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Maybe I won’t need multiple

The more I work on the 3rd POV for my Sorceress story, the more I’m considering that I might not need to keep track of both POVs. I’ll have a few of my closest read each side soon (I wanted to get into it a bit before I did), and tell me what they think. If I don’t get a clear idea from that, then I’ll expand out to ask for volunteers.

I am a confusing person to know, I am aware. I am also a difficult person to keep track of, follow, or be friends with, I know. I do the best I can. And I appreciate those who give me the grace to be me while I figure out what works for me. You are much appreciated.

One of the biggest reasons I don’t ask you right away is because that’s such a no-no in so many areas of writing/publishing. That nooooobbbooooddddyyy should see a first draft. So as much as I, myself, tend to not mind having that, I’ve seen far too many (even writers) criticize that idea, and people refuse to volunteer for such a thing. Readers too. I don’t see anything wrong with it personally, would volunteer for such a thing if I had the time, but overall, it makes me too self-conscious to ask. Now, if you don’t care like me, awesome! I like you very much. Also, thank youuuuuu. I don’t see what the big deal is. You see my first draft every time I post a blog. So. Dunno. Maybe it’s just me and being open so much.

I don’t mind being so open. I try to respect boundaries of others, and their privacy if I can, but I’m super open by nature. A lifetime of abuse and having been shamed into silence as a child, thinking I was at fault for all of it, I was the one who caused it, kept me from opening up. So now? I am super freaking open. Just me. So, it seems odd to do things a certain way because ew, not professional. But then again even blogging the way I do, and most stuff I do is considered frowned upon. I think it’s fun to let people into the inner workings. I think it’d fun to be who I am and allow others to see it, to judge for themselves. Maybe why I’m not “popular” and a big ol’ gazillionaire.

Because I’m weird.

I think it’s fun to see what’s up behind the scenes. When I was a reader, I loved to read stuff about the process and the like. I still would, I just don’t have that ability to sit around searching stuff out the way I used to. I used to search every interview I could about Stephen King, or listen to his writing information.

On occasion I still do when I come across authors I like, or works I like. But right now, all my work goes into my own. On the rare occasion though I do still search about. And love to read stuff. Not about me. Egads.

Anyhoo, I am almost leaning toward sticking with the 3rd POV for my Sorceress series. Which means that for keeping track of everything, I may not have to figure out a way to keep track of both stories. It’s not that I won’t do them both – I will. Just where the focus is so that I can spend less time writing both. Because I do want to, and plan to, write both versions period. Eventually.

On a random other note –

I created my own link tree type page on here, that I just deemed “Link Cave,” in the tabs/index bar. Because why not? I didn’t wanna create another account on another platform for something I could do on my own site. Soooo, if you wanna find, follow, or discover anything I’m liking right now, you can find that here –

Also updated my about me page so that depending on who went there, they can find what they like. Want the media bio? Right at the top. Next is a poem that basically is me. Annnndddd at the end of the page is a random blustery musings of who I am, lol. I had Meagan read it, and she said she figured I hid some goodies in it so depending on how many times she read it, she’d get more out of it.

Maybe. Maybe I did it on purpose and appreciated that view because it’s like my work. People say that to me. They can read the books multiple times and glean something different from the story each time because of the layers and depth. Good. That makes me happy to hear. I love stories like that, so hearing people get that out of reading them too? A win for me.

I’ve been thinking about that too. I am a storyteller. Duh. But that’s something that yes, is my brand. The depth, the stories, the deep romantic elements, with hints of darkness and overcoming it. So I was thinking about that for marketing/socials too. Who is the target following audience? What do I want to provide them? That’s often why I post a lot of what I do. Friends, family, but also you. If people tell me, they like my questions – I am trying to bring them back. If people tell me, they like my dog pictures – why I try to post some.

A lot of why I like to write books besides the fact that I write stories I like to read (so me first), is to give people an escape from reality. To give you a chance to forget you’re in the hospital. To give you a fun story to escape from life for a bit. To escape even a great life and you just wanna dissolve into a good read. It could be a million reasons. But the goal is to escape reality and read a good story..

So I’m thinking I should do that on socials more too. Mini stories. No real point to them. I have started that sort of. It’s why I’ll post pictures and combine it with a memory. Or, something having happened.

I think I could definitely do more of that though. If you want to help me, I’d love to know the type of stories you’d love to see more of.

Lemme know!

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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