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Just finished getting my newsletter ready to go. It’ll go out in 2 hours. Fixing to update my home page with all the information too. I sometimes get behind on that aspect and then go whoops.

Prism is about to get all the answers that she has been wanting. She finally got to the point where she told her father, Vyoran, a man she no longer doubts is her father, that she wanted the truth. She didn’t want anymore of the lies, and by lies it was more keeping things from her. Tired of it all.

Makes me think that in her backstory which I don’t really know too much about, there is probably something there. If she has such a problem with lies it tells us that someone lied to her by keeping something from her until they shouldn’t have. Until it was too late. Otherwise that wouldn’t cause such a reaction for her. There is something there. Some reason for the irritation.

Makes me incredibly curious to explore that. Why?

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 50,267 words

Current word count as of today – 51,397 words

Total words written since last post – 1,130 words

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Hit the 50K mark on Creations of the Galaxy

I didn’t fully know where this book would go, but it seems to be a bit more “awakening” story, and “finding oneself, connection,” than where I thought it may go. Which was more action and chase I guess, story. Which is kinda funny.

Many times whatever the author is going through will come through in their stories. It’s why many who’ve gone through a lot end up writing the first few books as some gruesome and extreme stories. They may even be in first person. It’s as if the writer is using the story to release a lot of what has built up inside of them. Then after the first few finished books/stories you’ll see a different style.

My first few stories that I wrote included the first Dark Illusions book. Hence that one underwent over twenty different versions. I’d even guess a hundred. It was a lot. Another one was one I finally pulled. It was just not something that reflected me in a way I wanted up there. Actually, I guess it was two. One I won’t talk about. Maybe I will redo it down the line and republish it, I don’t know. But the other is retitled Scorched Silence, and as you saw on here, I did finally just rewrite the thing. There was way too much to change and the story ended up being so different that I just rewrote it.

As you see above, I mention that they all underwent a lot of changes. The one I finally pulled didn’t go through as many, but I pulled it. I have enough of a backlog now that I can decide what to have up, what not. I’m not going to have things up that don’t reflect a vibe that I want to have reflected, and that one had a milder form of BDSM that I touched on, but I don’t usually touch on that in my books. Are Ky and Verrick rough together? Yes, they are. But are they nearing the abuse factor? No. And . . . they are both supernatural creatures so one expects they might get a little feisty in the bedroom. lol Kat and Julian are probably the only other couple who go toward the rough side, but not entirely. They have a passion for one another that is never quenched, and it comes with a deep, deep love (like Ky and Verrick), but it’s less a physical roughness, as much as for them it’s a dominance play for the emotional and such.

So they don’t go “rough,” too often like Ky and Verrick, as much as Kat bows to Julian’s will and command. I mean he’s King of the Awakened so there is that. I know many of my readers get irritated with him and his “controlling,” manner. I am perfectly okay with that, as I can understand it. We all have things that we do like, and don’t like. Plenty also love him. I’m also okay with that too. I like the honesty. In later books with him, I think it begins to show just where that “controlling,” nature comes from. Especially when I put out the extended version and more of his depth and story came out. For me, he’s probably one of my favorite male characters.

Later books reveal more of his character. That he has this depth that for him to open up and allow someone to see that side, it’s a huge deal. To the point that Kat becomes the most precious thing in his world. So for any harm to come to her (like with Verrick and Ky in that way), it’s not just gonna hurt him, it’s going to affect all he holds dear. So he does try to take control, and take the lead, which can come across as controlling. Kat ends up understanding it, letting him having his way, and even helping him ease up more, but he can’t help himself. He wants her safe, healthy, happy, and to stay that way. I can appreciate that about him. Again, to me he’s too adorable for words. He provides Kat a lot of that security and comfort, a stabilizer to her chaotic energy inside. He quiets her mind, calms her soul.

So her fiery nature blossoms into its true potential under him, and her energetic nature brightens up his stable energy. I don’t want to say loosens him up. That wouldn’t be the right way to put it. Julian is a business man. He is focused. He is driven. He is ambitious. He isn’t who he is because he’s all over the place, and crazy. It’s the way he needs to be to achieve his goals, it is why he achieves them. When he focuses on a goal, it will be achieved. So maybe a better way to describe it would be that Kat adds fuel to his drive. Gives him a purpose to the focus. When she’s around him, he has a reason for what he does that is outside of just “success.” She reminds him to relax more and appreciate, love, and not just cut people down in his path, not work until he collapses. So his heart opens to her and more connection oriented, less cold hard business man.

I guess that is a better way to describe it. Because I don’t think Julian ever could be called playful in general. With her? Oh, he’s playful. He’s passionate too. She loves it. It releases that pressure inside of him and he becomes his true potential. Just like Kat. Because Julian gives her that rock, that stabilizer to the energy, so that when she finally releases it, she has a direction too. So for her, his “controlling,” nature teaches her direction and focus, and she just likes it. Whereas her “playful,” nature provides him that ease to release the playful side more often, and not be so single-mindedly focused that he ends up working himself into the ground.

A true power couple. One which changes the world around them because they bloom into their full potential through each other’s guidance. What a beautiful thing that is.

Back to my main point about this story, and the direction.

I definitely feel like whatever many writers are going through, will be reflected in their stories. Makes me think of Stephen King mentioning that he wrote a few books while out of his mind and they show that reflection. And for me, I literally told my best friend this morning, I feel that change happening inside of me. Something fundamentally down to my core. I think it’s being reflected in this story. It’ll be interesting when it’s finished, to see where the story ends up headed because of it.

A lot of things are lining up too, which is funny. It hit me today (probably why that bit connected up there about them) that Kat thinks of her and Julian as perfect puzzle pieces. They line up perfectly. It hit me this morning how I wanted to say the exact same thing, then I remembered Kat saying that about Julian. Which only made me smile at the reflection of book to life. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog. How I find it very interesting that a lot of what I’ve spoken about, or written in my stories, lines up well in my life.

I mean I may as well grab books of mine and start reading to see what the future holds, huh? lol Or if you do, you can laugh at some of the scenes in the stories, when I go to mention the exact same thing on this blog. lol

Now that I’m waiting on my proof for Law of the Beast, I am going to be getting my newsletter ready to send out tomorrow, and now work on Birth of a Princess again. Law is released in digital form now. I am almost near the end of inputting changes from paper to digital so I told Jeanie I may send it to her by mid-May or so.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 49,828 words

Current word count as of today – 50,267 words

Total words written since last post – 439 words

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Been trying to get some vids up

I’d hoped that I could do a video a day on my new YouTube channel I set up, but that went to pot. lol Went to pot = went to sh*t, but I say pot instead. lol Just means it fell apart. You’d think it would be easy to upload one video, but you gotta set the privacy, add the dates, the information, add it to a playlist, and the time begins to add up.

And time is a luxury right now. I prioritize what is most important to me. That is people around me, and my writing. I have the schedule I keep per day and if I end up with a few extra minutes here and there, I tend to fill it with other things I enjoy. Like, some random facts about me is that I gave up bothering to wear makeup long ago. Not that I use a lot mind you, but on occasion one does like to wear mineral makeup (the Avon mineral makeup really improves the health of my skin – random note for those sensitive skin folks) to help her skin and cover up the redness that can occur in skin, just to even it out. It’s like putting on clothes versus walking around in pajamas daily.

That small thing can boost the energy, or if you’re tired, it can rev you up. Small things. Some eat healthier meals and find that boost. Some go for an extra walk. Mine is either makeup, or I will garden more, play with my pets, blast music in my ears and dance about while I clean. Erm, the dancing part usually not when my family is about. lol Bubble bath is another time luxury. Self care for me surpasses everything else. I take more pleasure in those small simplistic things than any luxury trip around the world. It’s that deep cleansing breath when you’ve been racing about. It’s that walking in the door to home when you’ve been gone.

To me those simple things? I absolutely adore them. It’s like having less things as I was telling Colin yesterday. You begin to appreciate what you have, more. I’ve seen it in my dogs too. When they have a lot of toys to choose from, they stop really enjoying the toys and not entirely taking as much pleasure in them. They’re always looking for something else. So I will take a bunch out of play, put them away, then wash them and bring them back in a year. It’s as if they have a new toy. Or, I just limit how many they can have. When I’ve done that? I’ve seen how much more they appreciate the ones they have. They love certain toys far more and gravitate to them.

So I think it’s a universal thing. I know I appreciate those small gestures far more than the biggest things. I love the simple aspect of time being given. Appreciation. Shows of love. I don’t need to be whisked away to Paris one night for a five star meal. Take me to a fast food joint, pick up a meal, then a small park where it’s just the two of us. Perfect.

