Most likely wondering where progress is at

If you’ve followed my posts, it’s probably a question in your mind. Where is she at in the progress? How many books has she been able to upload?

All of them. I finished last week. Between Monday and Wednesday. Can’t remember the “official,” finish. But, I’m done with all the digital ebooks. That be 43 stories I think?

They’re all back up and ready to buy. Half price from normal until 2022, or a few months in. Not sure yet when I’ll up them to full price so grab them now while you can if you like.

The only one I couldn’t upload yet was Into the Midst. At least not in digital form. I can put it up in paperback, but because many of the stories I’ve added to KDP Select for a time (to help funnel new readers to my work), to ensure I don’t violate TOS, I won’t upload the compilation to digital. It’s the compilation of my horror shorts. Since I also have a few new ones, when it does go to print, and then digital, there will be a few more added.

So later today, I will begin working on the links for all the books, and updating pages on here, and the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Many of the pages over there, and some of the links, have already been updated.

You can find all work on all major retailers. Many small too, if I haven’t updated the links. All the old books2read links are also getting updated. Link will work fine if you end up switching out Kim Iverson with the full name, Kimberly Sue Iverson. Example being the link says KimIversonBloodByNight (that one is updated), so the new link says KimberlySueIversonBloodByNight. Simple switch. I can’t reuse the links because the old links are dead. And branding consistency too.

I’m also working on what I’d wanted to do before and compiling each series into one box set. So all of DI can be purchased at once to save funds. All of Sylphline Realm. All of The Alchemist series, etc. I have no plans to dare do that for the entirety of DMDU world because that’d kill storage, but then if I get a request, maybe? We’re talking 12 books. Over a mil words. Probably way too much for any digital file system.

I have still been writing. Just not something worth mentioning. Novella that I just finished. Though it might have just reached “novel,” work length. 40,000 or 50,000. Might hit novel length in edits unless I cut a lot. It’s not listed here, or anywhere. Something I wanted to write for a bit then finally said to self – I’ll write it.

Now that I’m done with that, and another short that will go into the DMDU world, my thoughts are on starting the Sorceress world at last. Now that I’ve finished outlining the old story. Or, I may first gather more substance for it before writing. What’s that mean? It means the old story had plenty of bits that by book 5 I went wait, what? I think I got tired of writing such a big world as a young writer and person, and realized that it would keep going. So, shortcut a lot of what now I would be aghast to.

Say, instead of her continuing on as she was, she suddenly was turned into a “goddess,” essentially. And became just a tad bit weird per her character I’d written. So while I was outlining, I did get a new idea too for her to match the “Fantasy Adventure World for Adults,” theme I have for the entire world. A new type of being I haven’t written, but I think would work well for the world, and her. A human in the beginning, but becomes more later. Only because she crossed into the magical realm, and only because later on she dies. As no human can become what she is, contain all she does. I’ve had that with other characters. I think I like the ide for writing. Say, Ellie in The Guardian of Life world. She becomes a practical bomb. lol All I’ll say.

New Amazon page you can see all I’ve put up. And follow if you like. I’ll link the others later, this is just the finished one.



For now, that’s all. I’ll try to post soon on where my mind is, but battery is fixing to die on my little Kindle setup for writing (1%!), and I have to take dogs out. Do laundry too. Glamorous author life we all [writers] live.

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