Computers are against me

Computers are not my friend today. I have been working a bit today, mostly trying to get stuff to work, and sort it out. Desktop froze on me then computer decided it needed to update so I sat here for a good 30 minutes not accomplishing much, lol.

Over the weekend, Jotham’s interview of me posted to his newsletter. So if you want to check it out, you can read that here –

Today, while I technically have only about an hour left to work on the computer, I will be starting to input the changes from the paper manuscript version of Scorched Silence, to the digital. Oh yeah. Also have to update my site. So I will do that before I start in on the MS. May end up taking the hour away. If so, I’ll start what I just said, tomorrrrooowww.

And since I don’t wanna waste my time yammering, I’ll get started on those things.

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