Fascinating how the brain works

Something which fascinates me. When I first wrote DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING, that book was it. I had zero plans to do another after, let alone a series, or a dang world of 12 books that it’d be a part of. BUT, this is in the novel (circled sentence) and I wrote it with again,Continue reading “Fascinating how the brain works”

And now the test of finding Sean

I’ve shared a conversation which Julian had with Cara regarding Sean’s disappearance – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2014/07/22/overheard-conversation-between-cara-and-julian/ – before and I have a strong hunch that it’s going to be difficult for them to find him. As the writer, I know that they will have to find Sean to help Kat, and what his demands might be.

Story creation – characters

Stone, Stone, Stone. How you do fascinate me. As I edit DAUGHTER OF THE RED PLANET (play with story notes now that the editor has the book) and ANCIENT SCARS, I discover a whole new plot line with one particular character. I have a load of scenes percolating for when I write the third inContinue reading “Story creation – characters”

Handy trick to holding paper while editing

Thought I would share if you were looking for similar idea. Constantly having to look from my manuscript to the laptop was making me get headaches and nausea too easy while inputting changes from my paper manuscript to my digital (constant movement like that for me is icky). I wanted to figure out how toContinue reading “Handy trick to holding paper while editing”

Ugh. Tired Scene from Hope. Reworking.

Here is the sort of thing that bores me to read, which means it’s getting a complete overhaul. I know you’d be bored to read this. It’s not necessary for me to go on and on about the living room (not important to the STORY), let alone mention a window being electrified when Hope stoodContinue reading “Ugh. Tired Scene from Hope. Reworking.”

Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting

It’s interesting what happens when I outline. I’ve been working with the outlines for all my books lately, going through them, refreshing the brain. Reminding myself where I want to take the stories and such. I was working with the outline for Ellie and Haley (they will be connected), and I discovered something that mayContinue reading “Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting”

#ArianasWriting – Colbie Caillat – Try – #Inspirational

I have been bad about updating this, I am aware. Updated all my word counts. I’m really loving this Cody story. Starting to think of new ways to take the story, which I’m enjoying. I like the idea of a female Jekyl/Hyde thing, but she’s not just a scientist, but an alchemist. Interesting. Love it!Continue reading “#ArianasWriting – Colbie Caillat – Try – #Inspirational”

Dark Illusions – Kat’s Dress in The Final Chapter

Added a pin to the board, check out the dress I had in mind when I wrote Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter scene where Kat wears a dress just to screw with Julian’s head. You know the one . . . where he screwed with her mind, instead? Mhm. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284993482645097969/ When it began: […]one of her glamorous whiteContinue reading “Dark Illusions – Kat’s Dress in The Final Chapter”

Help me choose a title for 1st in Werewolf series

So I began editing the first in the werewolf (see? never know if I should add a capital to it or not) series last week. Or I’m at the third edit, which is inputting all the edits I marked up on my physical copy, into the digital copy. Not sure how long it will take.Continue reading “Help me choose a title for 1st in Werewolf series”

Morning after

Wake up this morning to find out that I was so frazzled trying to get everything done to prepare for Kendra coming home, that when I wrote my prompt post and prepared it to go out today, I apparently didn’t get around to double-checking the title itself. haha Going through the emails this morning to seeContinue reading “Morning after”