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Know what I found

I found my Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern ediiiitttsss. Pretty sure it was on here that I mentioned I may have lost them. Hoped I didn’t lose them, but wasn’t sure. I cleaned out my drawer where I stash my laptop, and that’s where I was also keeping my stories to edit, and where more got caught up. It was getting to be too much in that drawer.

I started to get behind on edits, or too far ahead of myself so things were stacking up. I threw them in the drawer, everything became a mess, but then ended up running out of space, and my room was getting a bit crazed. So I finally cleaned out the drawer, and when I did, I moved that story to the drawer I keep work that need edits. That have been written, and not touched at all. *pats back* Yay, me. That drawer is the bottom of my dresser and currently hard to get to, so I made a new home for the story where I won’t lose it.

Recently I used some shipping boxes to create a 3-tier holder for paper and shoved in my closet, on a shelf. The boxes are about 3″ tall, maybe 11″ or 12″ long, and I cut them to be about 10″ or 11″ deep. So they can house a good amount of paper.

Currently I used it for my current writing project (Sorceress world), the next layer is for the papers for my project I’m inputting edits from paper to digital (Guardians of the Void), and now the 3rd layer is for “next to input edits” area. Where I put the story. Since it’s not in edits, but it’s also been through my first round of paper edits. I can house a few stories there. Maybe even 3 full sized novels, or 4. This one isn’t a huge novel, but on the smaller side.

No longer any chance to lose it. I think when I moved it the first time and had cleaned out that drawer? Was when I was fixing to move my room so there’s been a lot going on, and brain didn’t lodge – this is where you put it.

I also sent off Creations of the Galaxy for my first looksie from my editor on Friday.

This week I’ll finally be updating my site and rearranging all my blocks on here. Well, the info.

More to come soon.

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