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Category: What I’m Reading

  • Book 2 in Sorceress world

    So, as of maybe next week, or the start of the week after, I should begin writing Book 2 in the Sorceress world. I’m still outlining it, but I should be far enough along that I can start it, and work on the outline in the background without intersecting either. Finished the cover, and put […]

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  • Free giveaway

    Treasures Discovered in the Forest is available to download for free until Midnight on Saturday. This is a short story set in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. This story doesn’t advance the plot, or really shape any part of the story. It’s just a quick short erotica for those of you who’d like a […]

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  • Okeydokey

    I started to input the edits from Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III paper to digital a few days ago. I’m on page 16. There’s a lot of changes I made. Maybe deeper into the book, it’ll lessen. I’ve found often lately that in the beginning of the stories, I change a lot. I […]

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  • About to start the next

    Okay, I published Treasures Discovered in the Forest the other day on Kindle. Again, like with everything else, that will be up for 90 days, then I will release it wide. Gonna stick with this routine for over a year at least. The day it will be up on KDP Select is about November 20th. […]

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