Intuition? What is that?

Intuition is that small whisper that you feel within. If you ask yourself a question, a tiny voice will speak within you and guide you. People doubt it, worry over if it’s right, etc. But it’s not the one that you can doubt. It’s a knowing. It’s the one which deep deep deep inside of you will say that.

Intuition comes forth when you meet someone and you just know . . . that’s my person. Intuition comes alive when you go to the pet store, to the breeder’s house, to a friend’s home to pick a puppy out of their litter, or the shelter and you see that dog, puppy, cat, or other animal that says . . . that’s my pet. That one.

Intuition isn’t something that always remains strong, either. Like any muscle (it’s not a muscle, really but go with me here) you have to strengthen it and work on it. Guide it, listen to it, and relate to it. As time goes on and you listen to it more, trust it more, eventually it does get stronger, louder, and much more powerful. If you don’t use it, listen to it, strengthen it; yes, it will grow weak.

Part of it is because you’re forcing logic into the mix and not wanting to understand that just like animals, we are in tune with the energy of the world. The planet has energy. It’s not hocus pocus (I was going to type focus, haha), it’s not witchcraft. Like animals, we are based off energy. That’s just science.

Have you ever seen an animal relate to a human being after being abused by them? Have you ever seen that person who animals simply come to? We all give off an energetic signature. That abused animal (or wild animal) that avoids everyone suddenly walks up to someone and its tail begins to wag. Why? Is it because that person has food and is bribing it? Or is part of it because that person’s energetic signature is pulsing and sending off currents that tell that animal everything it needs to know beyond the food?

Intuition is picking up on that energy. I relate to this story because animals are everything to me, but also because I’ve been that individual. When a skittish colt would go nowhere near another, it’d walk up to me and start to pick at me with no interest from me. It’d just come up to me. Same as a cat who used to hide from everyone. It’d come and climb into my lap and sleep without me calling it. (Sometimes I did.) People have remarked on such all my life. When I sit on the floor, you’ll know where to find me because all the dogs usually come and lay by me.

It’s not a magical gift. It’s an energetic signature. It’s intuition that animals have long harnessed to guide them to safe places. To know instinctively that this yard is safe to hang out in. That that person is okay to be near. That there is danger close by.

They (animals) don’t communicate in words . . . well, not ones most humans understand. Look in their eyes and they’ll tell you everything. Look into their souls and they’ll speak loud and clear. But they are the example I go back to because their life is about listening to that intuition and allowing it to guide them. And energy is what that intuition is based off. When a storm is in the air, the atmosphere changes.

They are born listening to it so their intuition is very strong. Humans disconnect from that side of themselves, but we are all still animals and energetic creatures at the end of the day and from the instant we come to this life.

When we connect to that side of ourselves, we don’t have to communicate with words to know when someone is lying. We don’t have to use body language to understand what someone is up to. A tiny whisper within guides us along the correct path. Eventually that human brain will spring to life and suddenly we’re recalling that moment that we just instinctively knew (and we were guided by that intuition) the steps to take. When we look back we realize . . . holy crap that was all set up. That was all a plan. If I’d stepped right, instead of left, my entire life would have been different.

Which is what Kylarra is seeing. 

She’s realizing that the night her and Mila were walking down the darkened road, it was all a plan. But by one individual. However, she’s starting to see through this new calculating creature’s brain that everything has been leading to this moment. She hasn’t fully hit that point, but she is getting there.

Her new beast (which she realizes feels a lot more “right” for her) has the mind of a cat. Focused. Shrewd. Cunning. Calculating. Not that she’s any smarter than before, but the wolf really just loved to hunt, to mate, to play. Now she’s embodying more of the feline attributes. They love to hunt too, but have you ever watched a cat when not in their lazy state? They are very focused and when they watch you, it’s not like other animals. They are very much a predatorial animal. They seem to always be thinking about how to get whatever it is. Whether it be to catch that bird on the bird feeder, to get that string you don’t notice hanging from your pants, the ribbon you accidentally left down but that they know they shouldn’t have.

They live off instinct.

And Kylarra is very much honing that in this new form. Her captor believes that like the man she was mated to, she should be quite easy to control. But I think he missed one very interesting aspect that I never quite figured out until now.

That Kat was very much like a cat herself. When she became Queen of the Awakened, many acts of hers were like the cat too. Kylarra has been honed since birth to keep herself contained but she’s got the blood of two very intelligent individuals. She’s been living around alphas and men in control of packs, or others. And if there is one thing that Kylarra has learned in her life, it’s that she must sit back, be patient, and learn.