Or, heck just buy dinner so I don’t have to make it. lol After all I’ve been through in the past five plus years, I have seen how different I have become in that way. Not that I was ever the “material” kinda girl. But as I was discussing with Jeanie (and often do), I don’t do the material. I will get rid of a lot of stuff, and I have, all so that I can truly appreciate what is there.

Time. Time is precious. Moments are precious. The people in our lives. Those are the things we need to focus on.

Moments are precious actually lead me to this. I have managed to get a lot of videos up today n my YouTube channel. Figured I would take a minute to post this too. I have about nine before I have to make dinner, lol. Many more to come. Today was a bunch that include me, including some old vlogs that I shared for a giveaway. I wasn’t gonna post them, but I was all . . . sure, why not? I enjoy watching old stuff from Stephen King. Seeing the people? Hearing their voice, watching their mannerisms. It’s nice. It’s a way to connect to them in a way if we’re not physically there with them. And again, connection is just one of those precious things.

And if this boy, this bit of time, isn’t the most precious thing on earth, I dunno what is.

I’ve been fairly quiet on here as of late, which I apologize for. My brain has been working out a lot of thoughts and I tend to keep those aspects fairly private until I have something to say about it, or maybe have worked it out? Not sure what a proper way to say it would be. Guess that basically sums up a lot of it too, lol. Also with the past few weeks, I’ve been working to get Law of the Beast out and for sale so that is usually a busier and quieter time for me.

I hope all of you are doing well with all the energies in the world right now. If you’re feeling worn down, exhausted, headachey, sick, dizzy, aren’t sleeping well, having bouts of anxiety? All of that is perfectly normal. My energy was pretty balanced, but has been dipping in and out thanks to being woke in the middle of the night, or super early in the morning. Last night it was 3 am. Anyone who has been through the Dark Night of the Soul, or a spiritual awakening if you wanna call it that, knows the 3 am wakeup. It is like it’s the only way for our body to go through a change. So we get poked.

I feel good though. Lil irritable and tired, but just really good lately. Could have to do with someone’s ability to make me smile. Because people are precious. They need to be appreciated. They need to be respected, loved as is, and just reminded that someone cares about them. Cares that they are here, that they’re around, that they’re alive. When you find someone like that? Return it. Don’t play games, don’t hide, don’t fear opening up.

I read a quote that said basically, tell your story. If they can’t understand it, it wasn’t meant for them. Which basically is about not being afraid to be open and love those who come into your life. Don’t be afraid to love someone. Even if they’re not meant to stay, that’s okay too. We’ve become this world so afraid to open up and just BE loved, and to GIVE love except to our pets and children that I can’t help but think how different it would be if people were just transparent. Doesn’t mean you have to be an a-hole to people. But it does mean you may have to face the bad parts of you and admit when you feel like an idiot or shy, or vulnerable. We change though. In a positive way. That is the place where love grows and blossoms, and we become our best selves.

Dose it mean we potentially get hurt? Of course it does. I just remembered a cousin of mine. I won’t even get into the logistics of those lines. Genetic lines confuse me, lol. But she lost her husband of who knows how long (more than twenty or thirty years for sure) and within 6 months or so? She passed. My grandparents were the same. Heartbreak is real. We can lose ourselves, or pass away from heart break, we can get hurt. Isn’t that what this life is all about though? Opening that heart and simply saying I trust you with this. I trust you not to hurt my heart.

And if it doesn’t work out, it can be painful. I know heartbreak. I know nights where you just don’t want to wake up in the morning. I know pain. I do. And yet? I still have opened my heart back up. Carefully. Slowly. Cautiously.

Now I’m starting to think that is the place where the real stuff happens. You cannot know what a powerful love is like until you’ve known the opposite. Or, you can’t appreciate it when it comes along. That, too. To earn each other though? You’re gonna have to go through a lot. You’re going to face challenges. For some the challenges might be shallow. For some, they may be deep. Doesn’t really change that it will be a challenge. Then again, as they always say about the heroes journey? That is a road few can travel because it will not be easy, it will be hard. Maybe at the end of that challenging rainbow when two are meant to be together and they’re willing to wait, fight (not literal, please don’t take it that way) to keep the other, to stay in the other’s life, to be with the other, and to show the Universe – this one. This is the one I want, this is the one I will walk the pits of hell to have. This is all I have ever wanted.

*side note – often people read “go through challenges” as some extraordinary thing. Like you’re fighting and the like. A challenge can literally just be living states away from the other, or one is in school and can’t devote themselves to a relationship. Or, just overcoming past heartbreak and opening up to them, trusting they won’t hurt you. Doesn’t have to be some massive fight, or always struggling to get the other to love you.

If you’re not “feeling,” it and constantly in anxiety around them, that isn’t this. That is your body saying something. Don’t confuse subtle butterflies here and there , or concerns from the past, as your gut instinct screaming a point to you. If you have to prove yourself to the other, if you feel anything but yourself around them, again that’s not this. I’ve known both. Soul comfort around them? That is the good one. Makes me think of what Jenna Elfman and Bodhi say about the other. Even after all this time when they lay eyes on each other entering a room or something, they get that same burst of feelings they did when they knew that was their partner. I’d say simply, the feeling of love.

Maybe at the end of that path is the most rewarding and powerful love that ever existed in this world. Maybe when two souls are willing to show the Universe, nothing will tear us apart, it is the gold at the end of the rainbow. The love that will change the world.

And that sort of love? Is the most powerful force on earth. The one worth waiting for. It does exist. It changes you in ways you’ll never be able to comprehend. Look at Will Smith and his wife. Look at Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd. Look at Jenna Elfman and Bodhi. Only ones immediately come to mind. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty too. That love achieves things too. Because they both become who they were meant to be and are a gift to this world.

I will repeat – it is worth the wait.

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Law of the Beast is released

Been trying to catch up on a lot of stuff today, woke up late so I am already super behind. It’s like I am running to catch a train. My mom keeps coming in and asking me for things too so up, down, up, down.

I released the first chapter of Law of the Beast yesterday. You can read that here –

I am trying to refresh the link for the Law of the Beast page on Books2Read so that all the retailers keep getting listed, but I keep getting the notifications for each retailer as it comes in so if you have a preferred store, check it. I may or may not update the page as fast as they’re listed, or get the notifications. I think the majority of the major stores have the book up – Kindle, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 46,139 words

Current word count as of today – 49,828 words

Total words written since last post – 3,689 words

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Law of the Beast – Chapter One

“You’re kidding. Right?” Kylarra Knox stared at her mate, Verrick Conrad. She didn’t just stare. Her jaw all but dropped on the damp pavement. They’d stopped for a rest and bathroom break after she threatened to leap off the motorcycle, or pee on the bike. That one got the reaction. Verrick’s pack didn’t bother to leave their bikes when they did. Just Ky.

But then she was a woman despite being a damn werewolf and she couldn’t damn well hold it for the days it would take to get home. If these alphas thought for one second she’d put up with that sort of pain . . . well, they had another thing coming. If Verrick wanted her anywhere near cooperative, he had to meet certain demands.

Like the one where his mate told him she could either pee on him and the bike—oh no, not his precious Harley!—or leap off the back. He followed her into the woods as if she would attempt to leave him. She almost wanted to laugh, but she was serious about having to go. The knot in her bladder held out for twenty-four hours. No more. They were approaching the halfway mark to home.

Then while her bare rear end practically sat on the cold forest floor, he had the audacity to have a chat with her. Kylarra leapt up, hating the men for their male anatomy and them not understanding how it felt to have to pull up one’s pants after squatting in the woods. Lycaen or not, she wasn’t an animal. It wasn’t fun. A snake could bite her butt!

Kylarra wasn’t sure what she expected. The way Verrick acted, the promises he made to consummate their pairing as soon as he could get her home. It’d been his idea. Practically demanded it.

What she didn’t expect is for sanity to slide back in and for her “mate” to tell her he needed a beer.

Seriously? A beer? He wanted a beer? Now?

Every step Verrick made to close the gap, she reclaimed her sanity by moving back, but she was cold. She killed a man. For no other purpose than pleasure. Sloan wasn’t a human, nor what one would deem a man per se, but she killed him. And the taste of pungent blood still lay on her tongue. She spat every chance she got, but it didn’t help. It wasn’t just the feeling of a penny stuck on her tongue. There was a tiny inkling that slipped in to get more, as if she wanted the blood.


“What?” He regarded her. “You took the time to pee, I’m taking the time to get a beer.” He tilted his head ever so. Enough so that one of those long curls drifted over his liquid chocolate eyes. Combine it with that fantasy smooth voice with such delicious depth and her nerves picked up pace.

The innocent boy Verrick could portray meant little. It was the look in his eye after the phone call. After that phone call he’d decided he wanted a beer. When she killed Sloan, he’d been off to the side when she heard the vibration in his pocket. Verrick enjoyed watching her and his pack kill on his order—why wouldn’t he?—and Kylarra didn’t expect anything to tear him away from the show.

