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Coming to all

Coming soon to all the book pages. I am going to be recording the first chapter on all my work, to add to the official pages. I will be posting them over on my main YouTube channel –

I am starting with Anora since I have been discussing it a lot on many of the videos.

This isn’t going to be the only type of read I do, either.

As it says in the description box, I may eventually branch out (have to compile those who’d like their story read, etc.) to read other stories who’d like a chance to be read. Or, life stories in general. These are things that I would need permission for in case of issue with copyright from YouTube. Basically would need a written permission stating I am allowed to read the story on video for that channel one time, and that’s it.

But if you’d love a story read, contact me on my contact me page, or email me at and we can discuss it. Note – I have ZERO idea of when I’d have time to read stuff so these sorts of things would be much like I’m doing with most of my videos right now – as I can. I try to do the videos every Friday, or once a week at least, but as you see from this past video, I took 2 weeks. Just been in tons of pain and stiffness, which leaves me exhausted, and trying to get myself revved up for a video or working at all, can take a lot. Why I adjust a lot in videos. Begins to feel like my legs or back is being cut open and I have to adjust to get rid of the pain.

I am doing daily yoga and will most likely increase it to the weekends too because just taking Sat/Sun off from it can leave me struggling to move come Monday. Then it takes a day or two of it to get back to moving well. Fortunately I think taking an extra bit of MSM has been helping. I take a separate Glucosamine (Schiff) and MSM (whatever is cheapest for same mg and amount of pills, no preference). I was concerned upping the MSM might cause stomach issues as some may struggle with, but so far so good. So I can adjust each, and not rely only on raising both at once. I also have aspercreme with lidocaine (a rolling type with lavender which smells SO nice – real lavender) and another aspercreme rub that I switch between. This is not medical advice, simply what works for me – don’t take the information on what I use as advice – do your own research because we’re all different.

The worst one is the arm. I think I tore my bicep muscle on top of overstressing my elbow and shoulder so it’s been a struggle to sleep. The pain wakes me so it’s spotty sleep I’ve been getting. Feels like finally after a month of all those things I’ve been feeling a bit better in the legs and right arm. Yoga being the biggest cure. It had gotten so bad I could barely lift a mug of tea sitting to my right with just my right arm. I’d pick it up, and then about halfway to putting it aside was about all I could reach to.

Can’t take CBD oil – I get side effects and it doesn’t do a thing. Can’t do fish oil. Also side effects. All the “normal” advice just doesn’t work for me. Which is what makes it a struggle. I quit using prescription meds for anything like that long ago because I began to suffer side effects. Even for natural products like the CBD oil, I can. Body just isn’t like other people. So been doing what I can, how I can, when I can. In between still taking care of my family and the dogs. Some days I was close to tears just trying to bend over and pick things up.

It’s still hard. Just not to the point of tears.

And on top of that, I think my writing is slowly getting back to the way it was. That urge to write. The focus. All of it. Been struggling worse than I’ve said – I downplay usually – for quite a while. But I’m hoping to post a more thorough update video over on YouTube soon. I changed that channel name to the name I’m using for a lot of stuff now online too. So don’t be confused. I won’t bother to use the last name on a lot of thing until I actually get a book OUT with the full name. Then I will. May still avoid using it at times. So watch for that, subscribe [on YouTube –] if interested. I still have quite a few fun things planned for the channel.

More to come. 💖

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