She was taught that more so by the very man that her captor underestimated. By the very man who helped her grow and to learn better self-control. A man who taught her to hone her instincts too.

So underestimating that redhead might just be to his detriment.

Don’t forget – she doesn’t do well being caged and controlled.

(featured image is the wild baby bunny who has been hanging around our yard)

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 22,382

Ended today at – 23,797

Total word count for today – 1,415


Quarter of the way in

Finally got some sleep last night, though not much better than the previous. Though I could NOT fall asleep before freaking Midnight. I was wide awake, unable to sleep, and then my arm started bugging me, lol.

Story is going very good. I’m a quarter of the way in. It’s time we’re going to get to see Kylarra in her form. She may just have such strong blood that her form is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. That she is the one who gets to choose. Today she realized where her family line leads. Why everyone keeps calling her these names that she hadn’t realized until now . . . truly symbolized who and what she was. As in, the Universe has been guiding her to the truth all this time through people around her. They didn’t even know what they were doing. Sure, they knew her parents.

But they didn’t quite know the entire story. The Universe has been saying again and again and again – pay attention. 

Today she did.

And wow.

Of course it’s all about divine timing too. Now was when she fully took it in and understood the entire point. Now she was ready to receive that information. So now she was able to. Now she was able to also use that information within her own beast.

We can take that for us too. We’re constantly being shown signs by the Universe on what’s to happen, what we need to know. We ask questions and the Universe is always going here is the answer. No, hey here is the answer. Here! HERE! WILL YOU PAY ATTENTION?


Until we are ready though, we won’t see that blatant attempt. If you like, you can say God too. We will be shown again and again and again until it finally slams us in the head with a steel bat. Just sayin’.

I need that steel bat sometimes. When we are fully ready (divine timing) is when that answer will finally pulse in front of us like a neon sign. Then we’re all, “oooooohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Meanwhile the Universe (or your angels if you like) are basically falling back on theirs butts exhaling in exhaustion from running after you with the signs. So finally they’re all, “finally!” *falls down in exhaustion”

Right? lol


War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 21,104

Ended today at – 22,382

Total word count for today – 1,278

Putt, putt, putt

Working on six hours sleep. That is all.

I decided to go ahead and work on Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition so I’m about to go do that. When my brain is back to functioning, I’ll post more. It’s hot too so my brain is sluggish, lol.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 20,366

Ended today at – 21,104

Total word count for today – 738

Words are going strong again

Back in action [with my word count].

Actually I’m surprised I did so many. It really didn’t feel like it. Below I have some fun pictures I’ve been taking over the weekend, and a video of the baby junco who has been a joy to watch. He is just adorable and been enjoying the heat we’re experiencing.

The featured image is a plant I have in the yard. It was a pink flowered and bushy plant my mom had years and years ago. When I began my center island garden there was only one wee little stem of the plant left. So I’ve babied it, multiplied it, and now you see it all over the yard, haha.

That featured image is a closeup of the plant.

I also took some new photos of Mila (so pretty), and recently a bunny. I found a cool option on my digital camera for “pets,” and a “pet tracker,” which means that the camera will follow and find the animal and ensure a clean photo. In the recording phase the automatic focus doesn’t work so well so the video of the baby junco being fed gets blurry, but I got a good shot in the beginning. The blurred out area is more for the sound. He’s cute to listen to. Or she. Could be a she.

On Friday, I sent off

Dark Illusions: The Beginning – The Extended Edition to Jeanie as I’d planned to. I did end up working 30 minutes later than I planned to for that to happen.

Now I’m debating between

Witness to the Moon and Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition. As you can see, I don’t even have a page up for it. I’m leaning toward finishing the Dark Illusions series first because it’s the one which sets up all the rest. The rest of the books come after Dark Illusions takes place in most areas. Don’t Go Far is around similar times and before-ish, but I mean that one is already up so it works out.

If you’ve read the series, or have thoughts, I’d love to hear them below. Since Dark Illusions has already BEEN out, and this may be new folks who it brings in to read, I’m pushing to do that one in my mental state. Then I can ensure all the rest follow it properly with the information and all. Otherwise I would potentially have to pull my hair out because I didn’t include certain bits.

So I’m at 80-ish percent sure, lol. By tomorrow I’ll have to decide, at the latest, the end of the week. It’s when Jeanie is going to start in on DITB – The Extended Edition. Deep breaths. Right now I have to go around and unpublish everything in the DI series. I’m sure other sites will have it up for sale and the like, but I’m hoping this will give it time for all to come down, and that people don’t have those available. Only because it’d suck for first time readers to have two options when this one is going to be far better and that first one let’s just face it – I wrote it when I began and I sucked compared to now. I’m being honest! lol You’re never great in the first few books, haha. My storytelling has gotten better and so has my detailing and settings.

