Time of the Chosen

New cover & title for experiment

I thought I’d do a little experiment and publish a book under my full name to test interest. Also how well it works. As anyone knows there is still a stigma attached to feminine names on books, more so Sci-Fi and Horror, etc. Otherwise you wouldn’t see female authors use initials so much, or shorten their name. I use the one everyone knows me by.

So I pulled a book that hasn’t sold and figured I’d give it a re-title, re-cover, and use it for my experiment. It was due for a fix anyway. I think it’s important as an author not to remain too stagnant. If you notice something isn’t selling, or working, change it up a bit. Dust off the cover, give it a new bio, a total refresh. I’ve tried to just change the cover – didn’t work. So now it’s a total rebrand for it.

Pulled the old book, working on this one, and it shouuullllddd be up next week. If all goes well. This is the new cover for it. Including new title.

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