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Short I am working on

Had a dream recently that I decided to tie into the Sorceress series as I mentioned somewhere. Ended up being a short story from the Sorceress’s granddaughter. Being . . . a teen. lol While trouble is happening in the magical realm, she is focused on that, but also gaining the attention of a cute boy. haha Didn’t know where the idea would take me or the “trouble” that would be in it, but it’s fun.

So far the word count today with it is – 1575 words. Total in story is at 1669 words. Might finish it tomorrow. Depends. I have no specific goal on word count, just letting it flow.

I like that it’s showing indirectly just what the Sorceress will become. WHY she will be so powerful. I still wanna get this up as an enticement story to bring interest into the world before I even begin working on the real story arc. So I may bump this in my editing triage. Get it edited and out soon as I can. I’ve never written from the viewpoint of a teen in any of my stories. It’s fun to have her say things like, “I could just die!” haha

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