Well I changed the title

So Jeanie was able to get to my horror short right away. She had a critique over how I handled something so I changed it up. Which led to her suggesting a different title. After playing with versions, I ended up taking her suggestion. So Light Above the Neighborhood has become Neighborhood Cleanse. I agree that it fit the story better and since it’s not as wordy, that’ll be another benefit.

So I got Neighborhood Cleanse up for sale on both Draft2Digital and Smashwords. Hit publish on Smashwords before I started this post. Also sent off for a proof from Lulu. With these shorts I am putting them up on physical. I have a smaller template that I employ, which allows me to publish them on paperback. My regular novels and such will be a 5.5 x 8.5 size. Shorts and anything not too length will be in the pocket size. Which is 4×6 – ish. Easier to type that out, not an exact, lol. Just the size you grab when you grab mass market paperbacks. Think of those.

So that means tomorrow Monday, I will be starting in on Scorched Silence. I have to update my site with all those changes too. Sighs. When I type sight, I type site. Or the reverse. I actually have it in my editing checks now. “Site or sight?” so I check myself, haha.

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