my little alchemist. I left off with her trying to escape from the man who is forcing her to help him build something. He has yet to refer to it as anything other than a “project” for him, but Cody isn’t stupid. She pieces thingsContinue reading “Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist”

300 Word Friday – Cody – 5/22/2015

I thought I would try something new. I like to share snippets of my work that I’m doing, but don’t always have the time to share them before or after I write. Before I write, I work out. After I have dogs saying, moooooooommmmmm, I have to go peeeeeee peeeeee. We all know how patientContinue reading “300 Word Friday – Cody – 5/22/2015”

Little miss #alchemist, putting her foot in her mouth.

I put in a good day of writing for half an hour or so of work. I was a bit slow, couldn’t really figure out how to write stuff, so I went with the “every first draft is crap,” idea and just wrote. I’m sure most of it will get changed. And I met myContinue reading “Little miss #alchemist, putting her foot in her mouth.”

#ArianasWriting – Cody

Let’s check in with Cody this early Sunday morning. I had plans to write yesterday, but ended up printing out study materials for my creative writing lessons. You may have noticed that my word count tracker hasn’t changed for the Sorceress Series, over in the sidebar. This isn’t because it’s not the furthest behind (furthestContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Cody”

#ArianasWriting – Cody

You know, I have to say that despite the challenges, I am really enjoying writing about Cody/Dakota. I notice little things here and there while I write, that either Cody does, or Guerin does, that speaks so much, without being direct. Dakota has made an appearance, but for the most part, it’s generally only aroundContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Cody”

#ArianasWriting – Colbie Caillat – Try – #Inspirational

I have been bad about updating this, I am aware. Updated all my word counts. I’m really loving this Cody story. Starting to think of new ways to take the story, which I’m enjoying. I like the idea of a female Jekyl/Hyde thing, but she’s not just a scientist, but an alchemist. Interesting. Love it!Continue reading “#ArianasWriting – Colbie Caillat – Try – #Inspirational”