Savage Lands – Chapter Two

In a post apocalyptic world, Rovdyren have been hunted to near extinction.

The Alpha has incited fear in all hearts – human and beast alike. His bite can heal, but as of late destruction is all he’s been about. They say he’s gone to the darkest parts of himself. Savage to the extreme. On the hunt for what doesn’t exist – a mate. Losing his mind in the process.

Kenley and her older brother, Sawyer, are part of a small pack of eight. They know that in such harsh lands, they already have slim chance at survival. They’ve managed to keep to themselves, keep out of the way of The Alpha, knowing he will tear through their meager numbers. But their pack hasn’t survived all this time for nothing.

Scavenging through an old town one day, Kenley’s instincts scream danger is coming.

But danger has already arrived.

The Alpha is on the hunt.

Still waiting

I didn’t want to list the new version of The Culling Cycle until it was completely delisted from all the other retailers. I have already pulled it from Amazon (that…

Final read

Started the final read through for Savage Lands. Then by the middle of the week, if not the end, I will send to Jeanie for her first thoughts on it.…


Rather than always posting to my socials, here’s some fun pics of Cheyenne. She is a Shih Tzu. Harassing her while I’m working on this outline. That hair! She needs…