Birth of a Princess

Birth of a Princess OfficialWhat in the hell is happening to me?

Kylarra’s experiencing all sorts of weird things. Her body is alien to her. Her thoughts, her reactions. She feels that Verrick is prodding her anger for a reason. Only trouble is that despite being mates, he’s doing everything in his power to avoid being around her long.

The alpha who did everything in his power to Claim her, suddenly wants to stay away from her?

Suddenly the breath is stolen from her lungs. An overwhelming sense of doom pours through her. And one person takes center stage. It’s not just Kylarra who’s changing, who may be in trouble. The name whispers through her like ice.

Mila. . . .

Their lives are about to change.

Is everyone prepared for what happens now?

Not Yet Available To Purchase
Possible Release Date: 2019

Note – I’ve written Witness to the Moon, Law of the Beast, Claiming the Enchantress, and Birth of a Princess in a 3D fashion. What does that mean? It means that you can read the other character’s POV in the other character’s series. You don’t have to read each side to enjoy the individual series, but it does provide more information to the storylines and the character arcs if you read both sides. As well as the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world in general.

Read both Witness to the Moon and Law of the Beast to get both sides of many of the scenes that take place in those books.

Read Claiming the Enchantress and Birth of a Princess to get both sides of many of those scenes.

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