The second edition has more information, more clarity, and I’ve added in a whole 30,000-ish words. So that’s a huge difference.

Today I’m going to 

also try to set a form for a free edition. I’m going to give some readers a chance to get this one for free in exchange for a review. It’ll be on the honor system. I don’t need the link to the review. I don’t need to see your review. I am just asking that you do so, but I won’t be verifying if you do. Learned long ago that the expectation of folks actually reading and reviewing a book that one gives away for free ends up in maybe 10% doing so.

So it’ll be completely up to you to honor that, to do so, and to get a free read in exchange. I’m not a person who demands great reviews either as that’s false advertising and if you don’t like something about the book then that may be what someone else likes, or vice versa. Reviews are for readers, not the writers. And good or bad reviews can be good! The person still took the time to read my books (SO grateful!) so why would I say anything bad about them? Makes no sense.

Also I personally have disliked some books of Stephen King and yet I consider him my number one writer that I’m a fan of. So again, bad reviews can be great! I have learned a lot from people who’ve come to me with negative comments. I don’t search or read reviews as everyone knows because otherwise even if they are positive, they WILL change my writing. I’ve often heard the comment that it helps you grow. I don’t believe it does. If you have time to be sitting at the computer, searching reviews, reading them, and trying to gain information, you’re not growing, you’re stagnating. You’re relying on readers to tell you how to be yourself, and to tell you how to write to please that one reader. Or that percentage. That’s a fine line.

Yet who are your biggest fans? Usually may not come from people who DO write reviews. They are people hoping to read what you come up with. I struggle to write a review, but I can absorb and take in a ton of books from people I love. Because I’m spending my time reading, learning, growing by learning how to story tell. And not from people writing reviews online. People want OUR stories and us to grow for US. Not for reviewers. Don’t get me wrong, I WAS that person who went out of her way to read them in the beginning and I realized I changed my books and writing for those few people. They did help me in one way to come up with ideas, but in another way, it didn’t teach me how to come up with them on my own for that series and story. I allowed readers to tell my story how to go to please them.

Sidenote: reviewers are wonderful people so hopefully I am not sending the messages that they aren’t good people or valuable. That’s not my intention, I just believe reviews and the people who give them are for the readers who come looking at the book, not the writer. I also don’t think people who d read reviews are bad, I just think it’s an energy suck we don’t need as writers. Spend time on writing and learning to be a better writer, not reading reviews. Also don’t allow me to tell you what to do if it doesn’t feel right, lol. That is never my intention.

And as well meaning as a reader can be, I have also learned that originality comes out of us, not others. YOU need to tell YOUR story. NOT someone else’s. Train the brain to help you by only relying on yourself. I listen to people who are in my inbox because that is for me. So I allow you that privacy when you review. Write a hateful review, that’s on you, and that’s if you dislike my book that much. Write a wonderful review, that’s on you, and that’s if you absolutely love my book. I will not change your review. I have also faced that. Someone actually told me what to write, how to write it. I only changed some of it because it didn’t change my review that much. But I never again did so because it didn’t feel right. I’ve had others who only wanted me to review if I gave positive. Or told me to. Nope. And double nope. 

Why the hell would I be so arrogant that I tell you what to say or try to alter you to fit what’ll do me good? You may do me good if you post a review that’s honest, but not so favorable. Doesn’t make you a bad person, doesn’t make me a bad person. Doesn’t make you a bad reader or me a bad writer. It says you don’t like something which is all of our rights. Or you love this or that. That is totally authentic and I am so truly grateful for your honesty and that you took the time to read my books, even if there is something you dislike or totally hate. That hate may mean I made a GREAT character too! lol

So thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU.

Here’s the fun photos and videos. 

Baby buuuunnyyyyy – he’s same size as my hand almost. So small!
After feeding baby junco is sleeeeeepy.

Watch for the form coming soon for the chance to get a free copy of Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition. 🙂 Sign up below for the newsletter to be SURE to get it and not miss out. 

