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Home repair girl

For almost the past week I’ve been working on our washer. Last week when I was doing laundry it began to make a noise during the spin cycle. Did a few more loads, and then noticed that stuff was still pretty damp.

So I tested and noticed that the spin doesn’t spin. Water drains, washer works. Just doesn’t spin during the spin cycle, and it makes a horrible sound. So hi YouTube. And reading up online. And researching. And finding my washer number. And more.

Did pretty well everything they suggest, even replaced the water pump (leak issue), coupler, clutch, and brake. And . . . still made the sound.

So brother went through YouTube as well, and discovered a lengthy video showing a repair guy who took off the transmission and set it up outside a washer to show in live action what it’s to do. What the clutch is to do. What each part is to do. He’d found another to take apart the transmission, but the guy was talking about it being for a drain issue or something and I said, it’s still draining though, it just doesn’t spin. I can manually get it to spin, but then nothing. It doesn’t continue. It did the other day sort of.

The video showed the transmission working, and turning the clutch. He said if the clutch isn’t moving, the transmission isn’t working. It should spin. If you’re fascinated with that like I am, this was the video. Since we don’t have a safety switch on ours, I don’t need to put the cabinet back on, or do fancy stuff to get it to work. The washer works if you just plug it in. So I did, and put it on spin cycle. It made the sound, I knelt down to see the clutch (easy now that it’s all shiny new silver, lol) and it didn’t spin.

Now I’m waiting on a new transmission to put in. You pray, send good vibes, whatever you like. I could use it, and so could the washer. That washer is over 25 yrs old. Works good for its age. And I like it. It’s still pretty and white. lol Well, in the areas it’s not rusted.

Starts around 20:40. If you have an older washer like this, it’s really helpful to see how the parts function if you don’t know. Why also I’m sharing.

As for the books.

Editor is finishing up on her first read through of Creations of the Galaxy. Says I should get it tomorrow. I won’t be immediately getting to it. The washer has me behind. Yay. Not that I can’t catch up quickly, but I do still have other “security” things I’ve been also working on. Feels like this year has decided I need to get a lot of behind-the-scenes maintenance done. I have a huge list of to-dos next to me.

Still gotta also update paperbacks and get those back up. Still working on website background updates (design).

More to come.

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