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Updates (video)

Okay my wonderful people, please excuse the slight grumpy bits that get in the video, lol. But I decided to finally get a video update posted around everything. It’s a more casual chat vibe so I could be more myself, and not rush through anything.

All the links you need are in the description box, and one thing I completely forgot to say/ask that I added in a comment was – if there is something that you would like me to cover, or you would like me to potentially address in an upcoming video, please lemme know! I can’t say when I’ll next film, but I can say I will try not to have it be as long between videos. More so if you don’t mind these more relaxed and exhausted girl videos. Why I finally am just filming raw, tired, and first thing in the morning. As you can tell by Mila dead in the background. I hadn’t noticed that until this morning. Looks like she died at the end. haha

Thank you so much for watching and I truly do appreciate all of you.

P.S. Sitting on Mila’s bed if you’re curious. Just easier to film there and you get cute dogs sleeping background.

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