P.S. If you end up thinking of a friend who’d like the book? Once it’s yours, feel free to share it with them. I LOVE sharing amongst friends! It’s my brother who introduced me to many of the authors I like now by giving me the paperback. So yessir, you’re welcome to share.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 19,039

Ended today at – 20,366

Total word count for today – 1,327

Another quick one so I can focus on editing

A whole 67 words today, lol. Still, that’s a good thing since it’s 67 I had more than yesterday so thank you Universe! lol Hopefully next week things will get quiet while I write. Since I truly dislike excuses and whining, that’s all I’ll say about that. Saving time is also why these latest posts have no featured image. Takes time to find a picture, upload, and such. Less time to post this, more time to edit. 🙂

Going to be sending off Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition to my editor tonight. About 2.5 hrs from now is my hope. I will work late if I have to because this was the day I wanted to send it off and I will meet my own tough deadlines unless something big comes up. And today may also be the day I pull the original off store shelves so that it has those few weeks to unpublish before this new version gets put up. Just a heads up. 🙂 Might be tomorrow if I don’t want to spend that time doing so today so I can focus on the editing.

Back to editing.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 18,972

Ended today at – 19,039

Total word count for today – 67


One of those days one can’t escape as a work at home individual. Everything that can throw me into a tailspin is. My words suffered and a certain older individual is just . . . yeah. Lots of sighing, yelling, etc., from them so dogs are picking up on that and being a handful. Even when I was trying to eat lunch, it was pause, stop, pause, stop.

So I’m just posting word count and moving it along. And sure nuff as I begin this, dogs begin cutting up so I gotta deal with that.

On the bright side it’s a sunny day after a few days of disgusting rain–the rain that instantly soaks you through when it touches you–so lots of baby birds are out of the nest and adorable as all heck. I was telling Jeanie a few minutes ago it’s cute because they are fluttering about and chirping like crazy. Meanwhile you have parents going back and forth trying to keep track of their babies as well as ensuring other babies that aren’t their own are kept to their own places and the parents are staying in their area. Like, “you keep your kids over there, we’ll keep ours over here.”

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 18,316

Ended today at – 18,972

Total word count for today – 356

Almost forgot

This is why I do these before I edit. I almost forgot! lol I get so dang into the editing (or book cover making), then suddenly all day has passed by. Well, not that bad, but it can so easily get that bad.

So not talkie about the story. But I did want to share a gardening thing for anyone who wants to know how I multiply my roses. Mini, or full size, it doesn’t matter. Same process. Dipping the ends into rooting powder is beneficial, but I am sometimes too lazy to go find it and the process still works.

Materials needed?

Scissors (or pruning sheers), the rose. lol Oh, and dirt. Say that stuff beneath your feet? Works just fine. No special dirt needed. Just a place to plant the rose. And water to water after planting.

What works best are the twigs that are thicker than normal, but I’ve had success with some thinner twigs, just requires a careful watch to keep moist, and I will sometimes cut the end of the stem in a vertical line | like that much. Center of the stem, just a quick little snip. I’m sure if the scissors were sterile, it may be better too in case disease from another plant got into that cut. Maybe twice. Just to open up the bottom of the stem and promote rooting.

And I have done this VERY successfully with a dozen roses that I received from a florists shop so it can work for them too! Actually it did really well, but rats burrowing beneath the roses a few years ago and the weather took much of them. During their rooting stage they need the perfect moisture. It’s a give or take on how much. After a few rootings, you’ll get the hang of it. Just know that 90% may work, but it’s still a baby plant that requires tender care for those first few years.

Since I do this so often and so much, I take a cutting, shove into the ground, and if it don’t root? I’m not out money, time or energy so it’s not that big of a deal.

That’s all you do. Find a five leaf stem on the main plant, then cut right above that at an angle. Try for a thicker stem, but some thinner stems still work. Doesn’t mean the thick will be 100% rootable because sometimes those thicker ones are stubborn and don’t root easy. With that you may want add in a dip of rooting powder for the extra boost, but the moisture that stem keeps on it during the stage is most important. Too moist = mold so keep that in mind too.

Once you’ve cut your stem, remove the leaves at least an inch or two at the bottom. For best results, you’ll want to snip off buds, leaves, and only leave maybe one or two leaf stems around the top. That’s so that all the energy goes into rooting and growing, not what’s already there.

Then shove into the dirt. At this point, if you have a rooting powder of course you can dip the end into it then shove the plant in dirt (needs to go down at least an inch, two is good too), buuuuuuttttt I tend to not waste my time too much. Water after shoving the stem into the dirt, then like any new plant, keep an eye on the moisture of the planting. Don’t allow it to get too wet, or dry. That’s the crucial part.

Few weeks (doesn’t take that long, but that’s when you know for sure the plant has rooted) later, you have another rose plant. That’s it! Here’s a couple I did just last night, and you’ll see this round I didn’t even take off the leaves or buds, save for the bottom of the plant.

