Savage Lands Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III The Guardian of Life

Savage Lands cover

This cover is kickin me butt. I have made a ton of minor alterations in trying to get the design just right. I’m referring to the paperback, not eBook. eBook is done and tomorrow I will be uploading it to Smashwords. I prioritized Draft2Digital for now so that all the listings would go through that retailer when sold. At least I’m hoping.

I have to go into Smashwords and try to make sure the book isn’t sent out to the retailers that d2d sends out to. Causes multiple listings, and that is a no-no. At least in my book, and when it comes to Amazon, they may block a book. Fortunately I don’t send out to Amazon right now, and only one site would anyway (d2d). But in case nobody else knew that, I should point it out. Right now I think I have some with many of my books that I didn’t realize until recently. I thought if a book got sent out to a retailer and it’s a duplicate, it didn’t make it through, but they are up.

Note – a duplicate listing isn’t two versions. It’s a literal duplicate. Same book, same info, same version. Two versions would be a regular eBook, a “book club” eBook, an “extended version.” Those aren’t duplicates. Those are different versions so not the same. In case me saying duplicate confused anyone.

But with this Savage Lands paperback, I’ve been adjusting where the title is, how it’s positioned in terms of justification, spacing, and then adding tiny details to the paperback that is different than the eBook. Because I can use the full image that I used for the eBook cover, the placement of the car itself is on the left side of the cover. Only way to get it to be on the front (like you see on the eBook), was shrinking the image. But as a whole, that image is really nice. So I worked with it, found some minor details to throw into it so as a “front” cover it isn’t just a dead looking street with a title and author name.

Reminder of the eBook cover

Just those small touches I like to do, and that really makes a cover look much better.

Also, I ended up changing the size of the paperback. Not to make more money (I make the same no matter the size), but so it doesn’t cost as much for you, the reader. The first version was going to cost $30! This version is $10 less. Much better. Bigger book. Better graphics. If you’re used to the 5.5 x 8.5 size as many indies do and some trades are, it won’t seem different. I had a smaller than that size. I normally do 5 x 8, but Lulu doesn’t have that size. So no big. Get prettier cover images and I get to have more fun with them.

Trying to finish it up so that I can send off for a proof. I told Meagan I would give her the proof since she liked the Acknowledgements so much in this one.

When I’m done with this, I will update my Books tab, and then I will finish the cover I have for the book I’m writing, plus try to get the page up for it. I’ve grown so used to having the page up (even if not with a full synopsis) and a cover that it feels weird not to have one. Also, not to keep track of word count. That seems to help spur me on to do. Pushing my own self and everything.

The title of it is Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III. Yeah. I went full on with it, lol. It’s for my The Guardian of Life world. I need a page for that too, lol. I have more stories now in that world than I do just the original series. So it’d help to link it, and have something to link. I’m gonna call it a world, not series now because of that.

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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2 replies on “Savage Lands cover”

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 🤗 I work pretty hard on them, and on bettering design knowledge because I have been in those shoes of bad covers. Accidentally came across a “why not to do it yourself,” post with my cover as an example soon after I began publishing (near 10 yrs now). Lol Spurs me into proving some CAN do it, thank you very much. Also, I just write a lot and wouldn’t have the budget for so many covers. So there’s that. 😊


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