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  • Coming to all

    Coming soon to all the book pages. I am going to be recording the first chapter on all my work, to add to the official pages. I will be posting them over on my main YouTube channel – I am starting with Anora since I have been discussing it a lot on many of […]

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  • Merchandise

    Working on two different stores to try out for merchandise that is premade (mugs, shirts, that sort of thing). One on Zazzle, one on RedBubble. So if you like either of those sites my links will be here. Please note – one or both may not show products right NOW. In a temporary restriction mode […]

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  • How do I generate ideas?

    One of the most asked questions of me is how I generate ideas and where do I get them. So I decided to start really answering these questions, but in video format. I may be transitioning to video for the time being to try to boost my engagement on my YouTube channel. Also because typing […]

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  • Updates (video)

    Okay my wonderful people, please excuse the slight grumpy bits that get in the video, lol. But I decided to finally get a video update posted around everything. It’s a more casual chat vibe so I could be more myself, and not rush through anything. All the links you need are in the description box, […]

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  • Creations is releasing wide

    Gonna be a fairly quick post. Realized I should share it here too. But Creations of the Galaxy is releasing wide this week. So far you can see the stores it’s available at here – You can read the first chapter here if you’d like to preview this work – Editor let me […]

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  • Okeydokey

    I started to input the edits from Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III paper to digital a few days ago. I’m on page 16. There’s a lot of changes I made. Maybe deeper into the book, it’ll lessen. I’ve found often lately that in the beginning of the stories, I change a lot. I […]

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  • Getting started

    on inputting the edits for Treasures Discovered in the Forest. I decided on this one before the next in The Guardian of Life world so that I can have a temp mind adjustment. It’s a short story based in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. An erotica for anyone who wanted a little based around […]

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  • Creations is up on paperback

    Okey folksies, Creations of the Galaxy is officially up on paperback. Not only that, but I also got Time of the Chosen back up. I had to update the interior, but then realized that it was going to make me have to charge a lot more money to the readers (lowest I could set it […]

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  • Yet another method

    People often ask – how did the book come about. How did you outline. How did you blank. Here’s the start of Ancient Scars I believe. I mean it in both ways. The literal beginning was the first line. But this is where the story came from. One day I thought of the line, heard […]

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  • Moving steadily along

    Finally got my stories page all done and updated. That being the one here – Tried to simplify it as much as possible, but that is sort of an “index” of all the work I have written, that’s in edits, and that I have published so it needs to show everything. On mobile some […]

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  • It’s live . . . again!

    Also close to getting Savage Lands back up on paperback, and a random observatory note. Reminder if you like. I’m hoping to get the Savage Lands paperback up by the end of this month (May 2022). I ended up having to adjust the cover image, and a lot of the interior file. Stuff I wanted […]

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  • One more paperback down

    Over the weekend I have been working on getting the Savage Lands paperback down, and then back up. For those new, I was already planning on pulling all my paperbacks from Amazon and moving them to Lulu. (You’ll still find them for sale on Amazon after the switch, it’s just Lulu will handle the sales […]

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  • Home repair girl

    For almost the past week I’ve been working on our washer. Last week when I was doing laundry it began to make a noise during the spin cycle. Did a few more loads, and then noticed that stuff was still pretty damp. So I tested and noticed that the spin doesn’t spin. Water drains, washer […]

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  • Getting set to update site

    Okay, I was able to get my domain switched over to a new provider yesterday so that’s one big thing down. Did it to save moolah is all. I have nothing ill to say about GoDaddy save for the domain prices were going up every year, and I can’t afford such a cost. I debated […]

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  • Know what I found

    I found my Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern ediiiitttsss. Pretty sure it was on here that I mentioned I may have lost them. Hoped I didn’t lose them, but wasn’t sure. I cleaned out my drawer where I stash my laptop, and that’s where I was also keeping my stories to edit, and where more got […]

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  • Free giveaway

    I’m gonna try to post more on my ko-fi link below. So if you wanna follow, you can. Might figure out what I can use tiers for and start them eventually. I have to get organized first. Still trying to get to updating my books page and main page here. Because I also plan to […]

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  • Maybe I won’t need multiple

    The more I work on the 3rd POV for my Sorceress story, the more I’m considering that I might not need to keep track of both POVs. I’ll have a few of my closest read each side soon (I wanted to get into it a bit before I did), and tell me what they think. […]

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  • I’m trying to determine how to keep track

    I started writing my Sorceress world at long last, around the end of December I believe. Well, as I’ve mentioned, I am working on two different versions. A 1st POV and a 3rd POV. Well, usually I keep track of one book in a widget in sidebar, or footer. Depending on the theme I use […]

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  • Not even gonna bother

    I was thinking I’d record this as a video, but I’m not even gonna bother to try. That requires sitting down in front of the camera, recording a video, and sacrificing something. Usually writing time. Then having to find to time to edit it to include my watermark of website, and then uploading. I don’t […]

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  • Dreamt of her

    I dreamt about Amber last night. Not sure why. I’ve often felt like when an animal has passed, and they come to you in dreams (read this too) that it’s really them. The reason they may not is that we are not ready for their visit. Same could be said about people passing. I do […]

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