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Moving steadily along

Finally got my stories page all done and updated. That being the one here – Tried to simplify it as much as possible, but that is sort of an “index” of all the work I have written, that’s in edits, and that I have published so it needs to show everything. On mobile some of the auto sizing makes the covers not as uniform as I would like, but that’s partly the theme and WordPress blocks. So I tried to at least work with it so it didn’t look too bad.

Deep edits are going well for Creations of the Galaxy, so not really much to discuss there. It’s definitely been a while since publishing because again, at home, lots to do daily with 2 sick adults and dogs. So getting my brain and everything back into a steady rhythm when I’m exhausted most days can be a struggle. Slowly getting back into that groove though.

Also thinking that the next paperback I will try to get up is Anora. Adjusted the cover slightly when I altered everything to put my work under my full name so the cover got a little change done. Not too much. I like the original concept still. One day it may get overhauled, but for now I like it too much so it stays.

I am nearing the finish line with book one in my Sorceress world. Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands. Which means I have to come up with a new cover and title for the next one already! Feels like I started it yesterday, but it was December 21st I think? I was worried it was taking a longer time than normal because of everything going on here at home, but that’s a decent time. Probably from having a few days here and there where I put in over 2K words. I’m over 80,000 words in now and still have a bit to go before finishing.

If you haven’t seen past posts, this book is a rewrite. Rather than try to make sense of the mess baby Kim made of the story, I determined it better to just rewrite and replot it all. Using the first round as a guide and outline to play off of. So I’ve outlined it again and then used that to write more. Which has really benefited me. People who get prickly over outlines, I will also add my outlines when I say it are basically bullet lists of ideas. These aren’t maps of exact placements to make for each person at each time, and what all happens. It’s just a guide like a map would be for a car trip.

Then you go off and wander at some trails for a bit before getting back on the road and following the map. Outline. Most believe outlines are strict guidelines of what you must do. I think the snowflake method really helped drive it home. Some authors too. But for people like me who are natural pantsers, my gosh if I had to be a fully on the path, dot by dot follow the rules writers?

No. Just, no.

I look at the outline I write up and jot down ideas for where I want to go, what I want characters to do. Then I let them do as they please. Glance at the past book and outline when I slow down to see if I can spur ideas and gain some clues. Then back to writing and letting characters live. Usually 75% of the outline I use? The rest I’m all pfrt.

So it’s just a bullet list not much different from a grocery list.

Tomorrow – June 1st, 2022 – marks 7 years since I put all my work under my own name. I’ve reached 10 published as of January if my calculations are correct.

My Doberman’s birthday is also this month. Mila turns 6 years old. She’s the youngest animal in the house.

More soon.

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