Beginning Sorceress

So just this morning I went ahead and began writing the Sorceress world. *crowd goes wild*

When I first began the story more than ten years ago, I started it off with Maeve arguing with her brother and his friend, and then she walks off in a huffy. But, suddenly she finds herself not at the park she was at with her brah. Instead she is suddenly talking to what turns out to be a mermaid. They ain’t always kind in this world, lemme tell ya.

When I was playing with the outline last week, and rewriting scenes, moving them from here to over there, I decided to start it differently. As I told Meagan, because then she can introduce her own tale without actually introducing it. It’ll be a subtle clue and hint of what’s to come. Ended up being a few in the first [almost] chapter.

Subtle here is what’s to come. What to expect without it being anything.

Welllll, also with this beginning, I am going to be doing two different things. About to freak some writers out. I am going to be writing two different beginnings. A few chapters worth or so.

One will be written in 3rd POV. The other? 1st. To determine which I want to go with. I won’t tell why the experiment, or what may come of it. Just that I plan to do that, then get others to read both, and tell me which they like. Not necessarily comments on story because in editing it’ll change. I may change the beginning in each, or later on.

So . . . we shall see what comes of this week and the next.

Also, if you are on my socials, or wanna be, I did reactivate FB and Insta. I often do deactivate then reactivate. Keeps me off them when I need a mind break. Left ’em up. In case anyone wanted to follow. Do NOT message me on those platforms. Use this website’s contact form. It’ll come to my email right away.

Facebook can be followed. Only friend if you truly plan to interact with me, or know me. Otherwise follow because it’ll be treated like a page then. And if someone is silly enough to think I don’t have a probationary list for new folks, they’d be wrong. It gets sifted through and emptied once in a while.

Instagram is also up. I have no Twitter. Let it get deleted.

I do have YouTube. 2 of them. Writer at home (pets mostly), and Author one (video blogs).

About all I have and have active right now.

Right now I’m working on combining all the Dark Illusions books into one digital file to put up for sale. Sounds weird to put it that way, but it makes more sense. A boxed set. That works too I guess.

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