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About to start the next

Okay, I published Treasures Discovered in the Forest the other day on Kindle. Again, like with everything else, that will be up for 90 days, then I will release it wide. Gonna stick with this routine for over a year at least.

The day it will be up on KDP Select is about November 20th. I say about because I mean I don’t have the exact times of when I’ll release it, when the retailers will have it up. Usually Kindle moves fast for publishing a book, but this past time I guess CS was a bit behind or busy, because it took almost 12 hours or more to get the book to go live. And one of my reviews was a bit slow too. Which tells me they were behind or just weren’t getting to stuff as fast.

So that’s why I tend to be an “estimator” for everything. Things happen. None of us know from one day to the next what may happen with stuff. A system could crash. But, the 20th of November it will be up with the KDP Select dates, and I’ll try to immediately get it up on the rest of the retailers. The file is ready to go so on that, we don’t have to do a thing.

I may try to see if I can get a paperback of it up. With my shorts, I was looking at doing them with the smaller template so that the page requirement would be met. I wanna say it’s 35 pages minimum? Just gives the option then of a physical copy you can have.

Tomorrow I will

be starting to input the edits from Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III paper into digital. This is the 6th book in The Guardian of Life world. As I mentioned (I think) in a previous post. Mayyyy have been newsletter. One of the two. I said that this is going to be essentially carrying on the world. So on this planet, we find out who Anika Dinsmore is. Who the others around her are. And then at the end of the book we get a little hint of something where we find out – it’s connected to all previous people in this world.

Where Anika grows up? If you read Creations of the Galaxy, you will find out that where Prism is kept prisoner, and where Anika grows up? Have some interesting similarities. So that’s how this one ties in.

The end of this story isn’t the end, either. Just like all the rest. All these people I’m thinking may converge. Who will be the center point of convergence? Where all come to gather? Anyone’s guess. Right now I have a faint idea. No telling if it will play out.

We will all see.

More to come.

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