Beta Reader Application

Here is some wonderful information before you fill this out. The only thing to add is that sometimes posing questions to an author within the MS (manuscript) is a huge help too. This doesn’t mean the author should answer you directly, but your questions may fuel their creative mind into exploring different options and something you say, may work out for them.

I’ve left the comments form up on this particular page so that if you have a question, you’re welcome to ask in the comment section. Other people may benefit if they have the same question.

Apply for your chance to beta read for me below. You will receive a digital PDF version of the book to review. You have permission to print out ONE copy of the PDF if you prefer a printed book to read.

Answer these questions as honestly and as detailed as you can. If you’re not chosen to beta read the next book that comes out, you may be chosen for a future book.


  • By signing up, you agree to take no longer than 2-3 weeks to get back to me from the date the book is sent to you. If you take longer, you will be removed from the list.
  • By signing up, you agree to note anything in the MS that you feel personally needs fixing. Whether I use the suggestion is up to me with each suggestion, but by agreeing to participate, you agree to list anything and everything in a straight-forward manner.

You will receive a personal email from me, whichever decision I make.
Your name may be kept for a future book if you don’t fit for the current book, or I may keep your name for this book, if I needs a different type of beta reader in one of the later rounds. Sometimes I make 10 passes with my book before I publish.

If I ever contact you to beta read and I don’t hear back from you within a month, you will be removed.

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