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Finished Book One

Yesterday I finished writing Book One in the Sorceress world. Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands. So I will now be outlining and plotting out the second. I was going to do it a few weeks ago and gut said just wait a minute. Then do it once I was done with the first. Because I may change how the first one ended. That was a very good instinct as usual because I did change some things up.

Now plotting out the second book, I will start off where that one ended, and outline from there. Including what I had from the first outline, and first write of the book. Yes. I just said I would be working with multiple versions of an outline to create a new one. Truthfully there will be more than even two because of the first time that I wrote the book/world. Can’t recall the year it was, but it’s been at least ten years I think?

Anyhoo, I will use that outline of the originally written book to write up another, and use what the new story has to create book two. That’s probably confusing as hell. Makes sense to my mind. Which isn’t saying much. It also sounds like it’s a lot of work and a lot of mess, but the outlines that I do are bullet point lists. Or they are just a few sentences paragraph. Much like this is written out. Just a few sentences to tell me what is to happen in the scene. Also I tend to always work hard. Will I stick to it like my life depended on it? Hell no. Lose my ever loving mind to do that.

I don’t constrain myself, and unless you’re good with following every single little rule and instruction possible for things, then I would suggest you not follow an outline to that degree. We all know there are those people who can. I am not one of them. Not at all.

I bullet point, or make a small paragraph and go from there. I don’t hold tight to every single little tiny letter of the outline. Allowing the characters to live their lives is more realistic anyway to me. So I’m more hybrid. I outline but more so pants it. I fly by the seat of my pants. Write into the dark. Have basically zippo zilch clue of where things will go, and where the characters will take me.

Many of you have already read this a million times. When I repeat this stuff, remember, it’s mostly for new people. Not everyone reads past blogs, articles, and the like. They live off of this instant. This blog. This word. It’s kinda silly, but also understandable. I rarely seek out past stuff these days either. Once upon a time though when I was a newer writer, and wanted to eat up every little morsel on writing, how to tell a good story, grammar, and got into my little obsessive phase of learning around there, I did. I would go to the author’s website and seek anything out that they mentioned on how they wrote. How to write. How to write good. On and on. I think it’s normal for newbies.

So in a way these repeats are for them too. Or if you just have a realllllyyyyy bad memory. My partner suffers from seizures, has had a concussion, and on. So their memory only ever really lasts a few days, twenty-four hours under severe stress. You name it. Some stuff goes in, some goes out. Never know what, or when. Both my elderly mother, and older brother, forget a lot of what I say too. I sometimes forget what I walked in a room for. Ahem. Not sometimes. Often.

So also for those reasons I repeat quite often. Hopefully not too bothersome for you, but eh if it is. Can’t help it. Also do it to sink it into my own mind. Ensure I’ve said it. I’d rather repeat than forget, or not say.

What else.

Mentioned the book two. Oh, I also have to create a cover for it, and title. I was thinking of calling it Erlangen to carry on the theme of using the names. Aesyloraden is the magical realm itself. Erlangen is a “city” inside of it. As well as Thellyne. Which then I thought of using. Thellyne – The Mage. Also an idea. Tell me what you think of breaking the rest down into “cities” that Maeve will end up frequenting, or if I should come up with something different. I can. Obviousssllyyy.

A Short Story

I mentioned in the last post – Yet another method – that I’d had ideas in my head thanks to CERN, and a lot of why I’ve had ideas percolating in my mind is because I’ve been thinking about one short story especially, regarding Stone, Jeremiah, Jack, and Ellie from The Guardian of Life world.

In another novel in the world, Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III, I mentioned at the very end of the book that the brothers who are flying the ship come across a radio station (spoiler! lol) and it’s a similar name to the same judicial system in the world itself (like a one planetary system world government, and then planets have their own, which answer to that one, etc). Which is if I recall correctly (literally read it the other night *hides face*) the A’nosi Prime Coalition Judicial System. Or the A’nosi Prime Judicial System. It’s something along those lines, haha.

Moving on.

So while thinking about how I might want to expand Hope of the Future, I suddenly had the idea of a short scene of life story. On how the radio station came to be. There’s no real reason for the scene to make it into a story. It can always be included later, but it’s such a small idea in my head, I was all . . . I could write it as just a thing to include. Oh, it hit me. I can put it in the back of the Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III book. My plan was to have it as an extra though. For free, or cheap download. Not sure. Right now I’m only really considering writing it, lol. Not after. But I do like the idea of having it at the end of Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

You read that correctly

I said expand Hope of the Future. How many times have I gone over it? Not a clue! But I’ve been re-reading the entire world, and when I read that one I went oh. Okay, a lot of these scenes are really short-changed. There could be way more information in them, and way more details included. So I plan to go through it, and try to expand it, so that it really ties into the rest of the world. I wrote Hope without the intention of having more in a world. But now that I have that entire world, I want to ensure she connects well to the rest because I am now getting the impression that the other two books are part of the ongoing story.

Creations of the Galaxy – the one I’m editing right now, and doing a final read through, fixing to send to editor & Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III – the one that comes next after Creations. These two stories aren’t separate. As I go through them, as I read through the other books in the world? I’m seeing an ongoing story. Which I like. Because, Stone. And now the Erland brothers. They’re in Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

Super tired. Brain slowing down. Hopefully I’m making sense. Feel free to ask me to clear up stuff. Always.

More soon.

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