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I decided to take a break from diving into the deep edits with Savage Lands because I wanted to try something out with my work. For now I’m keeping it quiet publicly, unless you wanna know behind the scene chatter I do. In which case that is in my Discord group I created (link in navigation bar). Also my mind was elsewhere last week when Jeanie sent the novel back so I knew better than to tackle the work.

That’s when you take a break also because you can’t see and think clearly. So anything she critiqued, I’d see through a defensive eye, and just not be in the right mindset to take it in. Or to know what is right to change, and what isn’t right to change. It’s so important to sometimes take that step back before handling certain tasks that require braining.

If not? You’re not gonna give it your best. It’s just reality. I’m sure some would love to (or they can) jump right in, jump from project to project, but there are times when we are tired, when our mental health is in a negative place, and it’s better not to tackle certain tasks. That was mine last week. I can often handle just being tired, but not when I’m starting to slip into a negative place. I know that place. I have highly critical thoughts, or woe is me thoughts, or everyone is idiotic and I hate y’all thoughts. lol

What’s important to know about that though? It does pass. If it doesn’t ever go away, maybe try to find out why. Consider what we were like as a teenager. We all go through those times. We think everyone is out to get us. We think everyone is an idiot. So it’s not a bad thing until it begins to affect our lives, and those around us. Why make others have a bad day because we are ya know?

As an adult, I know that I will have those times. Those are the times I step back away from the braining work, and I address other things that need my attention. Those tasks are when I can’t fully concentrate right, I can’t give what I need. I may sometimes do it with friendships too that I know, just gimme an hour or a few. Then I’ll be there. For now I need a me moment.

Far too many think they can make themselves machines. Even moms who escape to hide in the bathroom for five minutes know . . . I just need a breather. It’s not a bad thing. Sometimes we need that breather.

So that was last week for me. I have a few in my life who have health issues. I am there for them a lot on top of my own daily tasks, and building of a career. These are just life. I can handle myself pretty well day-to-day, but there are those moments when life happens to my own mental space. When it starts to weigh on me. When I start to feel that I’m drowning.

At this point I don’t think we can honestly ever get to a point where we can keep that from happening. It’s a natural ebb and flow inside of us. Some days we are up, some down. Natural rhythm and all. So on the low, take a breath. Allow it. Don’t fight against that current. It passes faster. If you don’t have those ears to listen when you need them like I do, you’re always welcome to vent to me. Strangers have found out I really do mean that. Why? Because we all need someone to just listen. To be able to say . . . I totally get that, and I’m sorry it’s so hard on you right now.

I think if we all had more of that – compassion, honesty, understanding – we’d see a huge shift. Too many just need to be heard. Not fixed. Just heard. Occasionally we are the ones need that step back. We need a break. Even five minutes.

A lot of why I did was also that last book I wrote. It may have compiled and dumped on me after a moment. And guess what? That’s perfectly okay.

We all need to take a breath at times or pull back a minute and readjust.

Go with the natural flow. Adjust and shift, bend with the wind.

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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