Then he got that phone call. He’d wandered off quite a ways to answer it. Away from his men and her. The two he trusted most. He’d kept a close eye on her as if she’d be able to hear him. He honestly seemed suspicious, which she didn’t get at all. Why? She couldn’t hear any better than before.

She fought the urge to want more of the blood with every inch of nerve she could grasp onto. All those sounds, those feelings. Kylarra remembered standing up when she heard that vibration in Verrick’s pocket.

Reality slammed home.

She was absolutely disgusted with herself. It was as if something else overcame her. She didn’t want this. Didn’t want that. Verrick knew how to get her to react. He used her. Kylarra wanted to knock him out for it. Only trouble?

Verrick. He got close to her after his little rendezvous with the phone and slid an arm around her waist. Her lids drooped. A low moan slipped out. His lips quirked, sensing her thoughts the way only Verrick could.

Kylarra caught herself sucking on her bottom lip. She jerked it out of her mouth with a wet smack. Clearing her voice, she snapped upright. “Knock it off.” Waving an arm toward him, she said, “This reaction and he wants a damn beer.”

Verrick raised one large shoulder and crossed the forest floor. Kylarra stepped back and then again. She pointed a threatening finger at him. “Only adds to it and you know it,” he said with a dangerously adorable smirk.

Kylarra’s cheeks blushed furiously. He’d already told her he planned to wait until they were home, and she mostly believed he would. Still, with Verrick, one never knew. “Don’t you dare.”

Which is exactly what she shouldn’t have said. His thick brown eyebrow slid up in challenge. “Shouldn’t I?” Kylarra went to gain distance and Verrick got his arm around her waist, then far too easily, hefted her up.

Kylarra gasped and shoved him, attempting to get back out of those damnable arms. Verrick chuckled when her fight made her mouth get all that closer. A soft exhale slipped out of her when the scent from his warm leather coat caressed her nose. “You put me down, Verrick Conrad.”

Damn that smirk. If he wanted to destroy her defenses, all he had to do was give her that grin. Lifetimes slid around her. The ones she’d dreamed about as a child and fought, the ones she imagined as a teen that she ran from and gave up when he went away to those schools. And the ones she’d been unconsciously putting into place in her dreams the past few nights while stuck with Sloan. It hadn’t been planned at all.

It was just . . . just . . . well, this man made her happy. As much as she wanted to punch his face half the time. He made her so incredibly happy. Like stupid make fun of them happy. And his smirk screwed with her mind.

“Kylarra,” he whispered, knowing how well it got to her. She shook her head. No. Not going to happen.

“Take those sparkling perfect eyes and shove them up your butt.”

Verrick gently and with far too enticing hands, slid her body down his. A low rumble of desire vibrated into her body as she moved down. Her lids drooped. A purr of delight left her. Kylarra’s feet touched the ground. Good God. Verrick slipped a hand around the back of her neck and then up into her hair. His lips curled up when she tilted her face up.

“Kylarra,” he whispered once more, slowly dragging out her name. Her eyes drifted closed. He smelled like a mix of sweat, leather, sandalwood, cedar, and grease as he got even closer. Not enough to touch, but she felt his presence. Verrick slid his other hand up inside the back of her shirt.

Kylarra wanted to tell him knock it off. She did. She didn’t want to give him permission, but her body gave, and she leaned into that body so hot as it always was. Verrick’s lips touched hers and the electrical surge that always existed between them exploded.

He kissed her until all sense left her. Then he pulled back. His eyes shown with the beast wanting to take her then and there. Kylarra quivered. Damn if that wasn’t exactly what she wanted. Verrick slipped his mouth toward her ear and nipped her lobe. “I need a beer.”

A snarl tore out of her and she bashed her palms into his chest. “Goddammit, Verrick Conrad, I’m going to kill you one of these days!” She stormed off toward the bikes with his amusement following. She knew he wasn’t laughing at her because if he dared laugh at her, boy she’d never let him touch her. Verrick—the arrogant damn wolf behind her—laughed because he knew she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Which was right!

And it pissed her off when he played with her feelings.

Two can play that game, Verrick Conrad.

(If the store you want isn’t listed, manually search on the site)

Law of the Beast is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, stories, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Didn’t have time to post

I was so busy and so painfully exhausted last week that I didn’t bother to take the time to write a post Friday. Jeanie got Law of the Beast back to me so on Friday I went ahead and perused it since she said she didn’t have too many issues on that round. This is why it is beyond important for us as the writer to do such a great job of editing on our end. If we don’t, the editor is gonna take twice as long, and it’s not their job to write the book. It’s only their job to ensure it’s clean, correct, that sort of thing. That way they aren’t spending hundred of hours correcting everything.

Needless to say I was able to get it all dealt with on Friday. So today I am beginning to format for sale. Shouldn’t take too long. Paperback I think takes longer. And that’s just because I have to make the cover for it, which requires a lot of tweaking, as does the interior. Part of it is from wanting better quality in the paperback than ebook since you’ll actually be able to HOLD the book and SEE it there. eReaders change the quality of the book for the digital ones so there’s only so far I can make it a “quality” piece of work.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 41,950 words

Current word count as of today – 46,139 words

Total words written since last post – 4,189 words

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Goes along with yesterday’s post

The book that is. Prism got her moment she wanted. She wanted to know what was going on. Gaarn understood that. He understood the need for it. On her side too. I don’t think it was about his. I think it was something from his own past as a warrior and perhaps being hired to fight, hired to hunt bounties that came into it. He has this empathy inside of him that I can’t get past.

On the outside, and to anyone else, he is strong. Solid. Stable. But there is a gentility with him when it comes to Prism. It isn’t just about him “hunting,” his mate to get her to open up to him and get closer. I think he genuinely is understanding what it is like to be in her shoes and not have the information she needs. That she is having things kept from her.

She demands to know what is going on and he does the right thing. He tells her to go find her parents and ask them. But she’s not having it. She tells him straight out that she wants to hear it from him. She doesn’t want her parents to tell her, she uses that she wants her “mate,” to tell her. Which makes him give.

I like that he does. I don’t think she had to use the term either. I think he would’ve ended up opening up to her all on his own if she asked a second round. He’s getting closer to her and it has nothing to do with them simply being “mates.” There really is something there between them that was maybe even instantaneous, but they just didn’t know it. Being alone together? They’re feeling it. There is something building that goes far beyond mates.

A connection that not even Kreeya and Vyoran has. So it’s not a “mates,” thing at all.

I like it. I really like it.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 41,950 words

Current word count as of today – 43,696 words

Total words written since last post – 1,746 words

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The different way people make us feel

Been thinking about that as of late. We are surrounded by people no matter how closed off we become, no matter how reclusive some live, social media might be their place to connect, over the phone, even random people showing up at their door. Day to day life. Work. School. So many places, so many chances for us to be around people, to connect with them, even just energetically.

I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life is that even if you are not physically present in someone’s life, you are in their life. You are there with them. Maybe you can’t touch them, maybe you can’t hold them, but even before we meet some people, we are truly connected to them. It’s that idea of soul mates, or you could use the term soul family. Because they could be romantic partners, familial connections, platonic friendships, any number of things.

We have so many connections in our lives that we aren’t even aware of. I shared a quote on Facebook today, or a partial. It came from someone saying it to The Lune Innate on YouTube, and she’d repeated it. It was that this world would be entirely different if you weren’t around. And it’s true. I mean really think about it. (I think I’ve shared it on here before, but can’t remember right now so forgive me for the repeat if I have.) If you weren’t here, this world? Totally different. THAT is how connected we are. THAT is how much of a difference just one soul can make to this planet.

Truly give it some thought.

That is how connected all of us are. Like the mom who knows her child is in trouble. Like the lover who senses something wrong with their partner. Like the husband who just knows his wife is about to call him. There is a connection we hold to other people that goes far beyond the physical.

It’s that same connection and energy that we put off, and that others feel from us, or give to us. I almost want to say gift, and that’s what it is too. It can be a curse in that same respect as well. But think of one person who brings on the anxiety (may feel like butterflies) when they’re connecting with you, around you, talking to you. Consider that one where you feel off around them. There is a reason that you are like, I can’t be alone with this person. Not any real reason why for the reason. Just something touches us differently. We sense something in their energy and it reacts in our body, telling us avoid!

That makes me think of when I used to walk my Australian Shepherd. I went down into this neighborhood that I enjoyed because one, the street connected to others that helped me make a wide circle, lol. Two, there was a nice hill that really gave me a good workout. For the most part it was very quiet and nice.

