Next book and schedule – community subscriptions!

Few things to cover. My new schedule for how I'll be posting, where to find me active, and that sort of thing. The new book I'm working on is linked at the bottom. I've been doing a lot of thinking on where my energy is placed. When I last sent out my newsletter, I asked …


Old shirt into dog bed

I decided to turn this old shirt of my brother's (doesn't fit) into a dog bed for our littlest. The color matched well with my bedspread I have. Also, I wanted to make a smaller bed for our littlest, Lucy (9lbs). The one I've shown on socials was a bigger one that I used for …

Uber behind with blogging

Much of it is feeling a lack within. We haven’t given ourselves enough self love that when we need to find it to soothe, there’s nothing there to grab from.