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New short is up

Okay so last night I posted on Facebook that I would be deactivating my socials for a time. Just one less thing for me to bother with for a time is all. Twitter has been for a bit, last night I did Instagram. Then I did Facebook this afternoon. I’ve constantly told people to find me on this site most, but at this point I feel like I’m just waving a big sign saying notice me! so needless to say, not gonna bother with much else. If, after five plus years, they haven’t come around this site, or used my number, text, email?

I think that’s the worst thing about socials, but especially Facebook. It’s like a weird cult almost. When you try to get people to use things outside of that site? It’s the comfort box. They don’t want to step outside of it. I live outside of that box all the time so *shrugs* there’s only so much I’ll play the game of notice me and care. Yes, it’s a two-way street many will say, but *looks outside* street is pretty clear most days now. I’m just no longer in a place where I’m going to hunt down attention. May put me in the wrong, may make me wrong, but I spent a lifetime of chasing after attention and trying to fit into a box people wanted me in. Only to find out I was still doing it.

Step back and see who notices. Change who you are, try something absolutely new. You’ll see who cares. I spend most of my time writing, tending to an elderly mother, and a house full of dogs, plus my partner/best friend and my best friend/editor gets my time. Right now? That’s enough for me. Maybe one day I’ll be different, maybe not. So for now I figured I’d just focus on this site again. I’ve done that before. It helped my mental space. Eases up that “oh I should see if I have any messages,” space in my head. Clears it for somethin else. Yeah I’m a mess, I know.

Published a short –

Today I finished up publishing the short tale, A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew. I also got it up on paperback and I am waiting on a proof. Just sent off for that. A brand new cover completely because the ebook images were bugging me, I couldn’t get things to look right so finally decided I’d do a new cover completely. lol

Tomorrow I should be getting started on the short for A Light above the Neighborhood. That one is a short horror tale. After that I will be working on Scorched Silence? I think Scorched Silence.

If you’d like a quick link to get A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew, there it is 🙂 –

It for now.

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