I’ve gone through this About Me page many a time. Changed the way I wrote it, changed the tense, the POV I wrote from, and now after five years into this sometimes crazy (always a blessing) world of writing and self-publishing, I’m doing it my way. My books and author pages may take time to update. I’m gonna try my best to.

I’m writing this no longer as a writer on a pedestal far away from you and untouchable, but from to the girl next door who says, “hi,” to you every day. Not from “a professional” standpoint, but from the neighbor next door who offers who a smile and asks how your day is going. And if people don’t like it? Well, that is just fine by me. I don’t know about you, but people have been trying to get me to please them and live my life for them since I was born. You know when I became happy? When I did what made me happy. And who says I have to follow a particular method? I’m wearing my tank top and jeans, boots, and writing books I love to read, you love to read, and surrounded by dogs. Don’t know about you, but that is a pretty great day.

Here’s the quick rundown from the bio I’m slowly updating sites with (which I may change all over again next year as I’m constantly changing things up) – 

Christmas morning 2019

The biggest hope Kim has for her work is that her books provide you the same escape reading provided her as a child. A moment away from the world she faced. A new world to explore, people to learn about, pretend to be. She wants to know that her books have provided that moment to get away, even if for a time, and that they brought as much joy to her readers as they did for her in writing them.

Writing wasn’t her dream, but it became a passion she was probably always meant for. If you enjoy reading, she tries to also (at times) dissect the work and use them as inspiration for her own life, as well as your own, in blog posts over on her site. She’s always open and inviting of discussions, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Writers always enjoy hearing from their readers.

Her influences are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, George R.R. Martin, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, James Patterson, Michael Crichton, Anne Rice, and Keri Arthur to name a few.

If you enjoy her book(s), consider leaving a review. Word-of-mouth is crucial to any author’s success and it helps more fans like you to find stories they love.

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So who am I? Well, this is the longer version, the realest me you’ll get.

The above accurately reflects exactly that. When I’m not lost in my head, I smile at people and say hello. I ask how their day is going. Even random strangers at the supermarket. If I look you in the eye, you’re going to be acknowledged. If that’s not something you want, I’ll sense that, and I’ll let you go on your way with nothing more than a smile. But if you’re open to me? I’m going to talk to you.

I am a work in progress. 

As are the rest of us. I try to see the good in people. I believe in true love. In soul mates. And I feel intensely and deeply when I love someone. I’m fascinated by abilities of the human mind, of how we are all energy based creatures and science. I love psychology and studying human behavior.

When I was a child 

I was always on the move. I was independent even then and a wild flower. I didn’t fit in anymore than I fit in now. I used to climb to the tops of trees all by myself, then all the way back down like a little monkey. Rarely did I get found out – I would’ve gotten my butt whacked!

Used to also play by myself and make mud pies to throw at things – yes, this was called entertainment. Or I’d play sports with my brother and his friends, ride my bike, sit behind a chair by myself and play LIFE.

I call myself a wild woman sometimes and people misinterpret that as wild in the “party” girl sense, but I couldn’t be that if I tried. The home for me, is where my heart is, where I come alive, what I take pride in. I know from experience. I’ve never drank, done drugs, smoked, and barely ever touched prescription meds (I’m hyper sensitive to side effects – yes, I’m that open and transparent get used to it if you’re around me). But I have tried to go out late at night, keep up with friends, and no. I can’t. But put me in a forest and I can go away for a long, long time. Being happier and more refreshed simply from wandering through nature. I can sit

along the shore of an ocean and simply listen to the waves, feel the wind on my face, and smell the fresh algae scent as it washes over me. And I’ll be happier than ever. Nature is my home. Silence is beautiful to me. Peace and simplicity are my drugs.

I had a father (the most amazing man I’ve ever known) who taught me what

love from a man was like so with his stability and acceptance, I also learned that it was okay to be myself. My mother with her southern roots, fought hard to teach me to be a lady, and to act “proper” because “one day you’ll marry a rich man and need to know how to act,” which I think reflects most southern mothers. Sadly as hard as I fought to be a tomboy, the lady-like manners, grace, and classiness got in there. I had a brother who raised me around his friends and taught me to relate to men in a different way. That they weren’t some mystical creature, but just like me (sometimes far more gross, granted.)

