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Writing Updates for May 2023

I’ll be sharing a video here if you’d rather watch, than read. But I will also be writing this up in case you’d rather read, than watch. This is not a word by word thing. I am writing this up after I film the video, and the video is of course, edited. Also, cross posting this between my website ( and my Substack ( I started with that domain for Substack, and may keep it, but may not. Undecided, not thinking on it right now.

Video for this if you’d like to listen versus read –

Here we go.

I believe I’ve figured out how to handle a main site that can be used for my multiple different worlds.

My issues with that has been that I currently have 3 big worlds. One, is my paranormal romance/dark fantasy Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world (, another is my Sci-Fi, Fantasy, with a bit of Horror based world The Guardian of Life (, and now I am creating the [adult] fantasy adventure Sorceress world Chronicles of the Sorceress Maeve – Fortunes of Magic (

I have plenty more, and like on this site, I don’t just blog here. I also personally blog elsewhere, and I have my socials, and Discord (public access only – too. Now, I did create a page on my site ( so that if people wanted to find my socials, or what I’m currently favoring like what I listen to and the like, they can refer back to it. I try to update it so that only my sites, and active sites, are there. So if it’s not there, I’m not using it, or it’s not my account.

The problem, as you can see, is that I’m individually linking everything. So need a one site not just for something like the link cave. A place I could easily have everyone sent to. I was going to use my kimberlysueiverson, but to move that domain to somewhere else would break all the links I’ve built up since I’ve had it – and if you’ve ever had to move anything? Omg. I can’t tell you how nearly impossible it is to do on your own.

SO I think – still just thinking about it – I have figured out how I will do it. I thoroughly consider everything that I do as things may come of that, and I need time to consider what would come of using it, if it works, how it works, but I think I may have settled on a plan forward for all of that. If so, you will see it in time.

In time, if you’re an author as well, who’d like to have me read a chapter of your work on my YouTube channel (or a short), whichever/whatever. Or, you have a good story to tell in general and this isn’t strictly for authors.

Then in time, I hope to read those on my YouTube channel (, but as I’m still figuring things out, and learning how to change tone, voice fluctuations, and the like, this is something that for now I’m not taking requests for. Just going to keep mentioning this so that if it’s your first time, then you’re seeing this – keep watching/reading, as that will come in time.

If you’re not a YouTube/video person let me tell you how it’s not as easy as it may appear to read a story really well. More so, if like moi, you are SO not entirely comfortable in front of a camera, or with attention on you.

I recently logged back into Goodreads, and was able to merge the two Kim profiles.

That would be the Kim Iverson version of my name, and the Kimberly Sue Iverson ( I also made a clear note in the bio that I go only under Kimberly Sue Iverson now so if people are struggling to find my work, that is the name to search for. Also discovered that there are many different variations that are NOT me, so my quest to be separate from other Kims is still ongoing, lol.

Mostly I’ve done better since putting my full name on work fortunately, but I was still being tagged on my old Twitter for yet another Kimberly (hers was Kimberley) so changed that username, and then left it as it’s been tagged from so many that weren’t me, I got fed up, and left it. Then used an old Twitter I had for a pen name to rebuild it for my new one. So if you’re there, and do want to follow the only Twitter I DO use ( that would be the one I am active on.

It’s highly interesting to see the difference when you’re seen versus using a profile that was buried so much because people always thought it was another Kim who social sites WERE burying. It’s why I’d changed to the full name on work. I took a good year of thinking on it, and considering options, before finally I was going you know what? I’m done fighting this endless battle.

Many may think it was all in my head, but at the height of a Kim I was being compared with, and her talking out against stuff that was a no no too, and her accounts being buried – that was when mine were. That was when I was having the most trouble with one particular retailer site, and many socials.

Do I need to have others telling me all the hopping from pen name to pen name was wrong? Or a stupid mistake? Of course not. Was it a stupid mistake? A risk? Yes and no. But at the same time (I’ll go into this in another post), I don’t regret it, as much as I do have moments where I do. I just am one who has to do things for myself, and though I’ve done it, and face the consequences, I don’t hide it. I don’t try to bury it. I am open about it, I own up to it, and I am dealing with it. But it led me to using my full name on the work, and I’m glad of that because I do like using my full name on my work.

So all roads lead us to where we should be in the end. Some are just harder, some have more struggles to overcome, and some take longer.

So I tentatively say that I will be more active on Goodreads, and you’re able to keep track of what I am reading if you like. I do have some questions already up there that I’ve answered, but feel free to send some my way if you like.

