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1Raised just outside Seattle, WA, Kim Iverson spends her days fighting bad guys, banishing evil, and creating female characters who show deep strength and love fiercely. Leather optional. In her spare time she wrangles goblins, gardens, and loves to cook or crochet.

Her influences are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, George R.R. Martin, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, James Patterson, Michael Crichton, Anne Rice, and Keri Arthur to name a few.

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Here’s my story.

Personal Bio


I’ll add more as I go. Find Q&A at the bottom of the page.


l (3)
The most awesome grandfather in the world, Adolph.

I grew up climbing trees, helping to build forts, visiting the ocean, exploring Washington with my family, and every last fun place my father dragged us to every weekend. I also spent my time trying my best to find that secret closet that led to Narnia. Point of fact: no that doorway did not exist in my own closet, but I did find the doorway in my  mind that led me to fantasize about the inconceivable.

The fort my brother and I made. Not even that tree still stands, which is sad. I used to think jumping from that porch and climbing to the top of trees like that, the funnest thing in the world.
The fort my brother and I made. Not even that tree still stands, which is sad. I used to think jumping from that porch and climbing to the top of trees like that, the funnest thing in the world.

Helping my father build items around the house gave me the hardworking dedicated attitude that taught me to strive for the best work no matter how much effort and time it takes. My dad used to tell me, you can do anything you want, and with his unconditional support, I learned that just because I was a girl, it didn’t mean I couldn’t give the boys a run for their money.

I think my dad secretly enjoyed when I could best one of them since I was “daddy’s girl” and it showed him that I lived up to his beliefs. Though with my dad, he loved unconditionally so I know he still would have been proud of me no matter what I did. He wanted me to learn that I possessed the intelligence to rule the world if I chose, but that meant nothing if I wasn’t kind and respectful to those who helped me, or who surrounded me.

My brother and I, with Cassie the Shih Tzu between us, down at Long Beach, WA.
My brother and I, with Cassie the Shih Tzu between us, down at Long Beach, WA.

I used to chase my older brother and his friends around so I could hang with the boys and do all the fun stuff they did, which taught me to be resilient and a bit feisty as well. Because my older brother wanted to be a cop all his life, I grew up reading through his police prep manuals, playing his detective and military games, and learning to read all the basic cues of human language through their bodies, and what they didn’t say. Most of my life experiences gave me the drive to learn psychology for fun, versus skill. I enjoy learning everything I can get my hands on, but love science and quantum . . . well everything, quite a lot.

I have read all the horror stories and thrillers that I could get my hands on, as well as Fantasy and Science Fiction. I love to watch Science Fiction and Fantasy movies among other things. Action is my first love, so is horror. I need a movie with explosions or a movie that leaves me with the feeling I am powerful and can do anything, I can go slay a dragon right this second! That is how I know a good movie when I watch one. Love Harry Potter and LOTR, Game of Thrones, and all those epic series movies because of that.

The odd romance would keep my attention, same with the odd romance movie. It was rare that I wasn’t reading something.10150130360857053


Through sheer grit and determination to achieve a career I loved, and through blood, sweat, and tears–sometimes literally–I fought from the ground up when tragedy struck me to do everything in my power to write and publish books on my own. Every moment that isn’t spent writing, or editing, I take courses on how to better my writing and storytelling, and I hope that I inspire others to pursue their own career (or love).

Tragedy pulled me (and the first of many stalkers) from my Junior High before I made it halfway through 7th grade so through home schooling, not only did I get my High School diploma with high honors, but I also took courses that earned me credits in Psychology, Interior Decorating, Business Math, Catering/Gourmet Cooking, and Accounting/Bookeeping. Then I took a Psychology course a few years later.

10150140538257053In my off-time I love to cook (learned from my Southern mother and my Norwegian father’s mother), garden and play with my  dogs, cat, or parakeet, Khaleesi.

I am the author of: Dark Illusions: The Beginning, Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter, Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter, Immortal Separation, Hope of the Future, Don’t Go Far, The Shadow Files, and Always Consequences with more in the works including a Sorceress Series that I hope will do me proud. I wrote a book some years ago called Dragon’s Dawn as well, but since removed it from publication because I realized that it just wasn’t ready for the public eye.

In June of 2015 I decided that I would no longer write under Ariana Browning, and stick with my own name. I no longer wanted what I did when I started with Ariana Browning. I’ve made mistakes, but as I go I learn more, and I don’t intend to stop. I will keep going as long as I can. I have many books still waiting to be edited, many more to come, and if you want to stay up to date with me, you’re welcome to join my newsletter. I welcome messages and comments, and you’ll find I’m reserved, but just the girl next door.



The social sites online where you can find me most active: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | My Forum

Some of my favorite reviews I have received that have meant the most to me:

You inspired me. The world needs more people like you.
Yellow Hook Neckties

I always enjoyed your Facebook status prompt thingeys. I know your intelligence, heart, and brilliant observances will take you as far as you want to go, and you’ll continue to inspire many people on your way. You are very gifted, and a wonderful human being.
Ange Baker – Writing Consultant

You’re a fun person, with good insights, and a little off-beat. Good combo.
Butch Blackburn

You will go far, my friend – because you refuse to do otherwise.
JMark Afghans, etc.

Frequently asked questions. Feel free to post one below!


What genre do you write?

I’m not a genre writer, as much as a theme writer. The most common themes for all my books are: 1) There is more than meets the eye. 2) You only lose if you don’t keep trying. 3) No matter how many times you’re knocked down, get back up.

Still, here is an idea of genres I can be placed in: Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Speculative Fiction, Psychological, Paranormal, Supernatural, Dash of Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Now that is a toughie, isn’t it? I don’t think I even knew that I wanted to be a writer until I got older and really started to do it. Crazy, right? No kidding though. I remember reading those couple of books that made me want to do the same thing, but I didn’t actually pursue the idea as anything more than a joke until I read one of Keri Arthur books. Then I said to self, “Self, I can do this!” Okay I thought it. The more I got into the writing though, the more that I really felt that for me, it was right. I wasn’t the one who grew up wanting to be a writer. It was something that simply happened.

What book should I start with?

I would suggest starting with Hope of the Future because it’s not one of my earliest works. Right this moment (June 2015) there is only one more story for me to publish that is part of my early writing. So needless to say, they are not the “best” of the best for me. They are great stories, but the writing itself could be better. With Hope of the Future however, since it was a later work, it’s going to be much better. Not to mention it is a great story! It’s a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Thriller/Post Apocalyptic style of read. Lots of fun stuff inside the novel. It’s also one my longest work to date.

Can I contact you about writing/advice/help/error I found in book/insert whatever reason you have here?

Absolutely! Just use the contact form up there in the navigation bar at any time, or click here. I love to chat with you. You can also start a post in the Forum at any time. Don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Why did you stop using Ariana Browning/A.H. Browne?

This post here will answer better than I can – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/doing-something-that-scares-the-living-hell-outta-me/


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