The second picture (if you can see it well) is the full plant of one I did last year. Full size this year. Or is it two years? I do so much, I don’t remember. I do it every year with them too that way if one plant dies from weather or whatever one year, I still have another. Some roses will root better than others, some stems too. But you can easily take an entire rose and cut it down near fall to about 4-6 inches and then root all the rest of the pieces (cut those into 6 inch stems) and you’ll have that many plants the next year.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me share this image and this comes from one of the roses I’ve done this with. It’s the bloom on that extra planting.

This is placed near a lilac I did the same with. I took that lilac stem from the main plant, shoved it into the ground, and it rooted. This year you can see the long stem as it’s growing up, and the other smaller one behind the mini rose I just jammed into the dirt. Annnnnnnddd Mila’s ball hiding under the snapdragon.
I put this mini rose by another lilac I rooted last year, and you can see one I’m rooting now. It’s the wilted looking thing in the background (center of the other lilac). While the lilac is rooting, it looked wilted, but I keep it watered, and soon it will look like that one I rooted last year at the top.
I tried to take a good picture of this, but this is a full size of that exact mini rose (actually the one I took cuttings from this round) to show how well they root and multiply.

Now THAT plant above? All I had was a thin less than 6 inch cutting that I put into the ground. Mila was a baby when I first planted it so she’d trip on it, I’d have to replant it, then she’d trip again, and we’d go on. So once it rooted last year, it finally got ground and now this is a full-size. It’s about 3 feet tall and decently bushy. I’m making it more bushy by taking those cuttings. Also I have discovered that the ivy that I put in that garden? REALLY helps my roses. Roses don’t like their base uncovered. Mulch is good, but I’ve noticed since that ivy took over (finally!) and I keep it growing in that garden, my roses are doing well there. They like that they get sunshine and the ivy keeps the base shaded and just moist enough. Awesome.

This particular rose and when it’s a bud. Such a pretty cream and yellow coloring. You can see, I don’t worry too much over most bugs as that has a few traipsing about. I’m more natural with things. I think of how they’d grow in the wild, treat them fairly like that.
Here too is that rose in bloom. Yup, same as above. Sometimes it looks more cream, sometimes more blush, all depends.

If you’re wondering where the originals of these roses came from, it’s QVC. I want to say Roberta’s Garden, but you’ll see them advertise a 12 pack of minis. That’s where these guys come from. 🙂 Brother got them for me as a present.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 16,936

Ended today at – 18,316

Total word count for today – 1,380

Verrick’s revenge

So in fact we find out that Verrick’s bite is . . . nasty. In my head I saw the after effects, but until I began to write, there was no guarantee on how it would turn out.

Today we find out that we don’t want Verrick to bite us in his beastly form! It’s not the Lycaen form, either. Oooohhhhhhh what she say? lol

When Verrick’s in his full form–as we’re learning he can choose–of the beast, not the half-shifted, half-upright typical werewolf we all know self, he is dannngerous. See below. Although I’d think Verrick’s snout is a little longer than this precious puppy. But I saw this the other day and went . . . oh, that’s nice. This is from

Kylarra woke up to find someone in a not so good state, but I left off with her not knowing that it was Verrick. I could go on to get to my “at least 1000K words a day,” goal, but I really want to be DONE with the Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition edit so I can send it to Jeanie. Brother’s buggin me for some tea, so now I post this, go do that, and get back to editing. 🙂

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 16,330

Ended today at – 16,936

Total word count for today – 606

And the revelations keep comin

Verrick’s finding out truths that are turning his world upside down. I didn’t expect any of this to be revealed or that it would go this route. I’m curious to find out what he’ll do with this information because it’s world-changing. His entire childhood, his entire life? It’s been flipped about.

It was a pretty intense day today though. We got to see Verrick in action! lol

Preeeeetttyyyyyy rose. Featured image is one of the roses from my mom’s garden.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 15,042

Ended today at – 16,330

Total word count for today – 1,288

Final read going well so far.

Finished Mila’s blanket this afternoon. Here are some pictures of it. I’m currently washing it so she can use it tonight. The pictures don’t look as fluffy because it’s pre-wash. I ended up doing a simple shell border (made from 5 dc). I ended up with just over 12 inches left of that gray.

Instead of doing 8 x 8 (this is a reversible quilt so it looks exactly the same on the reverse) I ended up cutting off two rows. So now it’s 6 rows by 8 squares. The remaining 16 squares I’m going to make into a smaller blanket for Cheyenne perhaps. (One of the Shih Tzus.)

This is all made with Caron Simply Soft yarn. The colors are Heather Gray and Victorian Rose, as well as White.

Final read of Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition is doing good. So far on schedule.

War of Lycaens coverToday’s word count for War of the Lycaens

Started today at – 13,565

Ended today at – 15,042

Total word count for today – 1,477