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Loads of mentions

So I have been wanting to just update with a video like I did before, then add some notes on here after. But that isn’t happening. How you know? I’ve tried to get a video recorded and up for over a month, and there’s none. This is why I said I wasn’t going to schedule them.

Not sure if you are currently going through it, or were, but there was a heat wave up here where I live in Washington. I live above Seattle. The temps hit 100, 101, then 107/108 in the area I live specifically. And no, that’s not with AC in the house. So needless to say I was working overtime to keep the animals cool, hope not to push our breaker too far over the line (old house and all), and ensure my elderly mother could breathe in the house. There was a local story on the news of elderly folks trying to go to the library or other cooling centers in our area. Just so they could breathe.

So please, if you know of an older person(s) during a heat wave? Just check in, see if they need anything. Even a small fan can help them breathe in a stuff house.

Book Updates

Savage Lands

On Thursday, I sent the novel to my editor so she will be getting to it on Monday (July 10th) she said.

Scorched Silence

I am fixing to get started on inputting the edits I’ve done from the paper version into the digital version tomorrow. (Monday, July 12th)

Time of the Chosen

I have been trying to get the paperback for the book ready to go. Yesterday I finally completed it and sent off for a proof. I imagine I’ll have fixes on it so I did the best job I could, then finally had to just submit it and get a proof to see how things would look in printed form. I’m working on a new paperback template. I think I’ve mentioned before on here, that I am also gonna use a different POD retailer. The plan had been to go with Draft2Digital, but they currently changed pricing so that no matter what size the book, you will pay $30 for a proof. That’s great if the book is a bigger one or you get a ton of them. Not so good if your book is smaller and it would’ve only cost $15-$20 before.

I have over 40 stories to switch from Amazon. I’d like to use a different retail site to manage the paperbacks. That’s a huge cost. Amazon is the cheapest option right now if you’re looking into them (paperbacks). I just don’t want all my eggs in Amazon’s basket anymore. Not until they fully show the customer and authors are a major priority for them, and not the bottom line.

People may argue – their company! True. Remember who grew that company – all of us. Because we used them, because we partner with them as sellers. Can still make that argument and it’s a good one. After all, the top priority of a business is money. Pure and simple. Nobody works to build a career or business off making zero dollars unless their goal is to be a non-profit.

Just remember that same argument when you receive an email saying you violated TOS, did nothing at all to incur that, and your entire Amazon account is shut down without another word. No matter what you say, it isn’t brought back. All your books, the way you bring in money, everything. Gone. Or the ability to buy from them.

That is a very real reality for many who buy & sell through Amazon. I still say it is a great option and company or I wouldn’t ever use them. It’s just not good to put ALL your stuff in their hands. Plan for the worst. Think of your readers as well. Not all want to buy on Amazon, not all want to purposely use their products, not all want to support them for whatever reason. So for them, and me, I am looking into other retailers to handle my paperbacks. But cost is a huge wall for me.

My sales slowly increase which is good, but not enough to cover a proof costing me $30 every time (that’s a total cost, including shipping) or more. They (d2d) do make really great paperbacks though so if you can afford that and don’t want Amazon, it’s another great option. Just know that also right now d2d has removed the ability to get an ISBN before you send the book off for approval, and after publishing it requires tokens to change anything. Meaning pay to alter even one small thing in the files.

I personally like to place the ISBN inside the credit area before I publish. That way if the cover is gone, the ISBN is still inside. Makes for a more professional looking product. With the new format, I can’t do that. I have to leave it blank, then insert the ISBN after they approve the files, and before I publish. That requires another edit of the files to include the ISBN (once they issue one). Then again send the book off for approval before I can finally publish. Takes quite a bit of time to do all that.

I believe they (d2d) do that because they’ve had to buy mass ISBNs to issue to people, and if someone gets one and doesn’t publish a book, they’re out an ISBN that someone else could’ve used. So it’s not a nefarious reason they’ve done it. Just trying to cut costs on their side, while being able to help indies. It’s just another thing to be aware of if you are thinking of using them. They didn’t have that before. They’re new to print so I’m hoping as their catalog grows, and money they bring in, they will switch back to the old model. Or find a better way of handling that.

