Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III The Guardian of Life

In the meantime

Until I’m done outlining my Sorceress series, I have another writing project going. The Sorceress series/world has 5 books I have to rework so yeah, taking a bit more time than planned. When I write, I want that freight train to kick in and just lemme goooooooo so I gotta get as prepped as possible.

Why rewrite – BAD writing. Period. Would’ve needed so many edits I would’ve spent more time editing than just rewriting it, better detailing and storytelling, and then editing that version.

So my current writing project is a story that will fit into my The Guardian of Life world. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and a bit of horror thrown in. Titled – SOFRIR & PHEIRGR OF ATALANTIUS OMEGA III. Gotta make a page for it.

I have this one sentence always in the back of mind with it so I may put it on the cover –

They call us the suffering. We are their guides, and they are our shields.

Heard it in my head, been stuck every since I was writing up notes.

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