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Even if you don’t agree, there’s knowledge to learn with an open mind

I’ve been enjoying this man’s videos as of late. This one is a nice one too. I never knew JP before last(?) year so I didn’t have a preconceived notion about him. I also don’t agree with everything that Jordan Peterson will say, but I find him fascinating and helps me to truly think about a lot of my own issues I have to deal with, heal through, and focus on.

What I most enjoy about this particular video is that I’ve always pushed the idea of focus on self, to out. As in, until we really deal with self, we can’t possibly try to do good for the world. How to fix the world is to fix ourselves. Otherwise things will trigger us and we mistakenly think that it’s THEIR fault, or THEIR issue. When no, that’s a button inside of us that got pushed from a past issue. We’re bringing it into the future. And that person (or situation) most likely didn’t intend harm.

I recall mentioning on FB that no matter who someone votes for, I’d still be their friend. Coincidentally it was a time everyone was convinced the last guy would get re-voted in. Well, stance hasn’t changed at all for the record. It’s never changed. I don’t care who you vote for. That sentence? Triggered tons of people. People I didn’t even know were telling me they were done following me. Like hey, I’ve never once heard from you ever but okay. I was told it was people like me who would make women lose the right to vote and set them back. It was because of people like me that the person was IN office. And on and on. This one woman attacked me to the point that I actually said to her could you imagine if I was in a really bad place (I’d actually been recent to that post) and was seeking connection? Letting them know I was still there and hoping people were for me?

The reply that came in turn was a sarcastic face meme. I’m sure many have seen that (or used it) with the little boy giving that face. I still to this day think had I been in that dark place I had been recent to that post, it could’ve sent me over the edge. People were placing blame on me (most comments, not all), and I had become evil person number one for all problems of the world because I said that I didn’t care who they voted for. Even told a few of them they took my words out of context, reinterpreted them from their own belief, and then attacked me based on a lie. False accusation.

Rather than ask me what I meant, ask me for context, a lot were triggered that went back to the person sitting in the WH was to blame for ALL their problems. To think one person holds that much power over our life. So silly. I had posted it in good faith, but quickly realized how many were taking it beyond context. I don’t care who you vote for. Don’t care what coffee you drink. Don’t care what you wear. Don’t care what music you listen to. Because – it’s not up to me how you live your life, and I am not in the business of changing you to fit what I want. I like differences of opinion (even if some can hurt my feelings). I like people being different from me – so much to learn about! I don’t like a carbon copy society. It’s probably why I’ve always gravitated to some very eccentric individuals who vary so widely. Be it political beliefs, genders, personalities, educations levels, whatever else that I can’t possibly think of.

People chose to take it from their own idea of what I meant. And attack me on that. We’ve seen that too often. We’ve seen people decide they can fix the world if the world would just do blank. Tear it all down!

Good in theory but do people consider the lives they affect? They scream about big businesses having insurance to fix the stores, it won’t affect them. So burn it down. What about that old woman who lives nearby and can only get to that one store on her own? What if she depends on it for her food? Meds? What about the people who worked really hard to get that store in their area to help find jobs. To build their town/city up? To “advance society”? The people who would lose work?

Yeah. that’s the biggest thing I think I’ve seen. The focus on self. It’s that they care that big businesses aren’t affected. Not that they care about the lives affected who depend on said business. They care about how they feel seeing something. Not on the lives who worked hard to create that, or the jobs going down the drain who may make someone homeless. They care about their opinion of injustices dealt upon others who may not feel the same. Many forget it’s not all about us. Our feelings. Our opinions. We have relationships with everyone in life. I am in one with you. I think about who may read this a lot. I think about the words I use so that I don’t go too far into crude and rude territory. Now, I’m not going to also cross my own lines and silence myself. These are always just my opinions. You don’t have to take them on. My word doesn’t change you.

But I do think about what impact I have. I don’t want to blast someone for saying something wrong that I thought wrong and then could make them lose their job. I am not going to scream the name of someone who did me wrong to get them removed from a job because IIIII didn’t like it. As far as I can remember, even when younger I never did that.

I do occasionally use names. Just not to get someone in trouble and get them fired from work, or “canceled” in some way. The names I use are fully aware I use them too. I tell them. I’m weird like that. If I talk about you? I’ma tell you. *shrugs* Just in my nature.

I think it’s important to have someone who doesn’t always think like you, who challenges us (read – in a healthy manner) and allow us to have nuanced debates. not just scream opinions at one another. But learn about the other. I think it’s important for us to listen to people we don’t agree with, with an open mind. That one is hard. Being open to different viewpoints is necessary for growth. Just not attacking and belittling or saying someone is dumb, or making them feel dumb. Fastest way to close someone’s mind and/or heart.

Make them feel like an idiot.

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