I found a great way to read on the Kindle for my fellow joint pain sufferers.

I struggle a lot with join pain and stiffness. These days I can’t work at a desk, so I work on my bed, and often with a heated blanket on. Well, as much as I love reading physical books, that’s hard on my joints. More so when exhausted at night, and I’m barely holding on.

I discovered that I could put my Kindle into landscape mode (I have a cover that creates a V for the kindle to sit against), and then use one of those wired earbuds with the volume button to change pages. It keeps me from having to hold the Kindle, or reach for it. I’ve never been a fan (have you?) of digital books just because I read them so much for my editing, but this has been helping me a lot. I simply hold the volume controller in my hand, and set the buds aside, then I can “flip” the pages of the book with just a tap of the button. Versus reaching and irritating my already irritated shoulders, arms, and wrists.

I try to baby my hands and wrists a lot so that when I can write – I can write without pain as much as possible. So this has been a lifesaver!

You can also find some of the old work I pulled on Goodreads.

When I began, I began under A.H. Browne, and that’s part of what made me quit being so active. I got fed up with some of the librarians constantly altering work when I would separate it from mine because it was not mine, and there was a huge thing going on with them purposely doing that to authors and laughing about it because they assumed authors were trying to hide stuff, or whatever. There was just a point where I got so frustrated with the whole of it, and seeing I have zero control, I backed away for my own mental sanity.

But, there are still some books that you can see I had up, but have since pulled. Probably will end up rewriting, retitling, and recovering in time like Always Consequences, since it’s a little more erotica based, and the subject theme was sort of a light BDSM so it didn’t fit with my theme/work that I have now. One book versus over 53+ so yeah. I figured I would with that one, and maybe with others, end up putting it out under a name strictly for erotica on that rare occasion that I do them. As they are fun for me. Though my themes in erotica also verge on a bit different.

Which means that I will end up adding a board in Discord just for that name

Because I want to allow people to discuss it with me, but also don’t want the public to be freely, and fully accessing that name. And for a future note – if you’re in that Discord, and do end up discovering it I do ask that you respect my wish to keep it private, and not say THIS IS HER. I’ve had enough stalkers in my life – lost count – and plenty of weird messages just from my vampire/werewolf stories. I don’t need more. lol

My public discord can be accessed here – but to access the private boards where I discuss my work, you have to sign up for a tier on Ko-Fi ( or Patreon ( I will probably be turning it into a community soon so you can get those memberships directly through Discord too. My Substack ( will more than likely also have a lot of those posts in case someone prefers the Sub versus Discord, but if you’ve never tried Discord out, give it a go. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help, we’ve all been newbies. I also tried to make a bit of help/instructions in there to help you to start. And add as I think of things.

If I post that book talk on Substack, I am obviously going to put it behind a paywall too. Because for so long, I’ve given away so much of that stuff for free, and what have I received in return? I used to think it’d help market my work, but I make so little these days that it affects me mentally after that goes on for a long time. So I’m not going to be giving away my time that ease anymore. Also a lot of book talk has potential spoilers, or information that shouldn’t be freely handed out.

I will also probably begin to psycho-analyze my characters again, but in Discord (or also potentially on here behind paywall- see above reasons).

I’m not yet sure how to work best with that, but I used to really enjoy doing so, and it’s just one of those breaks from writing the story that I get. And just enjoy. I love psychology and philosophy so it’s a joy to dive into stuff my characters do, and why, more so as I write.

Speaking of Discord and tiers

I created a new tier on Ko-Fi/Patreon, which is a limited to 100 members tier. First come, first serve to lock in a lifetime price of only $1/month. EA – Everlasting tier. This tier is not even created yet, but will be a tier where people can even get coaching, lessons, and one on one time with me later on to help with their work. It will be the highest tier I ever offer, but has all the benefits of the other tiers too.

Which means free ebooks as long as you’re a member, name in the back of my work, and so much more! Just check out Ko-Fi ( or Patreon ( for more information. That VERY first tier is what you wanna pay attention to. If you have questions, if I haven’t been clear, let me know.

*please note I don’t ever intend to raise the cost of that tier, BUT if by slim chance the sites say I won’t make money unless I raise the cost, then I might. I’d let you know, and keep you up to date on that.

Over time, as I build up the community who is active around me, I will also offer that tier as a free membership reward to someone here and there to give back. More so if someone is financially struggling, and can’t handle even $12/yr, or don’t get a chance to get on that tier.

I released Property of the Pack, and Treasures Discovered in the Forest wide recently

These are two shorts in the DMDU world. They run a bit more on the erotica side. They’ve been in KDP select for over a few months so now I’ve released them wide (Property of the Pack is a bit longer than a short).

