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How similar they can be

This will be in regard to the current story I’m writing – Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III. Thought I should preface these (if I remember to) in case someone new stumbles upon one of these posts. They may not realize I write based off stories a lot. I haven’t been but I enjoy breaking down the psychological aspects and the philosophical beliefs, then turn around and use them as life inspiration. Or, just write about the story.

It has recently occurred to me how well this story fits in with The Guardian of Life world. I also didn’t plan on having it relate so similarly, but in this story, Anika ends up dealing with 3 men. In the story, Daughter of the Red Planet, we are introduced to a man Haley deals with named, Stone. From there she gets to know Jack, and then Jeremiah. From there, Ellie – her daughter – gets to know them, and they remain with Ellie from then on. Ellie . . . is a special girl. She is not human like her mother, but Haley has a hidden secret that the reader finds out about later on. A connection to someone we first meet in Hope of the Future – Hope.

Hope also is a special woman. Like Ellie. Like Anika Dinsmore – the girl, the sofrir, the one in Sofrir and Atalantius Omega III who we deal with. And like Ellie (and Haley in many ways, but more so Ellie) we see that Anika ends up dealing with 3 men too. Obviously I can’t go too far into details without blatantly giving away the story so I have to be careful here. I am not afraid to give spoilers, but not be like here’s the story!

I didn’t even realize how similar the paths would be that Anika walked, as well as Ellie. Only Anika learns to trust the 3 she is involved with. They’re pheirgr. Pheirgr are essentially “chosen” warriors. Chosen, like the sofrir, at a young age. Unlike the sofrir, they are thrown into training. The sofrir are what would be called “empaths,” or heightened ones at that. They are not just in tune with the feelings of humans and Amaranthines (advanced human race we learn about in Hope of the Future.)

The sofrir are also in tune with life itself. In tune with animals, the planet, nature. There was once a time when I explained to a former friend of mine that I didn’t just “know,” something about her because I snooped. I didn’t just “know,” something she was about to say because of some magical force. Empaths are tuned into energy in a more science based way. There’s no heebie jeebie magical quotient. There’s no off button. There’s also no intentional doing of. It’s just a heightened ability to feel things out. Some have said empaths are narcissists. While I agree that some can actually pretend to be, real empathic individuals have simply adapted to the environmental clues and atmospheric changes (energy) in ways others can’t.

I’m not magical. I’m not woo woo. Sorry. I’m science. Everything has atoms, particles, energy. It’s . . . science. So what it means is that sometimes we will just know things. A lot of it is the one random word someone throws into conversation they don’t think about. Later on, they’ll drop another without thinking. They will react different ways. They will think, and over time they form clues that sink into an empaths minds and stay. Like a puzzle piece. People would argue rightly so – but, strangers.

Yes, strangers. It’s a vibrational energy that either matches up with someone’s words or not. Have you ever been around someone who is lying? All the nonverbal clues they give that you are aware of? The body language that screams so? How the words don’t match up? Ever do that? That’s a form of what an empath experiences. Only you can be telling your truth at the exact moment, and a real empath will feel it inside. A wrongness. A sickness inside almost. Real empaths don’t go around trying to fix people. Forcing their energy onto others. They’re actually usually the quite and reserved people who step back. Because life can be difficult. We also don’t hide because otherwise we can’t properly learn to protect ourselves from similar energy.

That’s how I explained it to a friend which I’m sure made her weird out. I didn’t know what she was going to tell me. I didn’t know where it came from. Hadn’t heard it beforehand. But usually right before someone tells me something I’m often not surprised because I have already formed that imagery inside of my head. I’ve already heard that inside of me.

I think it’s a lot of what people confuse psychics with. It’s not magic. It’s energy. The world is based off of it. Be around an angry person. Be around a happy person. That? Is energy. Imagine psychics (real ones mind you) simply know how to tune into that and form those images much faster inside of them when they “tune in,” so to speak. Almost a heightened empath. Don’t worry, I’m always half skeptic of my own self. Your skepticism doesn’t bother me.

