Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void

I started to write Guardians of The Void on August 24, 2020. I am nearing the end of it. Not because I’ve been writing faster, truthfully. Just been having some really good writing days so that I’ve been able to get in over 2K words. Maybe it is a tiny speed up. It hit meContinue reading “Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void”

Fury of a Queen Chapter One

Author Note – The paperback has been submitted for release, so it should be available in the next week if approved. I just uploaded it to Smashwords, and the other retailers should have it up as well. Manually check if it isn’t listed on the main page – “My Queen, there’s something at Inferno youContinue reading “Fury of a Queen Chapter One”

New post up on DMDU

Conversation up on Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. A conversation between Julian and Kat. For those who wish to avoid spoilers this is best read between Dark Illusions and Dynasty of Moirae series. Kat was on her way past Julian’s office when the door opened. “Will you come in here for a moment?” He tookContinue reading “New post up on DMDU”

May be changing the title

The more I write in Guardians of The Void, the more other words for Guardians are popping into mind. I keep thinking about Keepers. The meanings behind the words are a big deal to me so Guardians works, but Watchers or Keepers keeps coming to mind every time I go to use the hashtag and/orContinue reading “May be changing the title”

Using every spare minute I can find

I am writing these blogs whenever I can find a minute here and there. People have asked how I find time to write daily, or when they have a FT job, or kids, on and on. So I am currently the advice I always give – find every spare minute you can. That. That isContinue reading “Using every spare minute I can find”

Louis is the epitome of

Those guys. This may offend folks with discussing this, or it may straight up make them wanna go on the defensive, but others will nod and go yup. I know him. I know that guy. Note – please do remember this is a fictional character I’m speaking on. Most of my blogs are about myContinue reading “Louis is the epitome of”

On final read through

“Technically” I started the final read through with Fury of a Queen last Friday, but since I only did a few pages, it’s a waste to consider that as a start. Working on the paper form of War of the Lycaen, and having this as a final series, I am trying to go back andContinue reading “On final read through”

Random exercise – author at play

AUTHOR AT PLAY – Practice, exercise or play. I take an image and I simply write the words that come. No editing, no care in the world. Enjoy, continue it if you like, but please do not critique. /////////////////////// The land lay before them. As far as the eye could see. They stood at aContinue reading “Random exercise – author at play”

All DMDU Chapters are up

At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sentContinue reading “All DMDU Chapters are up”

DMDU site is up and running

If you’ve missed the notices I’ve posted on social media, or other then I am also going to post this here. I have all the first chapters ready to publish from the world so those will slowly trickle out in the next month or so. Probably do one every few days. They’re already up onContinue reading “DMDU site is up and running”

Two different companies, two different proofs

Thought I would take pictures and show the differences in the companies, for anyone thinking of doing POD (Print on Demand), if they use Amazon for print books (they implement the company that CreateSpace used to use from what I’ve read – if they’ve updated that, lemme know), or Draft2Digital. I haven’t used Draft2Digital before,Continue reading “Two different companies, two different proofs”

Prepping myself for the next book

Today, maybe tomorrow too, depending on how long it takes me to write up the notes, I am prepping to start my next project. I appreciate those who offered their thoughts on the title over on Facebook and my other social platforms. And those who helped me narrow down. The final title got a littleContinue reading “Prepping myself for the next book”

Finished Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern

I finished writing Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern last Friday. So this is the week that I decide what I want to write next, outline it, and try to stir up ideas on where the story can go, what I would like to see, characters, etc. The one I’m working on now, I posted a pollContinue reading “Finished Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern”

I thought I would bring attention to something

I just noticed this. I keep a close eye on my newsletter subscribers because I don’t want people on there who don’t interact. Many people have been signing up through WordPress (here), and I was concerned they didn’t realize that they were signing up for my newsletter. When it clearly states that it is forContinue reading “I thought I would bring attention to something”

Birth of a Princess – Chapter One

Kylarra woke exhausted, worn out, beyond depleted. She lay in bed, staring at the rafters of the home she’d grown up in all her life. Her entire existence . . . it was built up in her mind. Were they all lies? Out of nowhere, she remembered the conversation she’d shared with Mila when thatContinue reading “Birth of a Princess – Chapter One”