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I started to input the edits from Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III paper to digital a few days ago. I’m on page 16. There’s a lot of changes I made. Maybe deeper into the book, it’ll lessen. I’ve found often lately that in the beginning of the stories, I change a lot.

I am also nearing the end (finally!) of the outline updating for Aesyloraden.

Now, again with Aesyloraden, I wanted to update the first outline for the first book. So I have been using the novel I finished writing to do so. That way if I included information in the first novel that wasn’t in the outline, it gets updated. So when I outline for the second novel to write, and I look at the first book’s outline, everything is correct. And I’m not suddenly calling something Bob when his name was John. Because when I’m done writing the world and see I’ve changed something? That’s a WHOLE lot to fix.

I’m just trying to be thorough and careful with each step in this process. I didn’t when I first wrote the world, which is why so many things went wrong.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t started to write the second book yet. I wanted to update the first outline. Then I can outline the second. And if I have to look at the first outline, I’m not without correct information.

That’s a lot to take in, and a lot to straighten out. Hopefully I am making sense.

More to come.

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