One day I encountered this guy who my dog (who loved everyone but him and the ex who raped me) was just like, nope. Stay away from me. Stay away from my mom. And she actually snapped at him when he got close asking if he could pet her. I had said it was okay. I had no qualms outside of this tiny little whisper inside of me that was uncomfortable around him. I’d had that feeling around plenty of people who Sabrina was okay with. So I know it wasn’t me directing her energy. She knew though. She knew, this one mom? Stay away.

When he ended up constantly talking to me in a pushy way and telling me if I wanted to use his phone (why?! lol) or get water or anything, I could come on in the garage, I gathered her point. He got creepier so I focused more on other neighborhood streets for a while because she would react and I would react, to that one house. So, as most women gather, I simply chose other streets to focus on. Something wasn’t right about him. I would not put myself in that personal safety risk zone, or my dog. I did eventually begin to walk it again, and rarely ever encountered him after that so I’m sure he gave up, realizing I wasn’t about anymore.

But we have that little whisper inside that tries to explain to us something in another person’s energy is a dangerous to our personal safety. The thing with that though? With another? They may not have a reaction that way. So either they don’t sense it, or that individual isn’t a personal safety risk to THAT person. It may not even be about personal safety. Wanna throw that exception right up there. Say, if I don’t like Bernie but someone else does. I don’t like to go too political, but that’s not this. This is just the person. Something about him for me? I just don’t like him. I know others who have that with other candidates we had. Personally he may be cool, but something in me reacts to something in him. Even if we are not physically near the person we can react to the energy they carry. You’ve seen it with a certain individual sitting in the White House right now.

And again, this isn’t a “political,” so if anyone tries to take it there, I will not allow the comment. This is about energy we carry, energy we feel, connections. That’s it. So i appreciate you for not taking it down that road.

Back to the point of this. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I feel inside when dealing with certain individuals. That tells me more about them than anything else in the world. How do you feel inside? That will tell you volumes. And I don’t mean how do they MAKE you feel. That is important too, but I mean you. Center in on yourself. Take a deep breath. Think of them. When you interact with them. Take note of what is inside of you. When they’re not about.

Compile it. Merge it. What’s the answer?

Do you feel strengthened? Calm? Centered? Anxious? Crazy? Worried? Do you feel like you’re being a better person when your energy connects to theirs? And not because they say do this, do that. Do you feel accepted? Do you feel seen? Heard?

That to me is far more powerful than anything else.

How do you feel inside?

In the case of this post’s inspiration? Lemme see if I can accurately describe what I feel. Imagine going on a trip. Imagine having to leave home and though you’re enjoying the trip, after a while you’re tired, you’re exhausted, you’re worn out. So tired of the constant battling of work, friends, etc. (Ahem, not literal battle with friends. Just a lot of juggling on some days.) You finally walk in the door, it’s warm, that scent of home wraps around you, and you set your stuff down and just sit down. You take a deep breath, and that? That is how I feel inside. Like I just came home after a long vacation and as much as the vacation has been great, home. Home is where we finally go to relax and let our hair down.

I get that feeling when I am with my best friend too. I have moments of anxiety, sure. I have to admit something that is hard, I worry over the response. But that’s only because those are things I may have been crapped on for before, or never had the courage to admit. But when I deal with her? I feel . . . just like I described. I feel like this is home. As they say, home isn’t always where we live. It is people. People who are friends, who are more like family (she definitely is). People who we love who we want forever with. People who maybe ARE family. I think many, most? I think there are plenty who can relate to friends being more like family than our own family. I would hope it’s not a majority, but one never knows.

That is why the two closest to me are the two closest to me. I feel what I shared yesterday in that quote from the book. Not judged. Not criticized. I feel seen. Heard. Accepted.

That is something we should all look for in those we keep closest to us. Whether a pet, a family member, a friend, a lover, partner, husband, wife, whatever. The connection of energy shouldn’t be stagnant, stifled. Being wholly taken in and simply loved for it? Even at our worst? It is strengthening. Empowering. That is the love people speak of when they say love heals, it helps us grow, become better. That is the love we need more in this world.

I went down that road, I know. But if it’s in my head? I’m gonna put it down here. Totally reminded me of a promise I just made, lol. Oh yeah, I fully keep my promises.

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Major progress with the book

Today I got in a good 2221 words. That made me happy. With how little I was able to write last week because of the editing, if I have a few days like this, I am going to have made up for the last week.

I had this particular passage that I wrote today which I really enjoyed. It summed up what Gaarn was making Prism feel like, part of what is drawing her in so much. Hard to deny a pull like that. I should know.

There was just no judgement, no shame, no I am wrong for this with him. It simply . . . was.

That is why she didn’t feel wrong for what she felt, what was going on in her, what she was fighting, what she wasn’t. Any of it. For once she knew what it was like to have someone learning her, nothing more. Not attempting to fix, not attempting to judge. Just, learning her to know her. Not shaming her for anything inside of her. Teasing, yes. Shaming? No. Teaching, yes. Judging? No.

It was . . . she eyed the doorway he’d went though. It was incredible to be honest.

He only wanted to know her because he knew that she was going to be there until one of them died. So he wasn’t rushing her, he wasn’t forcing, he was patiently learning her soul, her mind, her body.

I really like how he’s making her feel. What I find interesting is how I will write things in my books that come to pass in my own life. I have been thinking about that with this book. Where I left off in this book, and what I had written before this. I read it back, think on it, and see how much it relates to what I’m dealing with NOW. I think I’ve said that a few times before on this site. Anyone who knows me will know that I will sometimes experience what some deem “psychic” visions, but anyone who has ever had them knows it’s actually more like science. It’s a person who is beyond hyper aware of their surroundings. In a way so sensitive to the energy in the world, in what movements people make, that it will compile inside of their brain and show them an image of something to come.

If you break it down, it’s not really magic, but science. Chemicals, synapsis firing. Maybe flesh is involved as we can feel through flesh, but maybe it’s more of a brain thing. Those who folks deem “psychic,” are just more tuned in. Like any talent or craft, they have honed it to a sharp edge. Listening and understanding when others may have pushed it aside or diminished it. Same as a cop learning to listen to that “instinct,” that saves lives. We all technically have it. Writers do it. It’s the little voice in my head that tells me to write a certain thing, it will make sense later. Or connects certain passages without me realizing it, until later.

Either way, I do experience plenty of that. For those who haven’t been here, I noticed a few years ago that I was having the literal exact conversation I wrote, with someone else. Right now there is someone going, well yeah, you wrote it. I wrote the other words? Manifesters can say, yeah you did. Whatever you like to think, or say, or believe it as, I’ve seen that happen.

I have written conversations, people, all of it. Then later on? Experienced them long after remembering what I wrote. It’s almost spooky when it happens and then later you’re editing a story and go . . . wait. lol I am not the only writer who had that. Jeanie got me Dean Koontz’s Ashley Bell. In the story, she is a writer. She ends up writing stories that later she lives. As a child she wrote a story about a dog. Then though the dog is bigger, it’s the exact dog she wrote as a child. I was beyond weirded out reading that book after I had my own realization that year.

If you’re looking for a good read, give that a try.

But going back to my point. When I was writing about Gaarn, I didn’t even think about the way he was treating Prism, other than thinking how incredible that would be. How very beautiful his personality was for being who/what he is. Then after I wrote those passages, I later realized, I was writing someone I knew without knowing that I was. What I had forgotten, but was somewhere inside of me, Gaarn existed. Obviously not entirely him. Characters don’t work like that. I have used a couple male friends as influences and no, they are not the exact replica in my books. That would be wrong to do. I influence and let the character grow.

Only this time I think the influence came in after, lol. I think it slipped in unaware to me. What I’d wanted that is. What I’d thought was a great personality. Then after writing it was when I experienced it, and realized I’d known that type of personality. So often the influence comes before. In this case I think it came unbeknownst to me, and after. Or, during? I guess that works better.

Either way, I’m really liking Gaarn. He’s a pretty spectacular being. I knew he would be, but I don’t think I realized how much he would.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 38,276 words

Current word count as of today – 40,497 words

Total words written since last post – 2,221 words

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It has been a big week

The past week and a half has been a big one. I ended up having to stop writing because Law of the Beast needed my entire focus. My brain was struggling to focus on the edits. Partially from exhaustion, but also from the eye pain I was dealing with. I basically overdosed on moisturizing drops during the weekend. They aren’t as bad today, but there is that tiniest amount of dryness in the corners. Who knows, as time goes on, I may have to get a more serious moisturizing medication for the eyes and work harder to keep them healthy.

For me it’ll be homeopathic. I don’t like like “meds,” and my body doesn’t respond to them well. Anything too fake in that way, I can’t. Back when I was a teen and I struggled with IBS from stress, I had a moment where I’d tried a medication that turned me into a zombie. Literally. I could barely move, barely think, and wouldn’t you know my mom had me meeting some “son” of her friend. In my mind I was having that tiniest of moments saying to myself, oh god, this is embarassing. I thiiinnkkk that medication was Donna PB. That one came after a looonnnnggggg list of methods to try to “fix,” me rather than them asking . . . is it stress? Is this kid under a lot of stress? As an adult it progressed with everything I went through into PTSD.

