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Powerful song

This song is just . . . powerful. Only I used it today for two characters to connect, not die off. lol (The imagery matches their looks too.) When their eyes lock and he ignites the magic within her that she’s been trying to discover, to learn, to use. And he realizes just what it was he’d been seeking in another. He sees her magic in the very world he’s been wanting to find.

So instead of, “this is what it looks like when two people decide that the love has died.”

It’d be more like, “this is what it looks like when two people realize they have found what’s been missing all their lives, but one of which steps back at the sheer power of how it feels while the other says – I will be here . . . when you’re ready, to step back.”

As I write that I realize in the next scene, it’s what she does. She steps back into him because something scares her, and there he is solid as a wall to protect her, even without her being ready for the acknowledgement of how she feels.

The Sorceress world book one – in case you’re curious where this scene will take place.

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