Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III The Guardian of Life

Published – Granddaughter’s

Published A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew on paperback. Had issues with the cover so it got put a bit behind. I needed to fix some of the writing along the side so needed to wait for another proof. But I just hit publish on the paperback earlier so it’ll be distributed to all vendors now.

Been having some really good writing days with Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III. Today was interesting too. I ended up discovering a character I’d already written. When Anika recalls her childhood, she recalls seeing this tube with something inside of it. I realized who was in there baby Gaarn! Unless later on it’s revealed a baby OF Gaarn’s? Gaarn is a character in Creations of the Galaxy. Creations is currently in paper edits right now.

I have really been enjoying reading that book, I have to tell you. I had written it right before I got back in touch with Meagan, and I kept using my frame of reference of the feelings I’d always had when I knew her. I forgot a lot of the story I wrote, and forgot Prism, Gaarn, and the others. So reading it through for the first familiarization of it? I actually struggle to put it down. That’s not a reference to the story bits/areas I’m all . . . okay this is confusing here.

What I’ve enjoyed is that I was able to tie that story into the one I’m writing now. These are unplanned fun parts of writing. My subconscious was all . . . oooo I know what can go here! Then Gaarn came to mind. Galaxy Creations (the “business” in the story where the name came from) too. And insert fun interesting tie in detail. So now those connect. I think later on they’ll (characters in this story) connect to Ellie, Stone, and the rest. And then Gaarn and Prism too. Because with the writing I did today (finishing this post days after I started it) I discovered that there was a point my mind said – oh hey! They might have to LEAVE Atalantius Omega III and maybe tie in with Ellie and the boys, Prism and Gaarn. Which led me to write the question to myself – what can Prism do? Prism is my female lead in Creations of the Galaxy. I think later on, I may have a story that ties Prism & Gaarn + Ellie & Stone, Jack, & Jeremiah + Anika, Kriger, Brandr, & Aberran (Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III characters). That will be highly interesting to write and see.

I have been playing with ideas regarding my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. I noticed a lot of people have picked up Property of the Pack, which is me having fun with erotica. Not as deep into erotica as some may do, no. But, it was still fun for me to play with the idea of an orgy with “the pack.” Verrick’s pack. (I’m fixing to update the page. Didn’t notice I hadn’t. After this posts, I will.)

So I thought up a few more ideas to play into the erotica world which I do enjoy having fun writing, it’s just for me – candy. Not a meal. My novels and worlds are meals. Yes, there may be a touch of erotica as a spice. There may be a touch of romance as a theme. But overall story is a meal. I want the meal with the deep intense flavors that fill me fully. So writing erotica can be candy. I like it, but I’m not huge into it anymore. lol Good way to describe?

Anyhoo, so I have had some ideas that I’ve marked out for that world. Maybe 5-10 as shorts to play with. Expect those to come too.

Also, I have been experiencing a fun few days. Tried to let this go so I will pre-apologize for any attitude that comes through. If you don’t want snarky Kim, abort! abort!

If you’ve followed this blog, I wonder if you recall me mentioning how all my life (I’m sure some, if not all of you relate to this too in your own lives) where people have created rumors about me. Because apparently me as myself? Not as fun. I’m boring to them. Which has created a complex in me. I’m always convinced I’m boring. Always convinced I’m not enough. Because, that.

People lie about me. They create far more adventuresome stories about me. And the past few days I’ve been told I’m stalking someone. The person who tells me this is the one who watches and interacts with the people. Clearly I’m not enough in her eyes. She stresses me to the point that I am convinced some days my heart might just go poof. No matter how much I have on my place, it’s not enough. More, more, more. Being a caregiver can be incredibly difficult.

So I was told I’m stalking someone. I said, “you actually think that of my character. That after having been stalked by who knows how many people, I would turn around and stalk someone.” I’m told, “someone with the name Kimberly is.” Well, looks in my inbox. Nothing. Looks at the texts. Same two I talk to day in and day out.


So, it’s a game to increase my stress. And/or once more rumors are abounding. I partly mention this in case it is real, so this will be posted to say I’m aware of the rumor. I partly mention this for evidence of having zero idea of what’s up. I only know the names referenced because it’s who the person watches who confronted me. I won’t even bother to look up the YouTube personality. I’ve never looked them up. Never watched their videos unless seen/heard as the other watched them. I naturally try to avoid hearing their videos because I don’t entirely like the person. Don’t hate ’em, just not my thing. I’ve told said person to STOP interacting with those people. STOP bringing my name into the mix if she is. STOP, period.

But we don’t control people. I don’t. I just hope that if anyone dares to contact me about stalking anybody, they are fully prepared for who they are contacting. (Here comes the snark, be prepared. I do so apologize.) Be very careful. That is all. Anyone stupid enough to believe someone’s word without confirmation? Walk carefully around someone who has dealt with that all their lives. Because that is a special kind of stupid. “Oh well so and so told me you did blank.” Okay, okay. So if I said that so and so told you to stick a piece of wood up yo bootum, ya would without question? Got no brain rummaging about in there, do you? No independent thought? No, hey this might need a second opinion from the source itself. I may wanna confirm this for fact, and not be led blindly by the ear. I may wanna have my OWN thoughts.

Snark over. It’s safe to return.

Gotta get back to editing. Tomorrow night I should be sending Scorched Silence to Jeanie for her first thoughts. 🙂 Oh! And in case you did take note, you’re not crazy – I did change the theme. The menu on the other wasn’t fully displaying my book links, caused me headaches because I too use them and need access to them. So been working the past week to find one that fit right. I think this is a good one. It looks similar to what I used too. Lemme know if you find issues if you’d be so kind. 🙂

Today’s numbers for Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

Started the book – June 27, 2021

Word count before – 45,389 words

Current word count as of today – 52,838 words

Total words written since last update – 6,999 words

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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