So from experience, I learned my body doesn’t respond to medications unless I want to be dead on a log. I won’t think, I won’t do much except be a lump. I’m too hyper sensitive to the side effects as I’ve mentioned many times in this site. (This is not medical advice.) So for me I learned natural methods work. Probably gonna be the case for my eyes if the dryness keeps up. The ones I use right now because I had them are called Refresh Gel Drops. But I’ll look into other stuff too. These we had because my brother had an eye ulcer and needed an OTC eye moisturizer. We keep it for the dogs now. After I bathe the Shih Tzus I usually drop a drop in their eyes to protect them from any drying shampoo that may have gotten into their eyes.

I sent Law of The Beast off on Friday. Jeanie let me know she was able to download it today and should be getting to it by the time this posts. I have Birth of a Princess next to me on the desk, which is the next in the series/world so that is the one I am about to start inputting edits into. I made my own little easel to put the papers on so that I don’t have to constantly look down, then up, then down, then up. It’s hard on the neck, it’s hard on the eyes, and it makes me SO freakin dizzy.

Not sure how long this one will take. Shouldn’t be too long. I don’t think I have THAT many changes to do in it, but it’s also not as long as Law of the Beast is. Law of the Beast is probably the longest in the Ky series.

The Friday before last, I also reached out to someone I’ve mentioned on here. I was basically scared shitless to do so. lol Told him so too. I was honestly scared he may not even remember me, not wanna hear from me, you name it. Just all those fears ya know? All those worries. All those concerns. No telling how someone would feel to hear from us. From experience, it hasn’t always been good for me. So expectation was in the dumps pretty much. But the pull to contact him was too strong. So I’d checked to see if I still had his digits somewhere, prayed I was doing the right thing, prayed that I didn’t end up embarrassing the ever living hell outta myself, then sent him a text to even see if that number was still him. I don’t usually do that, which is probably part of the fear too? I’m good at convincing myself of the negatives.

I had told Jeanie that week before that there had to be a reason that even after all this time he was there. Not just the love I always had for him. That, when gained, doesn’t go for me. I never stop loving friends, family, anyone. When I say I love you? It’s forever. It’s this lifetime and the many after. It doesn’t leave you, you will have it. I’ve also stated how I don’t hold grudges. Even the creepy neighbor that when I grew up used to catcall me? I don’t hold grudges with him because he’s old. What good does that do? I’m not “besties,” with him, but no. There is a point we need to let go. Let go of grudges, forgive, move past.

Even when people break my trust. I will get ANGRY in the moment, but then I talk about it, and eventually move past it. Sometimes I give them another chance, but I do always remember. People may say not to trust another again after they break it, but again. What does that do for us? We sit around and BECOME mistrusting. We sit around and refuse to forgive. People don’t set out to hurt us unless they are really bad people. They unintentionally break trust. They unintentionally hurt us.

Maybe yes, in the moment someone might think, “I want you dead,” and then react. We are human. I don’t know a soul on this earth that can say well I NEVER react. I’m perfect. Ya, how’s that going for ya? I’m sure even Buddha had his moments, lol. We can’t hold people to standards that we can’t even handle. And no, I cannot say I never break trust or am perfect. I can’t say that I would never lie to someone because then if they’re sick and I want them to feel better, I’m not likely to tell them wow, you look like the dead walking. It is not in my nature to be cruel, and even more now that I’ve grown, that I went through what I went through a few years ago. Even every day I am still learning to give more grace because I ask . . . what if it were the reverse? Would I want forgiveness? Would I want ___?

That is how I treat people. I understand where people come from more and that they aren’t intentionally setting out to screw up our life. And if they are, it’s not who they are forever. They may have just had a moment. So I do try to see it through their eyes as much as my own now, if not more on their side. If I’m wronged, it hurts. I am so freakin sensitive now. I am crying at happy little videos of sweet moments. I cry at sweet texts. I cry at expressions of love that touch me. haha You can call me a bad name I’m not gonna be bothered, but you tell me you love me, I may cry. lol DON’T be showing me no sweet Christmas commercials. I mean it. GAWD. *gives evil eye*

That is something that I hope to see more of after all of this. Appreciation and gratitude. Not just for life, but people. Learn, change how you allow someone the chance to hurt you if you like, maybe not give them as ample opportunity, but don’t outright hate them forever. Don’t outright place a wall around you and your heart. Don’t REFUSE to ever forgive people.

Doesn’t even mean you have to allow every single person in your life. I certainly have no qualms about not allowing my ex in my life. I have boundaries and that is okay too. But there are reasons why I won’t. Like, he raped me. Do I wish him ill? No. Do I set out daily to be cruel? Uh, no. I just let it go, but won’t say his name, won’t acknowledge him outside of things like this, and won’t allow him in my life. Other than that, I have no ill in me for him. So does forgiving people mean EVERY single literal one of them have to be in your life? Does it mean treat EVERY single literal person with happiness and unicorns? No. Absolutely not. Anyone who actually reads “forgive people,” as hey if they put your head through a wall, love up on them, needs to ask why that’s what they’re taking from this. Why do they go toward the negative forces and want to cut down other who are offering this idea? Or, why is it that they want to cut down the person saying something like this. I have seen that too much. Especially if I post it on FB or someone else does somewhere. They always get those comments and it makes me wonder why that’s where the focus lies for people like that.

One of those things I like to try to understand. I guess a lot of it is just where their focus lies. In the negative versus positive? Who knows.

Either way, I did listen to that voice within me that I always do. That pull within and it worked out. I used to work so hard to convince myself NOT to reach out. To move on. To let it go. To let the past stay in the past, but that one. That one was not to be left in my past. I had thought when I mentioned him previously that I missed him. I had thought that it would be nice to reconnect. I underestimated it. I underestimated how hard I had locked him down in my heart. How deep I’d placed him inside so that I wouldn’t feel the full effect. Because I think I did. I think I had locked him away in a place that nothing but the “shallow,” could touch. When I wrote that post saying that I knew I’d been an asshole to him (I told him that too) at times, I missed him and I had said I wished one day we’d get back in contact. I hoped somehow we would.

What I told him I found interesting though? I used to delete my messages. On FB, in texts, everything, everywhere. Back then I didn’t keep stuff. But there were a couple of his. Only a few. One of which had his number. I was flabbergasted. Anyone who knows me knows that I do believe in stuff like that now because after all I’ve experienced, I can’t not. That was part of why I was going, okay. I’ll happily look like an idiot. I expect to. These things fail for me typically which is why I don’t do them. I would take a chance. I was SCARED to reach out.

That chance paid off. In bigger ways that I expected it to. I forgot what it was like to have him around. I forgot how much I missed him.

So far so good. What I hope for more is that our paths coincide for a long long time. Neither of us knows where life is gonna lead this path. We both have an idea I’d say of where we want it to. But as I’ve learned too is that any of us can make 100 percent solid concrete plans and tomorrow you or I get hit by a bus and the plans change. So that’s why I say I hope that our paths aren’t meant to diverge again. It was good for us though. Those breaks aren’t always meant to break. They’re sometimes meant to strengthen and teach lessens, to teach appreciation.

Like what we’re dealing with in the world right now. This isn’t a break meant to destroy. It’s meant to strengthen, to grow, to form deeper appreciation and gratitude. To show us what we have, to teach us to truly have gratitude for what we’re blessed with. Even when we struggle, it’s not meant to destroy us. It’s not meant to be forever. Not the struggle. The appreciation though? Maybe that can be forever. The love we learn. That too can be forever.

And love? Love is one of those things we all need an abundance of. That being said, I’ll share this if you haven’t checked him out on YouTube yet. John Krasinski is freakin ADORABLE, and funny. lol We could all use some good news. 🙂 ❤

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Words at last post – 37,069 words

Current word count as of today – 38,276 words

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Just a quick update

I am gonna post soon. Right now I’m in last final read through of Law of the Beast before I send it to my editor so I’m using the bulk of my time for that. had computer issues earlier and started late yesterday so I’m behind. so gonna focus on that. This weekend, or next week, I should be able to blog again. Writing is going pretty well too. I hope all of you are doing well. 🙂

This will be short

Mostly because I’m tired, but also because it’s late and I gotta go deal with laundry soon. Wanted to share what I’ve been talking about. This is what it’s looking like when I’m editing at this point. Copying, pasting, reading over. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 34,147 words

Current word count as of today – 37,069 words

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Getting close

We are at the point with Law of the Beast, that soon I will be having to grab Witness to the Moon, and go back and forth on all the conversations to make sure that what is in Witness matches what is in Law of the Beast.

