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It’s live . . . again!

Also close to getting Savage Lands back up on paperback, and a random observatory note. Reminder if you like.

I’m hoping to get the Savage Lands paperback up by the end of this month (May 2022). I ended up having to adjust the cover image, and a lot of the interior file. Stuff I wanted to try out, but when I got the paperback proof I realized I was going to have a lot more work on my hands so decided I’d try that again later on. On another paperback where it would fit more.

Note – Savage Lands IS now up and available for purchase! Buy direct here if you like (also I get more royalties and you may get it faster). Also, remember that if you buy one of my paperbacks, you’ll get a free short story in the back.

I am working on the deep edits for Creations of the Galaxy, and it’s going all right. Slow as it usually does, but more so these days with having hands so full. Just started to work on them recently so we have a ways to go.

Recently there was a breach of the systems for the WA Department of Licensing and I shared a link I found online when I heard about it. After sharing the link on Twitter I was contacted by a reporter doing a story about it. Very sweet woman too. I haven’t received any notice of myself being involved in it so couldn’t participate, but told her if I heard of anyone who had? And wanted to be interviewed or discuss it, I would send them her way. So if you have received a letter that says you have been involved in that breach? And you’d like to talk to a reporter about that? Contact me using my contact form if you’d like. I will send you her way.

I don’t want you posting a comment on this site regarding that, or publicly to say – heeeyyy that’s me! Open season on you. We don’t want that. I think if you’re involved in that? Boy, that’s already enough you’re dealing with. I have had my own issues I’ve been dealing with people constantly thinking I’m Kim Iversen. It’s why I switched out all my work to my full name, and then still I am getting confused with her. Even with the addition of “author” on my stuff. So I finally removed all my little notes to correct people to the “I’m not her,” and keep trying to find more to delete so I’m sure I’ll miss some. I’m done. I’m just gonna ignore it. If I’m tagged and it’s not about me? Ignore. If I’m mentioned and it’s not me? Ignored.

Drop all that information you like. Combine our information and confuse us. Drop as much wrong information about me on the net as you like. I actually encourage you to.

The point of mentioning that reporter though is she reminded me of something. If you ever want to contact me, or any author? If you want to tell them about your experience and the work? More so if you enjoy it? TELL THEM.

Do not assume that inbox is full, that you are bothering them, or that they don’t want to hear from you. Anyone who ever makes you feel that way? That’s on them for being an asshole. That has zero to do with you. You are not too much. You are not a bother. You are a value to that author. To that person. Do you know how little I hear from readers of even this blog? Rarely do I get comments. Imagine you’re standing in front of a group of people and talking and talking and talking, and then hearing nothing in reply. They’re just standing there listening, and offering nothing in return.

How it feels often to be a writer when people don’t respond. It’s not why we write. But it is a silent void. Even a simple – I love reading your work. Is great. If you really want to make their day? Expand it. “I really enjoyed how the character ____. I didn’t agree with their decision to ___ but it was nice to see how they learned from ____.”

You don’t have to be a critic. You don’t have to be an artsy break it down into plot points and such. What did you like about the character? Was the character relatable to something you are going through? Did you experience something like what they do, even if different? Do you like the snark? Did you feel a certain scene was just incredibly funny? Like the chemistry between characters? Find a certain line stuck with you?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. We are not discussing art in a museum. And if you don’t like certain things in my work, or find errors?

I will not attack you if you contact me.


Anyone who does that to a reader or another human being has just revealed their true character.

Well, unless you approach me as a smug asshole who wants to tell me everything I am is wrong, or have a combative attitude. You come ready for war? You will find no war. I will not engage your fight. I do trolls online because they need a good spanking occasionally and I love to really mess with their minds and make them think I’m crazy, or whatever they think I am. lol

*points to self* Redhead. *shrugs*

I’ll beat you to it – you’re a hypocrite! I know, right?!

I don’t say this demanding responses or anything. Just as a random reminder. If you are all, meh they probably have more than enough to deal with in terms of reader mail. Actually, we may not. Some never ever hear from readers. So bear that in mind. I’m fortunate I have had the occasional random feedback/comment/email. Some don’t even get that much.

I think I understand why too though. Even I get shy/reserved about it. More so these days. Too many combative grr.

When I say my door is open though, I mean it. Again, it’s just my nature. If you’re kind and want a nice conversation with another human being? You’ll find it here. Kindness begets kindness. Random neighbors often stop and talk to me. We all could use more to just say hi, how are you? And genuinely want to hear it. Maybe why people do that with me. They know I’m not playing a game. I will genuinely listen, and I like to ask people about their thoughts, and learn their stories.

More to come.

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