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Below is everything regardless of status. Put in order of world, series, individual stories, shorts, compilations.

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Dark Illusions series

Enchanting the Moon series

Don’t Go Far – released – November 2015

Witness to the Moon – released – June 2017

Claiming the Enchantress – released – September 2019

Dynasty of Moirae series

Blood By Night – re-released November 2019

Law of the Beast – released April 2020

Birth of a Princess – released – July 14, 2020

Eternal Souls Universe series
(All creatures)

Fury of a Queen – released – October 26, 2020

Discovery of an Enchantress – released – December 23, 2020

War of the Lycaen  – released – March 27, 2021

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe short stories
(All creatures)

Property of the Pack – released April 16, 2021

DoXr – released – August 2019

Osveta – Sean – released – August 2019
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Main story arc

Book 1 – Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands – not yet released

Book 2 – Thælora & The Old Mage – not yet released

Book 3 – Pitosakiry – Drakkol Dangers – not yet released

Short stories in the world

A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew – released August 10, 2021

Main story arc

Hope of the Future – released – March 2015

Daughter of the Red Planet– released July 2016

Ancient Scars – released – November 2016

Under Empty Stars – released Nov 1, 2017

Creations of the Galaxy – released July 25, 2022

Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III– released March 23, 2023

Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice – released – May 1, 2017

Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood– released – August 1, 2017

Cessation – released – February 1, 2017

Mitosis – released – December 2019

Scorched Silence – not yet released

Charred Wings – not yet released

Stand Alone Novels

Anora – released November 2017

Time of the Chosen – June 22, 2021

Discovery & Deception – not yet released

Savage Lands – released July 18, 2021

Guardians of the Void– not yet released

Stand Alone Novella & Novelette

Immortal Separation – released – November 2014

Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern – released – May 23, 2023

In the Library – released December 19, 2019

Stand Alone Short Story

Trust Your Instincts – released January 2016

The River – released November 2021

3AM – released November 2021

At Night They Come – released November 2021

Her Soul’s Destiny – released November 2021

Story of Her Career – released November 2021

Silent Night – released November 2021

The Prison Yard – released November 2021

The Boy with The Lighter – released November 2021

Neighborhood Cleanse – released November 2021

Family – released November 2021

Caught In The Dark – released November 2021

Don’t Answer the Door – released November 2021


Into The Midst released – 2017

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