As I’ve mentioned previously (multiple times), I don’t plan to have the conversations and setting the exact same. Since this is the book/series that is in Ky’s world, and in a way it’s a more important role for the overall story arc, world itself, she is getting more of the information. So there may be conversations where she gets more talk than Mila did. Doesn’t mean though that if they’ve said something in Mila’s story and then in Ky’s, I can change that part.

So if in Mila’s story, it says, “I wondered about that,” for one sentence, I can’t make it in Ky’s story, “I was curious about that.” That is the part that I have to go over and make sure the words match word for word.

However, in Ky’s story, it might be, “I wondered about that.” And then she may have another sentence in the next paragraph of her speaking that adds a few more sentences, whereas for Mila’s same area, you won’t get any of it. That can be changed. Because again, that is important to Ky’s story arc. And I think it would be far too boring if everything was literally the same in one book as it was in the other, for a reader who does read both. That way that sentence above that they’ve read in one story triggers that, “hey I’ve read this,” in their brain, but then they don’t get more, they get something different in Ky’s story so that they stay engaged. “Hey, there’s more information here.”

Now, I do go off the idea that a reader would read Mila’s story, first, then Ky. But these can be read out of sync and I’m hoping they still work well. “Hey, I got more in Ky’s story, but this side of Mila’s thoughts are interesting, they’re so different.” That sort of thing. I don’t want to bore the reader, but I don’t want to turn them off so it’s going to be a delicate balance for me. Obviously I will annoy someone. That is inevitable. But I will do my best to work with the majority who like what I do, since it is how I like it. And I am always my first reader. I’m not changing how I write to please fans. If they want a different style there are SO many writers out there who may write like me, but in that extra way that that particular reader likes, which is something I don’t do. Totally okay with that.

So I’m going to be having to pay very close attention to that back and forth to get it right as it is in my head. I don’t look forward to it. I’m sure I’m gonna give myself a headache. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 32,773 words

Current word count as of today – 34,147 words

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May as well play into it

I had another fun day of writing despite being woke early today. Mila had a stomach ache this morning so she woke me at 5 am (I usually wake around 6:30 am) and wanted to run outside. We also had rain so there were a couple more times that she wanted to go out, but then would see the rain and be all . . . nope, I’ll hold it. I gave her some of these treats that I got which helped too. They are a probiotic and prebiotic treat for dogs. I noticed that if they have a stomach ache, when I give them one of those treats, they can actually help the stomachs to feel better. That, plus a tiny smidgen of ginger on something, or in something. Usually applesauce or yogurt. I stopped giving the treats on a normal basis because like me, they would start to have loose stools when given them, even though it IS a daily treat.

Like me, the tummies apparently don’t need those things. I try to take a probiotic on a normal basis and start to have stomach issues. It’s clear they get enough in the food they eat, and their fresh fruits and veggies we give them. So now I keep them for when the dogs get sick belly. Works within 30 minutes. If it’s not severe, the treat works just fine. If it’s severe, I might need a tiny bit of ginger too. And when I say tiny, I mean TINY. For the little dogs, I usually only touch my finger into the ginger and then tap a little dusting off. For the 13 lb size, I might do a tiny bit more. But for Mila (70 lbs), I’ll do a pinch. small pinch. It doesn’t take much at allll for the dogs. I’d suggest doing homework online and researching the negatives and positives for dogs before doing it if you want to try it, but it has helped us a lot. The treat if you want to look up –

And since I’m giving advice like that –

Major legal disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I don’t claim to be one. This is not medical advice. I don’t claim to be an expert. If you need medical advice, seek a medical professional. Or, a veterinarian if it’s for pets. Everything expressed anywhere on this blog (site, really) is truly only factual when it comes to my books, but even that shifts with time as some books get edited, then those “facts,” can become opinions on my own work. Technically. So these are strictly my views, opinions, and I don’t demand anyone to take them on, or anything. I truly hope that comes across. This is just another opinion, stated in my own way. As my blogs always are. Maybe it allows you a new way to look at things, maybe not. Maybe it helps you understand me more, maybe it doesn’t. My grammar is likely total icky on these. They are unedited and unscripted. Not meant to be “perfect.”

Now about the story. As I was writing and discussing the ship I realized, ya know, I don’t have to know all these technical details. The character POV I’m in doesn’t. She couldn’t tell you a button that ejects her out from a button that just turns on air inside the ship. SO, I went with that. lol I don’t write hard Sci-Fi because I don’t know details like that. I know a more light version of Sci-Fi. So I just played into it. I let the character be as she was and the result was this scene that made me laugh.

Took me many writing years to be comfortable with allowing my own voice into the story. Not my voice as in taking over character in this instance, but my voice as in being OKAY that I don’t have perfect grammar, and I don’t need perfect detailing as it is below (imperfect). If that’s the way the character speaks and I don’t KNOW hard Science Fiction rules and all that, it’s fine. It’s why I personally label this stuff Sci-Fantasy. Or Sci-Horror. Because I am not trying to give my readers a technical manual on science anything. That’s for those awesome writers of such things who KNOW all that. And even them? Probably have plenty who are debating what they write. As I’ve said from Jeffrey Marsh on here before, “Nobody is universally liked. Nobody.”

Gaarn’s amusement was in his tone as he reached over to fiddle with some thingiejigs on his board. “Yes. Zippy things. Ships travel farther, faster.”

“Gotcha, gotcha,” she mumbled. They zoomed past shorelines filled with rocky bluffs, making it clear that nothing would have anywhere to dock or settle on shore around this planet either. So it made far too much sense that they wouldn’t risk trying. “Still,” she said as they continued on, “it’s beautiful.”

And that’s also the thing. When I do write stuff like this, I have all those critiques that I know someone will have in my mind. So if you’re a newbie and you’re concerned about that? If you don’t think I’m aware of those things, or that people who’ve written a lot of books, been writing many years, whatever. If you think we don’t have those same fears you do? The “this isn’t gonna be perfect, they’ll hate this,” fears? Oh, we do. I promise. Never really goes away. Every single critique someone can give me based on this blog, based on the grammar, based on ME, based on what I see in the mirror, based on how I type, based on etc., etc., etc., it’s right there in my head. Every second of the day almost.

The only difference? I don’t give it much credence. I know that there are just as many who will have nothing but praise, who will love it, who will adore it, who will pick it apart out of their love and praise those aspects. I don’t give that much credit either. I allow that “noise,” to act like the wind in my head. It’s gonna come and go, but until we latch on and really start to focus, it’s just air. It’s just something that’s there. It has no power over you. That’s why I don’t try to rid myself of all that negative or positive. I just let it be.

I don’t have to do anything about it. The negative helps me to keep from getting arrogant, and it helps me continue to learn to be better, and to grow as a writer. The positive allows me the confidence to put the writing out there as it is (um, after editing for those who wanna think a statement like that doesn’t include editing too). It allows me to say thank you and accept people loving my work. Neither is bad. Neither is good. Everything is neutral until we assign it a label, and I simply see both positive and negative in all of it so it’s neutral for me.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes it does. Learn, grow, get better.

I like that I’m comfortable enough finally to be able to let my voice go in my work. That’s a positive in my view. Including not editing a character’s voice out who wants to call a button a thingiejig. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 30,782 words

Current word count as of today – 32,773 words

Total words written since last post – 1,991 words

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Always nice to figure things out after

Just discovered an interesting little piece of information. Had anyone been trying to call me the past few months, I wasn’t getting notice! If they left me a voicemail, or sent me a text, I’d know. But just calling? They’d have gotten ringing and then the voicemail picking up.

I noticed that because the other day someone apologized for calling me multiple times while they were mowing the lawn. I went . . . I didn’t get any. They must not have connected. Didn’t occur to me at all that it was my app. When I was going through the settings just now on my texting app (Hangouts) I went, wait. Why doesn’t it say it’s forwarding calls to my cell?

Because it wasn’t. lol Many YEARS ago, my brother set me up on his cell plan. Probably when I first got a number. He was truck driving and didn’t like my pay by minute I used because I didn’t like to USE the phone unless I needed to. But then as a truck driver he needed to be able to call me if something happened and he needed help finding an address to deliver to as of now. So he ended up putting me on his plan. Later on though he let the contract expire when he’d lost the work because of health issues and inability to drive and I’d lost the number I had for years. So I ended up getting a Google Voice number and decided that no matter what, even if I got cell service again, I’d always use that and just forward. That way I could lose a cell number and it was fine. That way I could change numbers and it was fine.

