Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Psycho-analyzing characters

I’m going to start psycho-analyzing (as time goes on, brain has to be there) my characters again, but I’m limiting it to my new Discord server that is based around my work alone. These will be posted in the book categories themselves, so only for the EA – Everlasting tier, The Associates, and the Everlasting (not yet created).

So why then do you see the EA – Everlasting tier if the same name says not created? EA stands for EARLY ACCESS. This is a special $1/month tier that will lock the first 100 subscribers/members to a LIFETIME price of only $1/month. Full access to my Discord, full access to anything I may add in later on, free ebooks and more (read all on the link). A special one-time chance to lock in that pricing for, as I said, the first 100 folks.

You can sign up at the above. And if you struggle financially, that’s okay! I know how that goes. Here and there randomly I will be giving out a chance to get on that role in my Discord, to the people most active in/on my social networks.

Please note – this will be a public server in time anyway so watch for that to pop up here and there (minus those special access boards mind you – they are for members only), so there really are no rules to it as I may not always be active so don’t expect you to. I am trying to be a few times a week though. My only rule is really the same as my normal community rules, which is to be courteous, civil, and remember not all think like you so understand that.

*for any y’all who do wanna pop in there now to join the public boards before I set it to a public community, ask for link, I’ll give it to you. I do have a bunch of public boards to play with/around/read. You just won’t get the full access.


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