Savage Lands

Savage Lands is in final edits

Thought my hands were full last week but still going. I received Savage Lands back from my editor today. I’m working on it right now to go through the edits. I am pausing to do this for a break, then will get into it. After, I will pause again to update my “books,” page, or try to finish the book cover for the book I’m currently writing. Maaayyyy put that off until the weekend to just finish Savage Lands and get it out.

I’m also thinking of going ahead and listing it for preorder. I stopped doing them because it didn’t make too much of a difference. People still only bought after, but if I can, I should do that. It’s the same with paperbacks. Though not all may buy them, I still make the option available.

Also, I forgot to mention on my last post that I still also have to get more up for the book I was creating in the public eye. I’m actually now thinking I may throw it into my “I AM gonna write this,” which means detailing it more than before, where before I said maybe I’d write it. If I do, or if I don’t? I will still adhere to what I said in the beginning. Detail publicly the process. I am keeping the story details note near my desk so I don’t accidentally forget. I moved it, and it happened, and then had to put it back, lol. Only a week or two that I forgot, but still.

Oh, I also have to create a page for the book I’m writing, and update the sidebar widget. I am way behind on that one. Still shows Discovery & Deception. So I apologize if any of you do actually keep track of my writing progress tracker, and have been all . . . erm, why isn’t this changed?

I’m usually shocked to hear people tell me they do read this site or keep track of it.

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