I have that weird thing where I always try to keep a backup. Learning from experience. So I’ve been using the Voice app, but it was acting up so I wanted to try the Hangouts again. Been a few years, I thought it was good. Well, I didn’t notice until now I wasn’t able to get calls because the Voice app redirects the call to my cell, but not that Hangouts app. Soooooo whoops. smh Went back to the Voice app and fixed it all. I’m glad I did. I see Google finally made the ability to change the colors of the app. Dark or Light. I like dark mode for most of the apps I use now. Eyes are usually tired and it’s helpful. Sort of like me no longer kneading bread, but using the bread machine. One small thing that helps keep me from too much hand pain so I can do other things like crochet.

Totally rambling in this blog so I’ll talk about the book a little bit.

Today Prism had herself an entertaining moment. And as the author, it was entertaining for me too. She was trying to figure out why her “father,” (we’ll quotation mark it because there are still questions on the truth of that and all in her mind) would purposely go out of his way to put her and Gaarn together. More so when it’s been made perfectly clear that Kreeya and Vyoran don’t have any semblance of love for Gaarn. They look down on him, can’t stand the warrior race that he is. He is beneath them and superior all at once, which they don’t like.

Sort of the same way many in your culture, or mine, end up disliking another just because of the difference in culture. Because of a different skin color. Because of a different belief they hold to our own. No, I’m not saying that you or I are like that, but we do know it exists. These two are proving it exists for them. Because of what he is, they look down on him and in many ways can’t stand him. BUT, he is also the mate to Prism. The born mate. The one that in their world, has been decided since birth – this one is for Gaarn/Prism.

In their culture that’s what happens. Or, society? However you want to say it since they all come from different planets, maybe systems. In their world, when one is born, they have a mate created from them. At least this is how it is right now in my head. So in final edits this can change, be aware. But I see them creating the older of the two (most of the time I believe it’s the male, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the female or other), then reserving one tiny snippet of their DNA to use in a future human, creature, etc.

That younger one then is created with just a touch of that mate’s DNA. It’s almost a little like the bible where Eve is created from Adam’s rib. I didn’t plan it that way, but works out similarly. So it’s also like soul mates and twin flames, but deeper because part of the mate’s DNA is inside of the other mate. Not like a family connection, but something to connect them. I’m not on of those Scientists that are in this world so I can’t understand it, but I’m also not done with the story so this may be all fake news. lol

It was there, I had to say it.

Anyhoo. So when the older and newer partner are created they have already been predetermined to be the best genetic match and strength to be paired together. There is a pull between them that cannot be denied, cannot be stopped (hence my comment on soul mate connection and twin flame – it’s like that). Only the pull is to combine, to come together, to mate. I wanna say for the good of the system, lol. I can’t go deeper into that because my brain hasn’t reached that part.

I have only reached the “there is a pull to one another,” stage. Mates are to be together. Period. Prism is learning that because she HAS Nathaniel there on the ship, in her face if she goes down to quarantine where he and Tristan are kept (funny coincidence considering where we are right now in the world, right?), and all she is thinking about is this other male. This one that isn’t like her, isn’t her best friend. This one who she hasn’t been trying to build something with. Her pull is to a practical stranger.

And then today she realized that her “father,” was purposely attempting to place the two of them together. Then as I was writing her reaction to how Gaarn was handling it, I was just carrying on and it hit me at the exact moment that it hit her.

This is what I wrote

“Did not know.”

He was surprising her. On one hand she felt that like Vyoran, he actually did have those ancient values of their species, kind, whatever. Basically that when paired, you were paired. Period. But, he seemed to have an empathy toward her feelings too. It was interesting. Then again, he was also good at reading live things and probably was a strategy for him. If he was a good bounty hunter and all that, he would have to be very good at reading signs and information given. Not that he was playing her. He was—Jesus. He’s hunting me.

Suddenly she couldn’t hold his eye. She shifted so she could break eye contact. That’s what he was doing. Not a game, not playing, no. He had a target. He was making the moves that brought him closer and made the target walk right into the trap he set.

What I enjoyed most is that’s how fun writing can be. Just that realization hitting her of “he’s hunting me,” at the same time that it hit me with how he was treating her? Changed the whole dynamic. I was going . . . this male sure is being compassionate and showing a lot of empathy for her. Might have to fix this. Seems TOO nice almost. Then that hit me today. I have never once considered it before. Now it brings a whole new motivation behind his actions which fit him.

And she gonna have to be careful. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 29,602 words

Current word count as of today – 30,782 words

Total words written since last post – 1,180 words

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Author freebies

Totally forgot that the 28th for this month was gonna end up on the weekend. I have been taking the weekend off, but especially Sunday so that I have a brain break. It gets too peopley for me during the week, and workey, so brainey needs a breakey. lol

Yesterday I ended up beginning the first read through for Fury of a Queen and wow. There are parts that I need to fix. Like a few too many mentions of Kat saying that she loves Julian being overprotective. lol But I forgot how fast it was going. I share this on my Facebook Profile and page

“What are you Sean?”

[spoiler removed]
Sean’s lips began to curve upward.
[spoiler removed]

“You’re not going to tell me the truth,” she whispered. But I’ll find out . . . you know that.”

That was the final nail in the coffin. What he wanted her to say. Sean closed the distance, holding her eyes captive with his own. “Yes, you will.” [spoiler removed] The shadows deepened, making the Queen of the Awakened, one of the strongest vampires to have ever been Awakened . . . quake in fear.

“And I can’t wait to see the look on your face,” he whispered [spoiler removed]. “When HE does.”


I’m gonna get my newsletter ready to send out, but I wanted to also open this up to authors. If you are a writer, or author, who has free reads up right now on your blog, on a site, anywhere then link it in the comments. I have free reads here on this site here and there, but I want to make this about YOU. I had the idea after the last post on recipes. So authors/ writers. If you have anything up for free? Link it down below! I’m going to share this. And if you’re looking for free recipes, or have some, you can link to it on this post –

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This is gonna be linked in my newsletter

Doing another load of laundry, made brother lunch, probably gonna have to pause to make my mom some in a minute as she just got up. So I’m probably not going to have much information in this particular post, but that’s because I want to use it for recipes. Recipes with less ingredients, simplistic recipes, etc. I am going to share some of my go to favorite recipes below. I will put the base, then mention all the ways it can be customized. We eat on a low budget around here so there isn’t too many specialty type foods that are generally needed to make what I do. And with my mom and brother having so many health conditions that require different ways to cook, I have been making a lot of recipes that they can both handle which are pretty “basic” overall.

I want you to join in. I usually have my blogs linked in the bottom of the newsletter, but I’m going to link this one in particular and make a note of it. Since I don’t have book news per se, outside of getting ready to send Law of the Beast to Jeanie, maybe first week of April, or 2nd, which is more for the next newsletter, I thought I would share recipes that don’t need any ingredients. Recipes that I feel many can easily make to.

If you have a recipe like that, either make your own blog post and link to it below. OR just write out the recipe. Even if it’s for crafts. Maybe a glue for kids to make, a play doh, that sort of thing. I’m gonna write mine casually the way I make them. So dump all in a bowl, lol.

Biscuits for 3

(picture below)

If you need to feed more, double recipe. Combine 1 cup all purpose flour in a bowl. Dump about 1 tbsp sugar (if you want lightly sweet, honey works too, this can be omitted) on top of flour, a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp baking powder (use a fork and just scoop a small mountain the size of a walnut or so, doesn’t have to be exact), pinch of baking soda. Give it a stir with a fork. Add about 1/3 c shortening (again use fork and just eyeball to the size of a plum? close enough). Use fork to smoosh it up a lil in the flour. Just break it down, you don’t really even have to do this if you don’t want, you can literally dump all ingredients in a bowl, stir, and it’s still gonna be fine. Add enough milk (add a few tsps of lemon juice or vinegar to replicate buttermilk if you like) to combine all the ingredients. Anywhere from 1/4 c – 1/3 cup. If you don’t have milk, use water (leave out lemon juice if you do). If you don’t want to separate all the steps, dump all the stuff from the beginning into one bowl, combine everything at once. Seriously. If you have sour cream, add a tbsp (eyeball again, doesn’t need to be exact) to the mix. YUM.

Base recipe

1 cup all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt
Pinch of baking soda
1 tbsp baking soda
1/3 c shortening (Can use oil, cut amount in half. Can use butter, cut it down a little, not by half.)
1/4-1/3 cup or so milk, buttermilk, or water

*optional 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp sour cream

Mix it all up. Fold over on itself and press down a few times. Then separate into 3 balls. Flour your hands, roll balls in hands, add a bit more flour to your hands so the dough isn’t sticky, flatten out on a cast iron pan or any you like to cook on. Just gently press the biscuit down in the center to flatten a bit, don’t make less than 1/2 thick or it’ll be too thin. Don’t grease the pan unless you know for sure it sticks. Unless you like crispy bottomed biscuits, then do so. I like them cooked, but not burnt or crispy.

What they can look like. Even slightly pressing them down results in this rounded shape.