Page links if you’d like to check them out:

  1. Property of the Pack
  2. Treasures Discovered in the Forest

I also was able to release the short horrors that I had in KDP Select too. I’m going off memory – may not be accurate. May miss some, or have the wrong ones in mind that were.

  1. At Night They Come
  2. Don’t Answer the Door
  3. The Boy with the Lighter
  4. Story of Her Career
  5. 3AM
  6. Caught in the Dark
  7. Family

I finished Book 2 in the Sorceress world, so started Book 3, and am gonna write up the outline soon.

Recently I got near the end of book 2 (, and came across a scene that I decided to pop over to book 3 ( to start. I went more into details here on the paid membership post for Ko-Fi – – and it’s in my Discord too. Again, behind paid tier because extra information.

What I did go into in my video update though, is for those new, what I’m doing with this world is to outline the first edition that I wrote up (this was never published, hence I keep saying just “rewrite” of it) since I never had one to begin with. Then I jot stuff down as I outline the ideas for scenes, and use that to guide me as I write. Then I write the book, and write another outline after. Since this is a new telling of the story, and I don’t use everything from the old, nor do I follow the path of the old.

And for those thinking I write super factual line by line outlines of all, or even one sentence per scene (bless those who can work that way! I’m envious but brain doesn’t work that way), my outlines literally just look like a bullet list of scene thoughts. Then I may bullet list off of that if something comes to mind, and again until I’ve purged all thoughts, questions, etc.

Then I move onto the next main bullet point. Sometimes I can just do a few sentences. Other times I can do a paragraph. No telling.

You’re asking why go to all this effort, because that sounds like a lot of hard work? Well one, if you know me, I don’t mind hard work. But two, this world is so vast, and has so much information to keep track of that I want to ensure I am keeping track of it. And an outline of 30-60 pages is way easier to peruse when needed, than a few 400 page books.

I may have to pause writing Book 3 too when I get finished with the outline for book 2 that I’m following because then the outline won’t be up to date. I have to write up the outline for after writing book 2, before I can write up the outline for book 3 to use. If now I keep pushing the information back then I may yet end up with that 6th book. The original write was 5 books, but that last book immature writer Kim shortcut a lot of stuff, and did some random TADA things that didn’t logically fit because she got bored of continuing to still write in this world. So, that too is another that may push the work longer this round.

As I’ve stated on my Twitter too, the story is still going strong, and I feel like I’ve only just begun to write the meat of it, so that’s a good thing. In other worlds this vast, I’ve written books in between others so that I could have a mental break. This one hasn’t needed that yet so hopefully that will continue. I could potentially write this one all the way to the end if I keep feeling this way.

Got the paperbacks done for Anora and Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III done

Was about to get Anora( back in physical print. I maintained a lot of the design stuff that I enjoyed in the first book. You can find a post to see pictures of what I mean here if you like.

Anora paperback

I also got the Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III ( paperback up in print. You can see the images here – If you’re reading this on Substack, the posts can also be found there.

Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III paperback

The reason I had to step back and work again on the Sofrir paperback – this is how picky I am – is because my outside margins? Were a smidge too thin for my taste. I try to make the readability clean in the paperbacks because I have eye issues and know many who suffer too. So I don’t like too many words per page, don’t like them compressed, and don’t like margins too thin so there’s no room to hold the book. But now the paperback IS available.

I also try to add more graphics in the paperbacks, as well as a free short, or a scene in the back so that as I have to price a bit higher, then you get more for your buck. Right now some of the paperbacks have repeats of shorts in the background because I have so many books to publish, but not enough shorts to be unique in each right now. So bear that in mind.

The reason I also like how making the interior pretty is a nice touch is having seen how Sienna Frost does her interior. She has a full page spread across her pages for the start of all the chapters. It looks beautiful. You can see it on her Amazon page, and the book Obsidian: Awakening.

I am just linking her profile because if you haven’t read Obsidian, I highly recommend it. Such a great book. And bear in mind I am not easy to please. I read tons of books that are “good.” But rarely read anything that stands out. This is one. Her Siren’s too.

I think that is finally it! I do have more ASMR ambience videos to come for Sofrir first especially

So watch for those. I am planning a video for the warehouse store, for the laboratory in the cave, and one for when they are leaving the planet on the ship.

Next video on my YouTube ( to post will be the Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III chapter read.

And I will be posting an extra chapter just for the discord members/paid parts.

Okay. This was a LOT.

More soon!

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