Spreading rumors and hatred

Haven't really been active here. But I thought I would try to write more about random topics I encounter. One of the most frequent I have dealt with, and that we all have, is the rumor mill. Or being talked about behind our back.

Country Berry Cake

Going to try this later on, but with peaches.

Goblin Castle

I woke up uber cranky today. For some reason, coffee wouldn’t do it for me. The goblins have been crazy since they woke up, doing crazy things, climbing things, calling me “Mom” and what have you. You’d think a morning of coffee and The Walking Dead would be a good foundation for a calm, collected woman but, alas, the goblins had their diabolical plans instead.

So, what to do when your calm is taken and thrust into the chasm of “parenthood?” You turn on some Dan Gibson’s Lakeside Retreat and stomp all angry-like to the pantry to toss all baking supplies onto the table, of course!

I have a bag of frozen berries. Well, had. I decided I wanted to have some berry cake today and I wanted it to be sweet and good with my coming second cup of coffee. This is an experiment and I’m letting you all in on it…

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Life & Death

There is life. There is death. Some survive, while others don't. There is no real mystical reason, but maybe there is. Who am I to say? Life takes. Life gives. One plant dies so another can grow in its place. You lose so you can grow. It's nothing but a cycle. A renewal. A pattern. It's …

I Wish

The Daily Post inspired this post with their prompt Wish. I Wish  to know what it's like to have someone in my life to have my back, and not take the other side. To fight for me as I would fight for them. To defend me as I'd forever defend them. To protect me, shield …