Cook at 400 for about 10-15 minutes, depending. Want them golden brown to a light brown. Again, personal preference. In the picture above, it’s a large single one, the recipe I wrote above are slightly smaller per biscuit.

Cheeseburger Biscuit Pizza (6-12 servings)

This is one of my favorite go to meals that don’t require much to make, but can be a great meal. This implements usage of the biscuit recipe above. I double the recipe to make a big enough bottom layer. Note that when you put the biscuit recipe in a 13×9 pan, it’s best to wet a spoon or whatever flat thing you use with water so the dough doesn’t stick. The dough will be about 1/4″ thick in the pan. Won’t seem like it’s much, but trust me, it will rise and be perfect.

For this, you simply cook one pound of meat (whatever you want) with one jar of sauce (whatever you want, can use spaghetti sauce which is what I generally use, marinara sauce, manwich, or alfredo). I’ve even added BBQ sauce to the sauce I use and taco sauce to give it a different flavor. Combine the meat, put over the biscuit layer, then add 6 slices of American Cheese (whatever one you like) on top. Can leave it like that or sprinkle shredded cheese over it, parmesan, mozarella, whatevs. I low-key cook, I know, lol.

Base recipe

One pound meat (anything goes, beef, chicken, turkey, tuna may work too if it were with alfredo sauce, but I’ve never tried tuna with this so can’t be sure)
One jar/can sauce (figure a 12-16 ounce to be safe)
Biscuit recipe (above)
6 slices of cheese
*optional shredded cheese

Cook at 400 for about 30 minutes, or until cheese starts to bubble and brown. Or, poke in the center to check for whether the dough is cooked through.

If you take the same ingredients and layer them in thin layers, and start with salt free crackers, you can actually use similar ingredients and make it into a cheapo lasagna. Or, make a lasagna the SAME way that you’re supposed to, but don’t use the noodles, use crackers. Trust me, just as good.

None of the recipes above are meant to be high quality or “expensive.” They are meant to fill an empty stomach with fairly limited ingredients. That’s it. Add in broccoli, vegetables, that sort of thing to make it better. We serve the biscuit pizza with salad or rice. Or I will have a biscuit by itself with some tea and chickpeas like I did last night. Or, I will add nutella for a dessert biscuit. There’s so many methods of customizing that biscuit recipe.

Another great method to extend items is what I will do tonight. I am gonna combine two cups of soaked chickpeas with a can of shredded low sodium chicken in my food processor, then turn them into “burgers.” I love to use other beans that way too. Kidney, black, mountain, I’ve even used ground up peas. If you need a binder, I find ground oatmeal to be good.

I have plenty of other cheapo recipes, but those are two of my favorites. I half that biscuit recipe when it’s just me. Makes a big single biscuit, but often that’s my only meal I eat for dinner, then I have hot tea with it, hot cocoa.

Again, if you have a cheap recipe to share, post it in the comments! Or post on your blog and link to it in the comments. Please note that I have them moderated, but within 24 hrs they will post. 🙂 I’m just doing it for a bit to ensure I don’t get spam.

ETA – If you especially know of gluten free recipes that can easily be made, drop that below. Had a request on my FB profile from Chelsea so that would be a huge benefit for anyone else in her shoes. Especially for family meals. 🙂

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Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 24,594 words

Current word count as of today – 27,182 words

Total words written since last post – 2,588 words

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I’m totally failing posting daily right now

Goodness. I’m using the new Edge browser (not the older version) and the composer for WordPress looks different. I like it though. Very clean.

Writing is going well now that I’m getting my focus back on track. I was struggling the past few days, and nothing much has changed outside of being exhausted. So I think a lot of it comes from just absorbing the energy from the world. Someone who doesn’t understand that will find it laughable, but it’s a thing. As much as I am protecting and managing my energy, it’s such a strong energy happening that self care is big right now for me. A huge priority so that I don’t absorb more than I do.

Empaths for ya. lol

I gave my editor the tentative date of the first week of April, or the second as the date she should get Law of the Beast. I’m really hoping it will be sooner. Edits are going faster right now, but since this is the 3D scenes book, I have to get the other book out and make sure all the sentences fit that are crossed over. Some, as mentioned previously, will have more information because this is Ky’s story and it wasn’t pertinent to Mila’s story. But, the ones that do cross into Mila’s story do have to fit. I can’t have two different sentences. That’s not 3D, that’s just lazy author.

I’d annoy myself as much as a reader if I were to do that.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 23,511 words

Current word count as of today – 24,594 words

Total words written since last post – 1,083 words

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Busy Bee

Over the weekend (this kinda includes Friday) I’d gotten fed up enough to reset my phone. It keeps shutting down every ten-fifteen minutes when I’m doing something. The app shuts down, not the phone. So I figured the weekend was a good time to do a reset. I’d have the time to get all my apps back online, get everything fixed, and even clear out some information that I didn’t want or need.

On the storage front it did very good. Although it could be that I don’t have as much in my OneDrive (until I switch that email to the Office 365 subscription, I’m limited on space), but still. I’m only using half of the phone’s storage. The rest is on SD card storage. But I had already been using it so I think I got rid of a bunch of default garbage I couldn’t before.

That’s something I’ve noticed. You want something to run faster? Consider a factory reset as soon as you get it. When I got the computer that I’m working on, I didn’t get the discs so was kinda scared about a reset, but I had so many issues once the Win 10 was installed that I went . . . oh well. If it happens, it happens. I know computers well and know enough that I knew I’d be able to fix any issues. I do have an old OS I can install on it too.

But it worked fine. On the hard drive itself is a backup copy of the original files. Not from me. It came that way. Don’t take this as something that is auto for you. Don’t wanna have someone say, “I reset my computer and now it’s a brick!” lol I’m just saying for ME I have noticed this happens. I reset a product back to factory and if it doesn’t have the google lock on it that pops up and prevents you from bypassing it, it will work. I had to bypass that google lock on the tablet I have because my mom didn’t remember what she set it up with so yeah, I had to find a solution.

My main point though was that I noticed when I reset a lot of my products, they work faster. People may say, “well yeah you have junk obviously.” No, lol. I barely install anything on my devices anymore. It’s clearing up junk that was put into the devices from wherever the middle ground was.

The next day I then was like, I’m SO freakin tired of sitting in front of the window and having the sun in my face (produces headaches). So I moved my room. Now I’m sitting on the other side, with my back to the window. No more having to shut the curtain unless the sun gets REALLY bad, but it rarely does at this time of year. Near Fall it moves position and will hit the computer, which is when I move the room about. Preparing for Winter. That way I’m not sleeping near the window.

I’m hoping it helps me stay warmer when I’m working and keeps the sun outta my eyes. Shutting curtain only goes so far and I don’t like having it shut anyway, lol.

I’ve also been researching gravel, sand, and all sorts of substrates, trying to decide if I want to use what I have, or go new. If I used preexisting gravel for a tank, I’d have plenty, and it’d be ready to go. Whenever I put stuff away, I clean it, I dry it, then I bag it in ziploc bags and store. I am anal about that. Like looking at my brother’s 100 gal that he just let dry up. Yugh. That drives me nuts. lol I like having things ready to go and nicely put away, not sitting all junky and gunky. I get it from my dad. Brother gets his cleaning habits from our mom.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 20,473 words

Current word count as of today – 23,511 words

Total words written since last post – 2,237 words

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Prism is gaining sympathy toward the strangers

She is also finding out that living on Earth, she was awarded a lot more freedoms than others in the “system,” as Kreeya put it. Because in their world, they have to have permission and go through a process to have a child. Whereas in Prism’s world, and where she grew up? Totally different.

On Earth she grew up in a world where, should one wish a child, as long as their body was capable of it, and there was no issue there, they could have a child. The government wasn’t telling them no you can’t. At least for most of the world. The world is similar to ours and there are certainly places that do limit or impose upon that ability. But for the most part, where Prism grew up, it was the same we deal with. Were she to want one, she could have one.

There wasn’t any, “you have to file this paper work and that paper work, then your mate has to, then you have to both come in for these tests, and this and that, and the list just kept going and going and . . . you get the point.

On top of the Kreeya just told her that she wasn’t able to have one on her own. Not really some show stopper spoiler there (this is not the site to follow if you never want to come across those, just saying, lol) since I mention that a lot in this book, and it’s in the synopsis if I have put it up. Uh, after this I better check. lol

Anyhoo, after poking fun at meself, I think Prism is beginning to see a new side to these very interesting beings who saved her life. They completely look down on humans and think they’re no better than a bug. Maybe even less than a bug, but still. When Prism sees what Kreeya feels, and attempts to understand the woman, she realizes that maybe . . . just maybe despite Kreeya acting fairly stuck up . . . she may not be that bad.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 19,941 words

Current word count as of today – 20,473 words

Total words written since last post – 532 words

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