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Updates and YouTube channel switches

So you’ll get this updates two ways. First, video if you’d rather listen and/or watch.

I decided I would change my YouTube channels up. For a long time I battled with what I’d do with my old YouTube channel because I don’t use the email (and didn’t want to) since I changed away from pen names. I was gonna manually transfer all the videos and information to my new channel, then delete the old, but yugh.

Well, I turned that one into a brand account so I was able to make it so that I can use any email I want with it. Subscribers remained, views, comments, even my playlists. Since those subscribers all signed up when it was just mostly pet videos, I decided I’d leave that as pets and home life (personal), then make that other channel just writing (work) since I created it with the intention to do more writing videos. This way if someone just wants pets they can have pets. If they just want writing, they’ll get just writing, or they can sign up with both. All the videos will remain, I’ll just continue forward with one being writing, one being pets. Less headache for me.

Here are the two channels that you can choose from now.
Writing only (main) –
Pets, home –

Updates in the video

I am working on the paper edits for Scorched Silence (that I refer to as Scorched Shadows) and I’m about 40 pages – 80 pages in or so. I’d have to check to be sure, but that’s about where I’m at with those.

Digitally, I’m deep diving into Savage Lands so this week that’s the one I’m working on with the computer. Deep dive, I’m averaging to take a month right now. We’ll see. I’ve been keeping track of it since War of the Lycaen, just to be able to give a better estimate on how long those take me.

I may be changing who is in control of my domain later this week or next week so if things go a little wonky, just a heads up, it should settle by the middle to end of next month.

Aaannnd I am still outlining the Sorceress series so I haven’t technically begun to write it. That may happen by the end of this month.

Oh! Also I am pulling one of my books that hasn’t sold, re-titling it, re-covering it, and going to try a little experiment. Instead of it being under Kim Iverson, I’m rather curious over whether it would sell under my full name – Kimberly Sue Iverson, so when I get it up, and figure out a title, I will let you know what that is. I don’t want to name it right now because I don’t want people suddenly buying it up. That’d mess with my head, and the experiment, lol.

Further notes beyond the video . . .

I think a lot of why the story I’m pulling isn’t selling is the cover, title, and bio on it. So when something stalemates for too long (as in since I published it for this one) I will pull, re-cover, and occasionally re-title. My short horror stories weren’t selling well for a time. They’d had the original covers and titles from when I used Ariana Browning (I think was the one) and they didn’t do well then either.

So I made new covers, I re-titled them so they were “individual” versus almost a group like they seemed under “AB case files.” I thought it was fun and made them more like a comic book cover. Well that didn’t work. So when I re-titled them, re-covered them, and put them back up? They began to sell.

This is why it’s so important to pay attention to what isn’t moving versus what is. I don’t get hung up in sales and the like, but I do like to pay attention to something being published and sitting there. If it has for a few years, I will pull it, and rebrand, then republish. Just like any business might. I think too many authors will throw the story up, then five or ten years down the road moan about it not selling, and not think maybe it’s just not targeting the right audience. Maybe give it a little dusting, throw it back up with some new clothes. I pay close attention to what traditional authors do, and regard my writing just like any other business. I don’t use “writer” strategies to sell fast. I use business strategies for branding, building, and growing.

The main problem I see with “selling fast,” is that yeah you might make a bunch of sales. Doesn’t mean that it’s going to continue. No, it also doesn’t mean it won’t. But that “get rich quick scheme,” comes into play. Lucky folk hit that wave and it stabilizes and keeps growing. But generally (and what I plan and work for more) that slow growth and build is that one that’ll keep you going, growing, flourishing. Many of my fellow authors who had those “fast sales,” are no longer publishing. They’re gone.

I want lasting because I’m still publishing, building, and growing. I make plenty of mistakes, but I keep learning, growing, trying again. Plan to see me around for ten more years and more – hopefully until my last breath and hopefully that’s in my hundreds. lol Got plenty of ideas I haven’t touched, and a whole world with the Sorceress series to come. When I dive into that world and begin writing? Gonna have at LEAST three books in it, but right now there are five so there could be more. I say at least just to be safe.

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