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Savage Lands will end up being the last book I put out for a while, if not completely, where I use my shortened name Kim Iverson on the cover. Since I’ve done a lot of pre-talk with with, and shared the cover, also did an author interview with it, I’m not gonna start the change now.

The author interview that I signed up for will be shared with Jotham Austin’s newsletter for August. You can find his website here – https://www.jothamaustin.com/

It’s a really interesting newsletter. He likes to talk about science and stories that follow that too. I highly suggest checking it out.

The reason – I really want to embrace seeing how well my full name does on books. All the other books will sit there and not get changed . . . yet, if at all. The best way that I think I can truly see one versus another is to actually go full on with the full name. I’m also sharing this note now, as well as using Savage Lands for the last so that it really lets people see it. I will include a note in that book too. I will have my list of books show the Kimberly Sue Iverson version too (I have a list of my other work in my books so now there will be two – one under Kim Iverson, one under Kimberly Sue Iverson). Plenty of traditionally published authors do it. I’m just not doing it without your knowledge. Remember I said I would be open with what I do.

I can always change the covers back, or change the existing later on. People will gripe, people will get fussy, but those who’ve followed me all this time have been loyal and understood that I do what makes me happy, THEN what others want me to do if it aligns and feels right for me. I’ve lived my life to please others for far too long, and I ended up losing everything – literally.

So yes, I’m sure people will get annoyed, but I also want to see for myself how well it does. I want to be able to do it in general. My website domain is my full name, my email includes my full name, so for consistency it’s kinda weird not to have everything under Kimberly Sue Iverson anyway.

I have other author friends who are genuinely curious about it too because as they said, they went with the non-feminized version for the same reason we all do, and I would like to help change that stigma if at all possible. I follow my gut, my gut says do this now. So I am. Pure and simple. If gut says no more, I’ll follow that. Every time I have? It’s worked in my favor.



I’ve been trying to determine how best to handle my situation with Amazon. If you don’t know, feel free to speculate, or just ask. I think what I’m going to do is pull my books from Amazon, and then wait a bit and re-upload them (mostly from how much time it will take me to do so) through Draft2Digital. D2D has been really good to me since I began using them. I would like them to handle anything I upload to Amazon. Not only as a vendor who will get the benefits, but also because it will make it far easier for me to manage all sites through there, and Smashwords, versus all over.

I have considered manually uploading my work through each retail site, but that is a ton of work for how many books I have out there, and how often I publish. Because then when I have to fix a universal thing? d2d makes it WAY easier. I am trying to limit my personal work, while not limiting your benefits. As in, for those who want to buy through Amazon, why would I be such a selfish a-hole who is all – well I no likie them as much, so no. How incredibly rude would that be? I also won’t put ALL my work into just one site. If something happens with the retail site? Oh boy.

And don’t be worried that pulling my work means it won’t be available with MOBI (Kindle files). I would never go that far. My MOBI files are uploaded to my Ko-Fi store when I upload to d2d and Smashwords. The link – http://www.ko-fi.com/kimberlysueiverson. Generally linked at bottom of posts too. Scroll down.

This girl always has a backup plan. Life of abuse and trauma. I have learned to have a backup. Or, a plan in case things fail. I flinch internally when I hear someone say they are exclusively one store, or don’t do anything, or don’t have backups. I mean their life is up to them, it’s just I’ve been used to life being stolen away and having to rebuild so I just can’t do it personally anymore.

I believe that you can buy MOBI through Smashwords too. Ko-Fi gives me more profit from each sale so that’s why I figured I’d upload files there. One day I may do ALL files/books, but that depends. Your feedback is always valued on that front, and any of this as long as it isn’t don’t you DARE do it. Rudeness need not apply.

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