Unpublishing everything

Since I have to wait for many stores to delist a book before I can reupload a new one with my full name, I am going through and unpublishing my entire catalog today and in the next few days. Hopefully I can get it done in one day. Probably gonna hurt sales and everything, but safer for me.

I don’t think I can reupload a title right away while another is active, with another version of a name, without it coming across as a violation. Because though it’s ME, it comes across as if it’s another author uploading the same story. So just to be safer, I sent all retailers a note to let them know of what I’m doing in case it looks weird for such big changes right away, and in the next few months. Just so it doesn’t come across as suspicious or set off alarms. And I’m gonna give the sites time to take down all the other stories before I upload the new version.

Story is NOT changing. This is just updating the back information and author name. Might improve the covers, or change the covers on a few shorts that haven’t even been performing well. Maybe those titles will change. But for the majority of my catalog, it’s just the author name. So IF by chance you come across all my books being gone, it’s a plan to dump all the catalog, then reupload. I will also discount all of them to begin with. So as they get reuploaded? If you haven’t purchased my work and want to for the holidays?

I suggest you sign up for the follow options on retailers, stay tuned here, or check back around the end of December. Maybe I’ll leave the sales for a few months.

Just to apologize for all this switcheroo business and inconveniences. The DMDU world DID get a a whole new makeup. I’ll show that now. You can click it for a bigger image. Save if you like. That’s what I made this particular one for. Just know it’s a big file. I’ll share the next one too that shows the (sort of) order they run in.

Also feel free to click for the bigger view.

The golden part at the bottom will be on ALL DMDU world stories to differentiate between those and another world. They tell you what series they belong in, what series in the world it’s number is. I updated a few of those images too. Turned out they needed some tweakage.

As I noted on the other post, if you’d like a past paperback proof, lemme know. These are PROOFS. They usually don’t differ once I update or finish them, but they ARE proofs so you only have to pay shipping. If you wanna give me an extra buck for the work or whatever, I’d love it, but your cost is purely whatever it costs to ship. I don’t feel right charging a set price for a proof. And I just need to dump them so I can make room for the next. US residents. Just contact me and tell me which ya want, and we can work out details.

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