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Getting set to update site

Okay, I was able to get my domain switched over to a new provider yesterday so that’s one big thing down. Did it to save moolah is all. I have nothing ill to say about GoDaddy save for the domain prices were going up every year, and I can’t afford such a cost.

I debated switching this site to a paid plan through WP so I could remove ads, but that again ups costs and for the time being I need to save more than spend. I apologize if the ads bother you. They don’t seem to be too intrusive which I’m grateful for, but I know how bothersome ads can be in general. I know on Spotify and YouTube I wanna sometimes gripe at them for just how bad the ads have gotten for those who don’t pay. Though I’ve noticed comments mention that they pay and still get ads at time so that’s not cool.

None of us enjoy intrusive ads, but it helps me to save funds right now. It’s just an extra cost I would rather wait to take on. As (if) my donations to my ko-fi site go up, then of course I’ll upgrade things. But thank you for not griping to those who follow. I noticed a drop in followers when I said I wouldn’t be prioritizing my work (or may not have as much time), and I’m hoping it was just scam emails being cleaned by WordPress because I don’t think many realize otherwise that I’m still prioritizing my work. Doing the best I can to. Also because it keeps me mentally healthy – to a degree.

It’s simply that I have an elderly mother getting sicker by the day, so often I can’t spend hours working without interruption, and have to focus elsewhere. One day all can be fine, the next we’re calling 911, and the next week I’m lucky to get work done while she’s in the hospital, I’m fielding doctor calls, and then prepping for her to come home (true story from 2 or 3 months ago). So that’s when work isn’t a priority. Doesn’t mean it’s not getting done. If I mentioned the previous stuff, I apologize as half the time I can’t recall what I say. And I don’t go back to read. Plus, any new readers who come by don’t either so there’s that, lol.

I’m about to work on this site and my editing boxes. I was going to start inputting edits for this short erotica I have – – but I think I will put that off until next week so that I can get my site updated. It needs some rearranging.

The short erotica above is one in the DMDU world. It’s literally nothing more than a short erotica. Strictly for kicks and fun. I was all, what if a lycaen’s magic gets backed up and he can’t shift unless it gets released somehow? Story bloomed.

Also my inspiration for the lycaen was Jason Momoa so if you like him? there ya go. It’s not important to read it for the world either. The only real tie in are the words Lycaen Ridge, that it’s lycaen, and they mention the name Verrick Conrad.

More soon.

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