My only reason for explaining this though, is to explain how a sofrir works. Their senses are on high. They’re not going around freaking out. That’s not the same thing. Nor is it of an empath. They can tune in and feel something out. Or, when an alert comes chills go across their flesh. Heart picks up pace. Like if someone spooks you out of nowhere? Similar. It’ll be an alarm inside of the sofrir. The Scientists (recall them from Hope of the Future if you’ve read it?) tested the children when young. They learned by markers in their DNA who would be a sofrir, who could become a strong pheirgr. I’m sure they’ve either messed up on occasional, or switched them. Who knows what’d happen if they did? Death, most like.

Life on Atalantius Omega III seems like it would be wonderful. After all, many confuse the planet with THAT Atlantis. They see beauty. They see wonders. They see colors that sparkle and glow. It look like a magical land of fantasy.

Then . . . they see the defalne. They learn that it may look beautiful but it hides a dangerously dark atmosphere.

The defalne (had them without a name in Daughter of the Red Planet, Ancient Scars, and Under Empty Stars) are essentially what one would think of as zombies. Only more like the monsters in World War Z. Where they are intelligent. They are fast. They spread like a plague. They are not to be underestimated.

I haven’t taken the time to outline much in this story. I wrote down a dream I had that inspired this story, then I took that, and went from there. Very little of it was figured out. I have been essentially pantsing it/writing into the dark/ insert your word to describe here. With Savage Lands, I really worked out scenes and the like. I planned out how many would go to one character, then the other, and a middle ground – narrator-ish in that case. With this one the story has been blooming in my mind as I write, and I simply keep following it.

And today as I was writing, I noted the familiarity with Ellie, Stone, Jack, and Jeremiah. I noted how Ellie is regarding the planet itself. How the “creatures” are drawn to her. And in the story I’m writing, the pheirgr are now being drawn to Anika, but for different reasons. The correlation between the two isn’t lost on me.

Again, had no plans for that. I am enjoying how the two connect though. How well this one plays into that world itself. How, even the title of the world, The Guardian of Life, essentially connects into this story and world. That one I only connected as I thought about it just now.

That’s honestly something I don’t like to do too often if I can help it. Though I know I can’t really help it. No matter how hard an author tries to be individualistic, more so with their stories, themes do apply. Maybe it’s just a character name that pops up often. Maybe it’s a certain plot style. Word choice. Whatever it may be. Nobody can truly be individualistic unless literally every single day they change their entire appearance, way of speaking, and even then I would bet that some of them leaks through. Maybe spies are good at that. Not one, so wouldn’t know.

But it’s hard not to find repeating patterns. I do like to try to avoid them, or doing them too often because I know that when I first began reading a ton of Dean Koontz books (his early works) I had gotten to the point I had to quit. I had lost taste for the writing for a while. Because I could almost mark the exact moment of each aspect of the book. Like when the bad guy was brought in, etc. Maybe back then he followed the 3 act rule and I’d tuned into it, maybe it was just a pattern. Not sure.

But for a while I couldn’t touch one of his books and I absolutely love his writing. Even now I am a huge fan.

So I try to avoid doing that in my own work. I don’t want a predictable pattern to the point where on page 201 you’d expect the bad guy to instantly appear. Most stories follow patterns. Again, that’s not to say I try to avoid any patterns. I just don’t like going too far down the road into familiarity of pattern town. In the case of this book, I like that it ties into the world. In the case of this story, I like that it ties into Ellie and her 3 men. I also like though that as much of a tie in as it is, it’s NOT completely the same. If anything, Ellie is of the light, and Anika would be kind sure, but definitely not a “light” kinda girl. She’s not outright dark and mean or anything, but Ellie wouldn’t wanna take a life if she could help it, but Anika knows it’s her or them at times.

All her life she has been faced with that decision. Save the life of another, or save herself. As a sofrir, the goal is to save lies. It is to alert to where to find the defalne so they can be eradicated. However, unlike Ellie, she hasn’t been kept away from people. She has been thrown deep into the midst of their worst selves. The ones who harassed her for being “different,” the ones who saw what she did as a child so labeled her essentially the outcast. Because she wasn’t like them.

Only, she isn’t like any of them.

Today’s numbers for Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

Started the book – June 27, 2021

Words at last post – 38,664 words

Current word count as of today – 41,562 words

Total words written since yesterday’s post – 2,892 words

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Donations help me pay my bills, add more to my sites, as well as keep them going. Even a small donation can go a long way. I have a couple tiers to check out as well if you’d like to sign up for that, instead of a single donation. More will come as I think of stuff, or I get feedback on what I should add. ❤️️

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