Savage Lands paperback is up

Savage Lands is up for purchase on paperback. *And the crowd goes wild* Gimme a break. Too much computer resetting and fixing all day for the mother. lol

SO, I have two paperbacks up available through Lulu to purchase currently. I will be switching my paperbacks to Lulu so feel free to bookmark this link. AND for those who DO purchase a paperback I’m gonna start giving a little sumfin sumfin in all of them from now on. In Savage Lands you have a sneak peak of Alianne Donnelly‘s book Wolfen!

In future paperbacks I will give away a short story inside the book so you won’t just be getting one story, I’ll give you more. 🙂 If the paperback is a series? You’ll get the next book previewed as I usually do, and a short. I wanna encourage more to buy paperbacks so I’m going to make it worth your while to buy them. I DO try to price them as low as possible while still making a living. My default is I always wanna make at LEAST $2 from a paperback. So bear that in mind anytime you buy a book from me. I’m as low as I can for you while still making a living.

Buying through Lulu especially benefits me because 1) I would like to ease up on Amazon’s grip on the book world (meaning limiting how dependent I am on them) and help the other retailers (especially if they’re trying to help indies), and you can help me with that by purchasing through Lulu. 2) I earn more revenue off paperbacks purchased through Lulu. Elsewhere, it’s about $2 per book. Lulu it could well be $10, but you’re still paying the same price, unless you buy it through a second hand store – and PLEASE do so if you struggle financially. I’d just be happy you bought the book to read – especially if you enjoy it. 🙂

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