As a teen and before I hit 30

there was a neighbor next door who described me probably with the best description I’ve ever heard. Something that really stuck with me.

When speaking about why he thought I was beautiful, he said, “You’re always smiling and laughing.” That doesn’t reflect the life I’ve lived. In truth, I’ve had a very difficult one. Been through so much heartache and pain that for many, many, many years I didn’t believe in a future. I’ve never planned for one. For a few years in my gut I believed being a wife and mother would be the greatest  thing on earth, but that drifted off into a land of pain, and into what everyone else wanted for me. To follow the path of what all around me spoke of that I should be. To be the “career woman,” because anything else would make me less than. As if wanting to be a wife and find a man to pour my love into made me wrong, it took something away, instead of giving back. In truth, I believe those who find their person, find their best selves come out. As I’m learning.

Most of those same people would probably still find my decisions wrong so I’ve learned to go it alone, do what I want, not what others want. To do what brings ME joy, and to be happy. But to the point before, I believe being a mom IS one of the hardest jobs on the planet, if not THE hardest. And being intelligent enough to know her options available and still choose that path? Makes women stronger and more intelligent than most give them credit for. It’s not easy.

I’ve suffered through depression, through wanting to give up, through many points in my world where I had my share of suffering, but on the outside and to the world, I tried to find the positives. Or at least laugh and smile. Not always. I also went through a period of anger. Anger at my life, at who I was, at so many things and reasons. Some my control, some not, but anger was there. And I learned it was a disease. I gained weight, I got depressed, suicidal, and overall hate filled me.

After 30

I found myself. Now, I can’t be all special like and tell you a lie. Much of “myself” was found in the last year of my life. This is 2018 currently. Maybe even the past two years I’ve truly learned who I may be, though that is still growing. I think I’ll be reflecting on this in another few years, as I usually do. Someone once called me a Phoenix. That can also reflect who I am. Mother can, as I tend to embrace and offer the unconditional love to anyone who comes near. Healer as well. So many have said that talking to me healed something in them. That when they talked to me, I said exactly what they needed to hear at the time. I’ve been called many things. Most good (kind, quirky, funny, sweet, generous, loving), some not so good (those I won’t repeat), but I try to be good. I try to bring happiness to others.

I know what pain is like. As an empath, I feel deeply, my emotions are intense, and can consume me, but instead of being as reactive as I once was, I’ve learned more self-control (still working on it) and to use that for good.  For looking at a situation from the other side. There are times I come across as a people pleaser, but I’ve also learned balance. I will give completely until I feel it’s not being returned enough for me, or being taken for granted. And then I’ll pull back. I am a giver by nature.

What else do I like?

Many of the characters I write about experience visions as well, and yes, that too . . . is me. I receive them in dreams, in flashes of temperature, in odd moments of clarity. I’m also open to nearly everything existing, while also being discerning and not allowing it to go too far. By nature I love psychology and science, but by contrast I also love taking care of the home and cooking, or tending to loved ones and my pets. Or the garden. Occasionally clothes and makeup also get in there.

Since I was a child I was interested in archeology and dinosaurs. Space and what can exist out there. Staring up at a starry sky late on a Summer evening is peaceful and I love it. Sitting next to a crackling fire while outside the window snow falls gently in soft bits of cotton candy and the quiet/stillness that comes with it, I love. I adore how snow smells. The smell of walking into Home Depot and being assaulted by fresh cut lumber. Or the scent of a freshly mowed lawn in the Summer. I love the colors and renewal of Spring. That first hint of warmth. I love the innocence and whole-heartedness of a child’s laugh – especially little boys getting into trouble. Or sitting by and listening to them playing their games. Watching men work on vehicles, or working with their hands in general can suck me in like nothing else as I used to love watching my dad work on his vehicles.

I love to sit and watch QVC on the weekends during the Fall and Winter time for their segments on the holidays, seeing the beautiful decorations, the joy, the spirit of Christmas they spread (my favs are In the Kitchen with Dave, and Kerstin Lindquist). I absolutely LOVE the holiday season, Christmas, and all the beautiful decorations, love, spirit, joy, everything about it.

I love to cuddle with my dogs and have animals surround me.

I welcome you to my little part of the world

and can’t wait to get to know you too. Imagine a country porch and me sitting outside offering you a glass of iced tea. Come by, hang out, and just enjoy the sunshine with me.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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