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Going well

This applies mostly to my current writing project – Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III, but also may incorporate parts from the entire The Guardian of Life world where it resides.

I am now around 74K words in this particular story. Anika has been showing some very interesting attributes. The more I explore her and allow the inspiration I mentioned previously, to grow, the more she takes on a lot of the character I also mentioned, Claude. Not . . . exactly of course.

With Claude he wasn’t a diseased zombie-like creature–

Oh. Random idea just plinked into mind as I wrote that and considered things. I don’t wanna give too much away for what happened to him, but let’s just say – his disease dispersed into space. I never considered until this second what may have happened. Again, without giving things away, the disease he was filtered into space.

In our existence we’re aware of time it takes to move from one planet to another and the like, but I may have been mistaken on the timeline for when this book takes place. I know that I want Anika and Ellie meet up. Or, they will. I know how Claude ended.

Maybe though, what Claude was, had been existing in a way for a time already. After all, he was very much a creation himself. He didn’t know that. Because there is a disease inside of him too. So it’s eaten away at him. Not a zombie-like kinda dude. More like a bomb.

Purposely made to go boom eventually if not taken care of. This particular issue in him destroys his rational human mind so he is convinced he is a creature because he becomes one. Trying to be careful with details here. Lead you on potentially a different thought path, while also being honest . . . sorta, lol.

Claude eventually considers himself something that came to be. But, The Scientists in this world (The Guardian of Life) created him. He starts to avoid the people who are supposed to be monitoring him so as his particular problem develops, he is able to stay away, ensures he does, and the problem gets bigger.

I was thinking just now of him around the end of the story he’s last featured in. What if I have to think of the before? After all what I enjoy in The Guardian of Life world (those words have meaning, more so since it’s not plural – GuardianS :p) is that The Scientists love to piddle with DNA, creations, creationism?, just all of the sort.

So . . . maybe I’m needing to look less at after Claude was created and more before. Maybe space itself (in that area) has something of a disease floating about? Maybe while I’m over here thinking about what Claude does in his story, I should be thinking more along how The Scientists created Claude. Where his elements within came from.

Because Anika has a lot of attributes of him. But, my timeline could be off. Because the things on Anika’s planet “defalne,” are very much like what Ellie deals with. I played (still in play) the idea of Anika being before Ellie. On the same planet. Clearly I have different names (Eli’ane is Ellie’s planet – kinda dune like, kinda mars like), and it’s been made clear that Anika and Ellie will meet and they’re not too far off in age. So the things both deal with can intersect, or be the same, but experiments on different planets. They are drawn to life. They want to kill, eat, infect. Zombie – like.

I don’t think I ever gave Ellie’s creatures a name. Since they’re important in Anika’s story and I mention them a lot, they were named. Also, Anika and the others hunt them. Made more sense to name them. Unless they’re slightly different creatures. Anika is right now learning there are even more advanced types because like any disease, it spreads, grows, migrates, mutates, as the goal is to remain alive. Because, they are alive.

So . . . brain pause.

Had to read everything again, my brain literally stopped dead.

So . . . what if Claude came from the disease floating in space? Maybe that’s possible? Maybe a planet carrying it? A ship? Maayyybbbbeeee a harvest of something in space? Hmm . . . maybe Anika and Claude were both created somewhat from something along those lines? Which is why they both seem to be able to spread a weird rotting thing.

With Anika today I saw her begin to drip blood from her fingertips. Well, backup a second. It started from Enchantress inspiring me as previously mentioned, and I let it loosely sit in my head (the floaty bits drifting off and blackened flesh similar to Claude, minus that cloudy-ness). So today I thought of fire and burning her flesh, rotting it at the tips to the point it cracked, blood began to drip. Where the blood dripped (a lot of this is migrating into Claude at this point too so suspend reality), the spots blackened and rotted, creating fire that burst up from the ground from the acid and heat. A lot of other elements I’m merging into this one splotch too. So again, not too many specific details here, while trying to give some idea of it.

I wanted to play with the idea of people always calling Anika “The Myst,” as a nickname. So I also used mist from the idea of Enchantress, but acting as a heartbeat that comes from Anika to spread her disease. Creepy to think about. Like a breath we take, and we breath out in a huff, but the air pulses out in a wave. And in that wave is a disease that spreads. One hit, then that thing hits another and bumps into something where it also spread.

Ya wanna talk about a walking bomb in that situation. I merged two ideas. A disease spreading and a zombie-like thing. Because Anika can “feed” off the “lesser” types of diseased things and take what little life they have. Obviously it won’t be too satisfying, but whatever blood exists in them, she can use to “explode” with her own pulse of air. Again, I know this sounds a mess. It makes sense how I write it. I’m partly being blase so it seems like it’s all over the place. And since I’m writing, it is still being worked out.

In edits I clarify. In writing I make a mess of things.

But I hope it makes enough sense to creep ya out like it does me. lol A girl getting mad, dripping blood from her fingertips that can rot the ground, turn it into liquid fire (they don’t have a concept of lava I don’t think so it was the best way to describe as I write) that rolls in a wave across the ground. The edges of it remain blackened as spreads out with a disease. Oh, and she can basically puff out a breath like wave of air pulsing off her that carries a disease. Worse, she can direct it decently enough. If you can avoid all of that, it will disperse and die off though because it is like a breath where it poofs out. So there is that.

Oh sure sure, come to my party.

Anyhoo, now that I made myself consider an entirely different idea, I have a hunch that’s gonna spur another story too. Based off where Claude came to be? I know I have one that I wanna play with to understand Stone, Jack, and Jeremiah though. One based around A’nosi Prime.

This story, Sofrir and Pheigr of Atalantius Omega III was supposed to be a short story. Yeah, so as I stated it’s at around 74K words? Not short. Not at all. I’d even consider oh, I’ll just make it a novella or similar then if it goes longer. Sure, sure Kim. *pats back* so short it is.

Today’s numbers for Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

Started the book – June 27, 2021

Word count last post –  65,322 words

Current word count as of today – 74,284 words

Total words written since last update – 8,962 words

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If you like this content, consider a small donation.

Donations help me pay my bills, add more to my sites, as well as keep them going. Even a small donation can go a long way. I have a couple tiers to check out as well if you’d like to sign up for that, instead of a single donation. More will come as I think of stuff, or I get feedback on what I should add. ❤️️

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