Imagine it will also depend on authors who don’t pilfer those ISBNs and not publish. Partly why I stopped switching my paperbacks. I don’t want to to do that to them while I decide. They’d be out a lot of ISBNs. I try to think of my bottom line (making money), but also the company I work for (do I benefit them, how?), as well as my readers (am I giving them the best product of my ability, and at the lowest I can offer while still not starving myself?) Also availability is always in the back of my min. Options. Keeping my books wide. If you only ever use Barnes and Noble, how selfish would I be if I said, don’t care – use Amazon. I have heard that from people. Authors specifically. I just can’t even. Almost like hearing someone say, well if they don’t use Apple products it’s not my problem. I only use Apple therefore they have to.


Chronicles of the Sorceress Maeve – Fortunes of Magic

I have been working on the outline for this world for a bit now. I’m still only on the 4th in the series/world, out of the four that I’ve written. Because of that, I started a new story. I’m not sure if it will be short, or long. I literally just made this image as a placeholder on a photo editing app I downloaded from Amazon. So quality isn’t up to par, but I wanted to have a placeholder image up.

The story that I’m writing in the meantime is at about 3K words right now, and that’s just the beginning. I am working on a cover for it, the title, and only just figured out what I wanted to call the “zombies,” type creatures.

The story fits into my The Guardian of Life world, so it works really well to tie into the world. The link above takes you to Hope of the Future, which is the first in that world. I’m gonna have to make a page for it on here. I plan to make a site for that world too, and my Sorceress. More to come on it.

I also have a short story in the Sorceress world that I am gonna be inputting edits for this week. Most likely that before the Scorched Silence above. More details to come on that too.

Better quit there. I haven’t been having a good mental weekend so not sleeping either. PTSD got triggered hard. Eyes are hurting and it’s hard to focus. Wanted to get this up since I’ve been pretty quiet. Got loads I’m working on. More information to come for all of it. I apologize if there are typos. Tried my best to go through this. Working on my Kindle Fire 10 and my new Jelly Comb keyboard. Gave me the perfect “just for writing use,” combo. I got both in the past few years on Prime Days sales. And Prime during those times was offered for free- thank you to Amazon for those moments. Super appreciate their 30 days free during those times. When they know full well we won’t keep it. Kindle now has Office that you can install so if you’ve debated getting it because that doesn’t work, it does now. Without installing any 3rd party stuff. I use Office all the time. Tried the free stuff, but I always go back to Office.

I also altered my menu placements. I added a new one on the homepage if you hit the black square on mobile (not sure why there isn’t an icon – it’s the block itself, not my doing) it’ll bring it up. Desktop website version shows as a normal menu though. I noticed the sidebar menu wasn’t expanding properly. I have too many series, worlds, and links for my books. Trying all sorts of ways to make it work best. Also because I use those same links a lot. It can get annoying. I like this theme (and bought it) so didn’t want to just change the theme out. Most of the newer themes don’t work with people who have a ton of menu links. You can always hit the “books” at the top of the menu to be brought to the page for the full listing of all the books too. There is another separate responsive menu on that page as well. Or use the search bar.

Also, how do you like the new header? I thought I would play up the strong female leads I have. They’re not strong because they’re bullies. They’re strong and loving because they’re loyal, faithful, protective, inspiring, and continuously get up after being knocked down. They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and help empower those to stand beside them, versus knocking them down to be “bigger.” So I decided to play that up in marketing for now. I can’t use “badass/kickass” because it doesn’t work across the board – censors don’t like the ass part. Some bios won’t save with a word like that. So I got creative with my wording.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday & keeping cool. My partner is in Cali for a bit and I heard it’s supposed to hit 130 in Death Valley area. So please do be careful if you’re there.

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If you like this content, consider a small donation.

Donations help me pay my bills, add more to my sites, as well as keep them going. Even a small donation can go a long way. I have a couple tiers to check out as well if you’d like to sign up for that, instead of a single donation. More will come as I think of stuff, or I get feedback on what I should add. ❤️️

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